the Tour plan in Luoyang

By Michele Willis,2014-02-21 17:35
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the Tour plan in Luoyang

    洛阳 导游词

    12旅管2 099赵婧靓

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Luoyang.

    My name is Zhao Jingliang, you can call me Valeria. Im

    very glad to be your tour guide, companying with you and introducing the beautiful historic city to you.

    Luoyang is the earliest capital city with the longest history and most dynasties in Chinese history. Its also known as the

    capital of peony. Now Luoyang which has ever got the prize of the most charming city in China is an active player in Central Plains for its industry, science and technology and tourism.

    Now Id like to explain the five-day tour for you. First, as we all know, in Chinese civilization, no city has as brilliant history as Luoyang. With the respect of “an ancient capital city of thirteen dynasties”, Luoyang has many historic preservations,

    which have shocked the world. So on the first day, we will visit many famous places of interest, such as Longmen Grottoes, the world famous cultural heritage; and the White Horse Temple, which is the first ancient temple, etc.

    On the second day, we will visit the brand of Luoyang

    Peony Park. Peony is the symbol of wealth has spread its fragrant for thousands of years in China. By the way, Luoyang

    Peony World Exhibition held in April has already become one of the four national cultural festivals in China.

    Also, Luoyang is a developing city, so on the third day, we will across Wangcheng Bridge, Xiyuan Bridge, or the other 3 Bridges on the Luo River to visit the new district of Luoyang, which is called Central Business District of Luoyang. During the day, we will visit administration center, sports center, opera house, new museum and so on. At night we will visit the Lake Kaiyang music fountain, which cover a lake area of 273 acres has created many Asian records.

    Wanda Plaza, Wangfujing, Dennis, the Peony Plaza, Wangcheng Plaza are gathered in Luoyang. So on the fourth day, we will go shopping in these business plazas or streets.

    The last day, we will leave Luoyang by plane from Luoyang its own Beijiao airport. In addition, you can also choose the High-speed railway in Luoyang Longmen Station, or the train in Luoyang Station to leave Luoyang. Actually the transport in Luoyang is really convenient for visitors.

    I believe you will fall in love with this charming city, now lets start our wonderful journey in Luoyang.

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