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    University of South Australia

    School of <insert name>

    Division of <insert name>

    Procedures for Employing Casual Academic Staff

    1. It is the responsibility of the University employee wishing to offer a casual

    contract of employment to discuss the specific duties to be undertaken together

    with the applicable rates of pay to ensure the prospective causal academic

    employee has a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

2. The ‘Request for Casual Staff Contract of Employment Academic’ form

    (HRIS005A) must be completed to enable a casual employment contract to be

    generated, prior to the contract commencement date.

    3. No work must commence without a signed contract of employment in place.

    4. The HRIS005A form must be sent to the School/Casual Administrator to enable a

    casual contract to be generated.

School/Casual Administrator Responsibilities

    1. Receipt of the completed HRIS005A form to generate a casual contract through


    2. Generation of the casual employment ‘package’ of information which must

    include (if applicable):

    a. Letter of Offer

    b. Casual Employment Contract

    c. Conditions of Employment (Schedule 3 of the Collective Agreement


    d. Pay Period Schedule

    e. School Information/Induction Package (this can be developed to suit

    the local area)

    f. Quick Guide for Sessional Academic Staff

    g. **Casual Employee Details (HRIS003c) form must be completed for

    prospective staff new* to the University (or for current casual staff

    wishing to update their personal or banking details

    h. Tax File Number Declaration form

    i. Reply Paid Envelope addressed to the School/Casual Administrator

    and forward this to the Head of School for signing prior to sending it to the casual


    **Please note that ‘new’ casuals are defined as those who have never

    undertaken paid employment with the University, and those who have not worked

    for the University in the previous six (6) months.

    3. Activation of the casual employment contract on CAS once the signed contract is

    returned by the casual employee.

    4. Receipt of the completed HRIS003c form and taxation form to forward to the

    Payroll office for processing.

5. Enter timesheets and amendments into CAS (if applicable).

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    University of South Australia

    School of <insert name>

    Division of <insert name>

    Procedures for Employing Casual Academic Staff

Suggested Timelines

To ensure the casual employee has a signed contract and is activated on the

    University’s payroll, the following timelines should be used by Schools as a guide:

    Requirements Description Timeline

    (prior to



    HRIS005A Form completed 4 - 6 weeks Specifies information to be included

    in Casual Employment Contract.

    3 - 5 weeks Details from the HRIS005A Contracts are generated and form entered into the CAS printed from CAS.


    3 - 4 weeks All Contracts are to be Contracts are authorised by the authorised by the Head of Head of School. Employment School prior to mailing to the package put together and mailed to contracted Casual Academic. Casual Academic to sign and


    1 - 2 weeks HRIS003c Form completed (if To enable new staff (as defined

    applicable) above) to the University to be

    entered onto the HR Payroll system

    (or for details of existing employees

    to be updated).

    CAS contract activated. 1 - 2 weeks Signed employment contracts

    received by the School Office.

    Once the contract is activated the Casual Academic employee may commence employment.

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