Introducing a speaker

By Derek Davis,2014-06-07 21:27
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Introducing a speaker

    Introducing a speaker (Sample)

    It is my pleasure to introduce today's 荣幸介绍speaker, Nancy Hunter Denney a dynamic, 演讲人姓high-energy educator, author, and business 名、职业 woman with a passion for life and leadership.

    A former subscriber to everyone else's

    definition of "having it all," Nancy Hunter 生平简介 Denney resigned from her administrative duties

    退休前职业 in higher education in 1993 to begin her own

     business, raise her own children and live a life

     according to her own priorities. She is the author

    学术成果 of Life by Design: A Do-It-Yourself Approach for

     Achieving Happiness and served as the editor

     and co-author of Let Your Leadership Speak:

     How to Lead and Be Heard, recently released.

     Today's speaker has appeared on ABC and

    社会活动 NBC morning shows in Chicago and on

     numerous radio stations across the country

     promoting her inspiring messages on life and

     leadership. She is a frequent keynote speaker at

     national, regional and state conferences in

     higher education and other non-profit

     organizations, as well as, a highly regarded

     leadership consultant to organizations devoted

     to making a difference.

    Nancy earned her Master’s Degree from 学历

    Bowling Green State University in Ohio and

    graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oswego

    State University in New York. Prior to becoming

    a professional speaker, Nancy served ten years

    in higher education student affairs administration.

    Having spoken to over a million people, give 其它个人信or take a few thousand, our speaker is known for her ability to relate to audiences by leaving them in the "interested student of life position." Her passion is contagious! And, she claims to have many great passions in life including her husband, two children, sailing and watching her identical twin sister get older.

    So to speak to you on "Speak and Grow Rich," 表示欢迎 Please join me in welcoming from the coast of Massachusetts author, educator, business owner,

    wife and first mate, Nancy Hunter Denney.

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