Transfer of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff in 2013 - Navodaya

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Transfer of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff in 2013 - Navodayaof,in,Of,&,Staff,non,staff,NON

    NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI uoksn; fo|ky; lfefr

    An Autonomous Organization under ekuo lalk/ku fodkl ea=ky; dk Lok;r Ministry of Human Resource laLFkku] Ldwy f’k{kk ,oa Lkk{kjrk Development, Department of School

    foHkkx] ?Hkkjr ljdkj? ch&15] laLFkkfud Education & Literacy, Govt. of India, B- 15, Institutional Area, Sector-62, {ks=] lSDVj&62] uks,Mk&201307 ?mRrj

    NOIDA 201 307 (UP) izns’k?

    F.No. 2 -1/2013-NVS (Estt) Dated: 20.02.2013 To

     The Deputy Commissioner`

     Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

     All Regional Offices

Sub: Transfer of Teaching and Non-teaching Staff for the year 2013 in

    accordance with the transfer policy 2012- regarding.

Sir / Madam,

     It is decided to effect transfer of following types for the year 2013 in compliance of the transfer policy of the Samiti dated 04.04.2012:

    (a) Transfer of willing employees to NER/hard & difficult stations.

    (b) Adjustment of surplus staff. rd(c) Rotational Transfer of 3 Language Teachers.

    (d) Administrative Transfer of employees whose retention is not considered

    conducive for Vidyalaya management.

    2. In order to effect the transfer of willing employees to NER and hard and difficult stations, the Regional Offices have to submit the willingness of the teachers concerned in prescribed format (i.e. Format No. I). The Regional Office may, therefore, invite the

    willingness from the employees with immediate effect and inform the same to HQ accordingly

    st on or before 31March 2013 positively. The individual details in respect of each staff in Format No. I is to be verified by the Regional Office. On receipt of the aforesaid willingness of the employees concerned, HQ will issue necessary transfer order.

3. Adjustment of Surplus Staff:- The transfer policy stipulates that teachers

    declared surplus in a Region is to be adjusted in the Region itself against the available vacancies and in case, no vacancy is available in the same Region then in adjoining Region through option of surplus staff. Therefore, the Regional Office concerned, in the very first instance, will adjust the surplus teachers in their Region against the available vacancies and issue orders at their level to this effect. The details of the unadjusted surplus teachers indicating their name, designation, date of joining in the post in the Samiti and date of joining in the present JNV etc. will be sent to the NVS (Hqrs.) together with the choice of the surplus teachers for posting in the adjoining Region. This exercise


    stshould be completed by all Regional Offices on or before 31 March 2013 positively

    under intimation to Hqrs. office.

4. Rotational Transfer of Regional Language Teachers: - Consequent upon

    several representations from the Regional Language Teachers about

    irregularities/anomaly in the transfer being done at the level of Regional Offices, it has been decided to effect the transfer of Regional Language Teachers under provision of rotational transfer guidelines at Hqrs level as per the transfer policy 2012. In order to facilitate the transfer of Regional Language Teachers, Regional Office concerned should obtain request of the individual teachers in the prescribed format (Format-IV) and the

    same may be furnished to the Hqrs office duly verifying the particulars mentioned in the request application form. The detailed particulars of Regional Language Teachers who have completed 5 years of stay or more as on 01.01.2013 may also be furnished in the prescribed format (V) enclosed herewith. In addition, the vacancies of the Regional Language teachers in each Region are to be intimated to the Hqrs. It is further clarified that transfer request of Regional Language Teachers to a place/JNV within the native State is not covered under the provision of rotational transfer of Regional Language teachers. They may submit their requests, if they desired so, in the prescribed format for request transfer as other teachers are required to do and same would be considered based on transfer count. Mutual transfer of Regional Language teachers would not be considered as there is no provision to do so in the provisions of rotational transfer. The requisite details related to Regional Language teachers be submitted to Hqrs on or before

    th30 April, 2013.

5. Administrative Transfer of a person not found conducive for a station: - If

    continuance of an employee in a JNV is found not in the interest of the Samiti from the administrative point of view, then a detailed inquiry as considered deem fit is to be conducted by the Regional Office and report of inquiry to be sent to NVS (Hqrs.) together with the recommendations of Deputy Commissioner. NVS (Hqrs.) will issue transfer order after recording the reasons for effecting such transfers.

    6. As regards the request transfer of employee, it is proposed to consider

    transfer of staff posted in JNVs on the basis of provisions of transfer policy. To facilitate these transfers, you are requested to obtain and submit complete details of all employees working in JNVs under your Region in the enclosed Performa (Format II) and submit the

    same in prescribed Performa (Format III) to NVS Hqrs. It may please be noted that

    submission of details in Part ‘A’ and Part ‘C’ of the proforma is mandatory for all employees. Part ‘B’ may be filled up by only those employees who are seeking

    transfer on request. It may be ensured that correct information as per service record is

    thsubmitted in respect of all the employees latest by 30 March 2013. On receipt of

    complete details, appropriate decisions with regard to transfer will be taken as per


    Format No. I

    Performa for willingness for posting to N.E.R/Hard/Very Hard Station

    Sl. Name of Post Name of DOJ in DOB Home Sex Choice place Remarks If intends to seek transfer No. Teacher held JNV present District M/F of posting in with spouse working in presently JNV order of NVS, then please write posted preference the Name, Designation 1 2 3 4 5 and JNV, where spouse is

    working at present.







