Colorful January

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Colorful January

Colorful January

    New Years Day The last day of each year (December 31st), Singaporean gather round Orchard Road with the tourists from all over the world to count down, greeting the New Year. Besides, there are variety shows as well as firework displays.

    Hari Raya Puasa Muslims in Singaporean together with other Muslims worldwide pray for fast with sincere heart before celebrating Hari Raya Puasa. In Singapore, people celebrate this day throughout the country, visiting each other to promote such contacts.

    Thaipusam Festival Thaipusam Festival in January is an important festival for Hinduism. On that day, Hinduism in their bare feet smash coconuts and march, with needle in their bodies to pray to God.

    The wooden raft race Lots of grotesque wooden rafts show up at Clarke Quay where annual Singapore River wooden rafts race is held on that day.

Exultant February

    Lunar New Year When celebrating Lunar New Year which is a festival shared by the all the Chinese worldwide, it is decorated with lanterns and streamers everywhere, as firecrackers explode and bands play. So it is the most hilarious time of Chinatown.

    ChingayParade February 28th is the annual ChingayParade when Orchard Road becomes outdoor stage where diverse culture performances, acrobatic shows and flower floats parade have a get-together.

The world of films -March

    Filmfestival The annual Singapore International Filmfestival always screen more than 100 wonderful feature and short films which may feast movie lovers eyes.

Misty April

    Food Festival Singapore Food Festival throughout the month is the day to taste delicious food, besides, there are also plenty of brilliant amateur shows.

    Tomb-sweeping Day It always rains on Tomb-sweeping

    Day(April 4th) which brings more grace for people to meditate on the past.

Green May

    Vesak Day A day for Christians to honor the nirvana of Lord Shakyamuni Buddhachant sutras, and free pigeons with a sincere heart.

Shopping Crazily -June

    Great Price-cutting Every year, the great price-cutting throughout Singapore in June brings a shopping fever around the island, making Singapore’s fame spreads farther and wider as

    shopping paradise.

The festival of ghost-July

    Hungry Ghost Festival It is Hungry Ghost Festival on lunar July 15th in Singapore. It is a day for people to worship gods or ancestors, and it also is a proper time to hold fund-raising and charity activities through dinner party, local opera, song stage, bidding and so on.

National Celebration August

    National Day august 9th is the national day of Singapore. It is an important festival of each year when there are plenty of performances for celebration, for example, parade of armed forces, acrobatic shows, gymnastics done by thousands of people together and divers cultural performances.

Get-together in September

    Mid-autumn Day it is the time for the whole family to have a get-together, hand lanterns, enjoy the glorious full moon and eat mooncakes. All districts of Singapore hold events to celebrate Mid-autumn Day ,such as splendid Chinese lantern show, get-together, entertainment and so on.

Floating fragrance of incense on KusuIsland October

    Worship to Tua Pek Kong Turtle Every October (lunar September), the KusuIsland covered by grass seems overcrowded because of the devout men and women come all the way. Moreover, the fragrance of incense floats all around the island. And it is worth mentioning that this island is a shrine of Muslim.

Trip to Perception -November

    Deepavali Festival Spending Deepavali Festival in little India makes people feel like in India personally. There is dense “flavor of India”from incense and coconut oil, and Indian accent can be heard everywhere. Moreover, theres delicious

    Indian pastry and a superb collection of beautiful flowers which create a strong sense of festivity.

The Holy Spirit -December

    Christmas Spending Christmas in Singapore may surprise you pleasantly again and again. In addition to traditional shows, all shopping centers start “post- Christmassale” as well as

    economical and romantic Christmas package. Besides all of these, Asian Civilisations Museum and Singapore History Museum open for free at the time.

Publid Holiday

    New Years Day: January 1st

    Lunar New Year: January or February

    Hari Raya Puasa: February or May

    Passion Sunday: April 21st

    Hari Raya Haji: April 28th

Vesak Day: May 31st

Deepavali Festival: November 10th

Christmas: December 25th

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