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TRANSFER FORM The new Transfer Form will pre-populate the student's information, based on their current details/programme (/slash number). STUDENT DETAILS MATRICULATION NUMBER: 9900013 ( 9900013/2) The new form can be printed by retrieving the student in SPR > go to SURNAME: GRADUATE Current > Gen & Print Letters > TRAN FORM > tab then click Print. FORENAMES: UNDER (UNDER) DATE OF BIRTH: 07/Jul/1977 Pre-populated details on the first page will include: ADDRESS: Edinburgh Napier University Merchiston Campus 10 Colinton Road Personal Details Edinburgh ; Matriculation Number (including /slash) EH10 5DT ; Name, Contact Address and Date of Birth ACADEMIC YEAR: 2006/7 CURRENT PROGRAMME OF STUDY DETAILS Current Programme Details PROGRAMME TITLE: BA (HONS) F/T PROGRAMME CODE: BAHONS ; Academic Year YEAR: 4 ; Course, Stage/Block and Occurrence OCCURRENCE: A CURRENT ENROLMENT STATUS ON NIMROD: CURRENT Academic Achievement AWARD, IF APPLICABLE: ; Award, from current programme, if applicable CREDIT FOR PRIOR LEARNING ; Exemption Credit entered, including level Year Level Credit ; Taught Module Results 2002/3 07 90 2003/4 08 120 2003/4 09 120 To be completed by Programme Leader 2002/3 07 30 ; This area requires to be signed and dated by the ‘exiting’ TAUGHT LEARNING Programme Leader Module Code Grade Credits Title HR32003 P 15 Organisational Change Management NB42003 P 30 Dissertation ST32005 M 15 Business Ethics TO BE COMPLETED BY PROGRAMME LEADER I agree to release this student from the Programme of Study listed above PROGRAMME LEADER’S NAME (PLEASE PRINT) PROGRAMME LEADER’S SIGNATURE DATE

Transfer Form Generated: 20-Dec-2006


MATRICULATION NUMBER: 9900013 The second page is mostly required to be completed by the School / NAME: UNDER GRADUATE Student. Details include: TO BE COMPLETED BY THE STUDENT AND THE SCHOOL/FACULTY NEW PROGRAMME OF STUDY APPLIED FOR: New Programme Details ; Academic Year PROGRAMME TITLE ; Course, Stage/Block and Occurrence PROGRAMME CODE Academic Decision / Offer YEAR ; Decision, whether un/conditional or unsuccessful OCCURRENCE ; Proposed & Agreed Start dates. ACADEMIC DECISION: Award ; If the student has attained an award and is continuing with their UNCONDITIONAL AGREED START DATE studies, is the student required to ‘trade-in’ their parchment? CONDITIONAL Module Results Transfer? CONDITIONS TO BE MET PROPOSED START DATE ; If the student is transferring to a programme where their UNSUCCESSFUL modules are required to be transferred, e.g. transferring to a programme within the same suite, (e.g. this would not be AWARD, IF APPLICABLE: Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in BA Honours applicable if a nursing student were transferring to an DOES THE STUDENT NEED TO 'TRADE IN' PARCHMENT? YES/NO engineering course). TRANSFER ALL MODULE RESULTS TO DATE TO NEW PROGRAMME? YES/NO Credit Exemptions? APPLY CREDIT EXEMPTIONS TO NEW PROGRAMME? YES/NO ; If the student is transferring onto a programme, at advanced IF YES, HOW MANY CREDITS TO BE TRANSFERRED, (please detail credit levels, entry, is there the requirement for Exemption Credits to be credit amounts and whether C/O/E)? entered, if the module results are not being transferred SPECIAL NEEDS, RECORDED AT PRESENT ; Student Affairs do not transfer exemption credits. This is done Requirement 1: Colour Paper Buff Arial 14 Double Spacing Requirement 2: Individual RoomAble to move around by the school Requirement 3: Individual RoomAble to move around Requirement 4: Special Needs, at present ; If Special Needs have been recorded for the student on their TO BE COMPLETED BY ACCEPTING PROGRAMME LEADER present programme these will output here. To be completed by Accepting Programme Leader PROGRAMME LEADER’S NAME (PLEASE PRINT) ; This area requires to be signed and dated by the ‘new’ PROGRAMME LEADER’S SIGNATURE Programme Leader DATE To be completed by Student TO BE COMPLETED BY STUDENT ; This area requires to be signed and dated by the Student. STUDENT’S SIGNATURE DATE Once the form has the required details and three signatures it should FOR OFFICE USE ONLY be sent to Student Affairs, for action. ACTIONED BY DATE

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