    FORMAT No. : II

    PART “A”



    (Mandatory for all Employees)

1. Name of Employee ______________________________

    2. Designation

     (with Subject) ______________________________

    3. Contact No. ______________________________

    4. (i) Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) ______________________________

     (ii) (Age as on 01.01.2013) ______________________________ 5. Home District and State as

     Declared in Office record

    (i) District ______________________________

    (ii) State ______________________________

6. JNV where presently working

     (i) District ______________________________

     (ii) State ______________________________

     (iii) Region ______________________________

    7. Date of Joining in NVS in present post ______________________________ 8. Details of service in NVS

    S.No. Post Place of Duration of staff Reasons for change of place of posting

    posting (Promotion/Direct Rectt./Request

    transfer/Transfer on Admn. Grounds etc.)

     From To

9. (i) Whether served in NE/Hard/

     Very Hard station (Yes or No) ______________________________

    (ii) If yes, please mention the period

     of working? ______________________________

     (iii) If leave for more than 30 days Period from__________________

     at a stretch availed, should be To___________________________


    10. Reason for last transfer, if any? ______________________________

     (Whether administrative or any other ______________________________

     ground, please specify). ______________________________ 11. Date of retirement ______________________________

    12. Details of request transfer, if any availed ______________________________

     during preceding three years (i.e. ______________________________

     2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13) ______________________________ 13. Joined against Spl. Rectt. Drive for NER/ ______________________________

     Hard & difficult areas (Yes/No).

    14. Choice JNV for Request Transfer (1) JNV/Distt./RO________________

     in order of preference (2) JNV/Distt./RO________________

     (3) JNV/Distt./RO________________

    NB: (Those who do not want request transfer; they need not fill up this column).



    (For employees desiring request transfer)

    15. Calculation of transfer count : Factors. Points to be Points Allot points for applicable factors only and write NA for allotted actually not applicable factors allotted

    st 1 Active Stay at a station as on 1 January. Periods +02 for each

    of continuous absence from duty of 30 days or more complete year

    on any account shall not be counted.

    2 Annual Performance Appraisal Report Grading for +02 for out

    the last three years. standing

    If the report for any of the last three years is not grading for

    written or is unavailable no point shall be given for each year

    the relevant year(s).

    3 Spouse, if working in NVS at the requested station. +15


    If working in JNV of the adjoining District of +15 requested station. (In case both are in same


    4 Spouse, other than NVS if working in government +05

    sector at the requested station or its adjoining


    5 DFP/MG/DFR Cases (+10 for each case; maximum +20

    20 points)

    6 Completion of tenure in hard/NER stations/Very +12

    hard stations.

    Points shall be given only when an employee applies

    for transfer after completing the tenure at

    hard/very hard/NER station(s).

    7 Physically challenged employee If an employee has +10

    already secured a request transfer in previous year

    (s)on the basis of these additional points the points

    shall not given again in the same post

    8 Woman employee +05

    Clarification: Women employees eligible for points

    under serial no.3, 4 & 5 herein above shall not be

    eligible for the points.

     Transfer Count Total score

    of all the




    Mandatory for all employees

    16. Calculation of displacement count : Factors. Points to Points

    Allot points for applicable factors only and write NA for not be allotted actually applicable factors allotted

    st 1 Stay at a station in the same post as on 1 January in +02 points

    complete years for each

    Clarification: completed

    ; Period of absence from duty on any account shall also be year counted for this purpose

    ; If an employee returns to a station X on request after

    being transferred from X within three years (two years

    for very hard station), the stay of such an employee at X

    shall be no. of years spent after coming at X. However, if

    an employee returns to station after mandatory period of

    three years (two years for very hard station) the stay

    shall be counted afresh.

    2 Annual Performance Appraisal Report Grading for the last five +02 for

    years. each below

    If the report for any of the last three years is not written or is benchmark

    unavailable no point shall be given for the relevant year(s). grading

    st3 Employees below 50 years (as on 1 January of the year) who +08

    have not completed one tenure at hard/very hard/NE stations.

    4 DFR/DFP/MG cases (-10 for each case maximum-20) -20

    5 Spouse, of Central/State Government/PSU employee other -05

    than NVS and posted at the same station

    6 Physically challenged employee (as defined in Annexure-II) -20

    7 Employee who is spouse of a NVS employee and

    a) Posted in the same State -10

    b) Posted at the same station -20

     Displacement count Total

    score of

    all the




I, __________________________________ (name of the Employee) solemnly declare that my spouse

    __________________________________ (Name) is presently employed at _______________________________________(Name of JNV/District) which is my present station/choice station(s) (Strike out whichever is not applicable). The spouse is employed in

    Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti/government sector (strike out whichever is not applicable) as ____________________________________ (Designation of the spouse).

