A Letter for Declination of Invitation

By Crystal Miller,2014-06-07 21:25
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A Letter for Declination of Invitation

    A Letter for Declination of Invitation

     Kagurazaka Campus 信头 1-3 Kagurazaka, hinjuku-ku,

     Tokyo 162-8601,


    th 25 October; 2004


     Professor Michael McCarthy

    收信人姓名 Faculty of Information and Mathematical Sciences

    封内地址 University of Glasgow

     Glasgow G12 8QQ

     Scotland, UK

    称呼 Dear Professor McCarthy,

    th感谢邀请者Many thanks for your letter of 25 October 2004,

    的邀请 inviting me to attend and chair a session of the

     forthcoming Second International Conference on Knowledge

     Economy and Development of Science and Technology to be

     held in Tokyo, Japan, from August 24 to 25, 2005.

    说明不能参 Much to my regret, I shall not be able to honour the

    加的原因 invitation because I have been suffering from ill health this

     summer. I am firmly advised that it would be unwise to

     undertake any distant travel in the near future.

    表达遗憾 I feel very sorry to miss the opportunity of meeting

     you and many of other colleagues in the field of

     knowledge economy.


    的祝愿 I wish the conference a complete success.


    写信人手写Respectfully yours,

    SOHMIYA, Kiyoko 签名 SOHMIYA, Kiyoko 写信人印刷


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