Dream and Reality2

By Joanne Wood,2014-07-04 10:06
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Dream and Reality2

    Dream and Reality

     ----Action is the bridge to reality

     An 11-year-old negro girl was walking with her father . they stopped at the gate of The White House hoping to enter but were refused because of the color of their skin. Having stood outside the gate for a long time.,the little girl said to her father determinedly,"Today I was refused entry,but one day I would live into that house ’’

    What a big dream it was in that time when black man did not have social status.however the reachless dream turned into reality. The little girl who was once denied entry to White House is Condoleezza Race,the former US secretary of States.

     Once up a time,the thought of flying is ridiculous,that ,as we all know,is no longer the case.

     There is always a big gap between dream and reality. the relationship between them is just like that of The South Pole and The North Pole .How can we get to these places? We walk! We take a boat! fly! Yes! All we need to do is taking action! Once you act on your dream ,its on the way to reality!

    Lets return to the story of the former secrtary of states.After that ,the girl have paid three times ,four times even more times than others .That is the key why her dream come into reality.

     Thousand of time we human have proved, a dream is never too big to come into reality.The only road from dream to reality ,the very key to open the door is action! Once you act, things start moving!Once you act,dream is closer to reality! Remenber ,there are no limits on what you could do with your life,if you can dream it you can realize it!

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