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    This report outlines the steps followed to create the web-banner. jpg that will be used as the web banner of my website. I have chosen to create the online brochure for The logo of world travel. The original graphics used are shown

    at the end of the report as well as the final web banner graphic which includes the company logo.


    Three images were used logo of the earth. jpg, logo of world travel. jpg and cartoon airplane. jpg.

    ?Text and world image was removed from logo of the earth. jpg using the Eraser tool.

    ?Using the Free-Form select tool to chose the part of Paris of the logo of world travel. jpg and moved into the center of the logo.

    ?Using the Eraser tool to sweep away the rim of the cartoon airplane. jpg and put it on the top right corner of the logo.

    ?Image was saved as main logo. jpg.

Web Banner:

    ?Canvas was resized to 1024*200 pixels and saved as web banner. Jpg. ?main logo. jpg was copied and pasted into the left of the web banner. Using the Free-Form select tool to fit it to the suitable size.

    ?Using the Free-Form select tool to cut out the world World Travel on the

    world travel. jpg and pasted into the middle of the web banner.

    5/15/2012 Page1



    ?Other two graphic were copied and pasted into the top righter corner and bottom righter corner.

Image used:

Final logo:

    5/15/2012 Page2



Final banner:

Design Principles Used:

    Balance the design uses an asymmetrical balance where the elements retain a form a balance with each other.

Unity text is united through the use if the horizontal lines as well as the “…”

    which leads the user onto the next group of text and lets the user know that this belongs together.

    5/15/2012 Page3

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