Date: Signature of the Employee



    (To avoid disqualification, please do NOT use abbreviation. Fill it with CAPITAL LETTERS

    only. Please do not attach any enclosure except where specifically asked for)

Name of Patient :

    Relation of patient with the employee(self/spouse/son/daughter) : Address :

Date :

     I, Dr. _______________________________________with Medical Council Registration No.

    ______________________hereby certify that Shri/Smt./Ms______________________________________ aged______________ Sex______

    son/daughter/wife/husband of Shri/Smt. ____________________________ (name of JNV

    teacher/employee) is suffering from the disease/diseases with the details as follows and that

    treatment of this disease is not at all available at this station or its vicinity:

    A. In case of Carcinoma (Cancer) :

    1. Name of Carcinoma with site affected.

    2. Date when it was detected first

    3. Brief History-Pathological Report with reference no. & dates :

    4. T.N.M. Classification (if applicable) :

    5. Evidences in support of uncontrolled growth :

    6. Evidences in support of Metastasis “

    7. Condition of neighboring or surrounding structures :

    8. Treatment being continued in brief :

    9. Full name of Surgery/Surgeries in connection with dates :

    B. In case of Renal Failure :

    1. Name of the disease causing Renal Failure :

    2. Evidences in support of Chronic Irreversible changes :

    3. Number of Dialysis done with dates :

    4. Single or both kidneys are involved :

    5. Any Surgery including Renal Transplantation done or not :

    C. In case of Loss of Muscle Power (Paralytic Stroke) :

    1. How many extremities are affected :

    2. Grading of Muscle Power at present :

    3. Grading of Muscle Power at the onset of disease.

    4. Duration of Loss of Muscle Power.

    5. Any recovery after the onset till date :

    6. Most direct cause of Loss of Muscle Power.

    D. In case of Heart Diseases :

    1. Name of the surgical procedure undergone. CABG/Angioplasty.

    2. Date of Surgical procedure.

    3. Name of Doctor Surgeon

    4. Name of Hospital.

    E. In case of Thalassaemia :

    1. Name of the disease (with specification-major or minor) :

    2. Date of first detection:

    3. Whether blood transfusion required? Y/N

    4. If so, periodicity/duration of blood transfusion/replacement required by the

    patient/Chelation therapy

    5. Blood transfusion done last DD/MM/YYYY

     F In case of Parkinson’s disease :

    1. Date of detection of the disease :

    2. Duration of treatment undergone :

    3. Name and designation of treating neurologist :

    4. Whether admitted in hospital and if so, details thereof :

    5. Progressiveness of the disease please specify :

    (To be certified by a neurologist)

     G In case of Motor-neuron disease :

    1. Date of detection of the disease :

    2. Duration of treatment undergone :

    3. Name and designation of treating neurologist :

    4. Result of the EMG test report and MRI :

    5. Grading of muscle power at present :

    (Signature of Signing Authority)


     Name of the Deptt.

    Name and signature of patient Name of Hospital




Name of the Patient :____________________________________________

    Relation with the Employee (Self/Spouse/Son/Daughter) :_______________________

    If the certifying doctor is below the rank of civil surgeon or equivalent it should be countersigned by a Doctor of the rank of civil surgeon or equivalent.

    19 Signature of the Employee **

    20 Signature of the Principal

    21 Signature of the AC (Admn.)

    22 Signature of the Deputy Commissioner.

    ** The employee should sign as a token of having satisfied himself/herself on the allotted

    points and other entries at school level. Signature shall not be, mandatory if Part B is

    left blank. The school shall fill up Part A and C if employee is not present or not

    available otherwise and forward the same to the NVS (However, this is not applicable for

    current year).



    Format No. : III

    Abstract of Request Transfers in respect of Regional Office ______________________________

    Sl. Name of DesignJNV DOJ DOJ in Sex Home Total Total Choice place If appointed Remarks No. Employee ation in present (Male/ District transfer displacement for request on Spl. Rectt.

    NVS post in Female) count count transfer on Drive for NE

    present transfer R/Hard/Very

    JNV counts Hard Station

    then year of 1 2 3 recruitment

    may be


    1 2 3 4

Note Below:

    1. Those who have not sought for request transfer, they should have only displacement count and not the transfer count. Those

    who seek request transfer in their case both the count shall be reflected in the format. Further, there will be no preferences

    for choice station in r/o those staff who do not seek request transfer. 2. Authenticity/correctness of the displacement count & transfer count is to be checked by the Regional Office. Report furnished

    by the RO shall be treated as final. Hqrs. shall not be held responsible for incorrectness/mistake of these counts.

    3. This report should be signed by the Deputy Commissioner of Regional Office.

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