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    Award Criteria

    1. Regional Laboratory Award

    Presented to the management of a Mid-Continent member laboratory or facility that has provided exceptional support and encouragement to the

    transfer of federal technologies to the private sector

    Such support and encouragement must have provided tangible benefit to the private sector and to the general publicThe award will be based on contributions during the current calendar year.

    2. Regional Partnership Award

    Presented to an American-owned company, a non-federal entity, or a university in the Mid-Continent Region to recognize outstanding efforts to

    promote technology transfer between federal government facilities and the private or public sectorsDefinition of one or more specific transfers of technology would benefit the nomination but are not essentialThe award will be based on contributions during the current calendar year

    3. Regional Laboratory Representative of the Year Award

    Presented to a designated FLC Representative or Alternate from the Mid-Continent Region.The nominee must have made significant contributions in one or more of the following areas:

    ;Innovative developments in technology transfer that are applicable to other member laboratories or facilities;Outreach to a new and viable FLC Mid-Continent user group

    ;Leadership in regional FLC programs and initiatives

    The award will be based on contributions during the current calendar year

    The nominee may not have received the same award within the past three years

    4. Notable Technology Development Awards

    Problem it solves and benefits;

    Markets and consumers;

    Partnerships formed; Patents filed or to be filed;

    Technology does not have to be transferred to be eligible for nomination.

    Action shown has to have occurred within the last three calendar years.5. Excellence in Technology Transfer: Criterion mimics national FLC award criteria in this category.

    A.Description of Technology Transferred

    1.Describe the technology transferred, including advantages, benefits, and other relevant features (10 points)2.Who or what was the recipient of the transferred technology, and when did the transfer take place? (5 points)B.The Technology Transfer Story

    1.How and by whom was the partnership for the technology initiated? (5 points)

    2.What were the specific roles, goals, objectives, and expectations of each partner? (10 points)3.What technology transfer mechanisms, resources, and/or activities were used to transfer the technology? (25 points).C.Key Contributions to the Technology Transfer

    1.Describe each nominated team member’s role in the technology transfer, including any innovation or creativity demonstrated by team members in

    transferring the technology. (20 points)

    D.Outcomes of the Technology Transfer

    1.What was the result of the technology transfer effort? (10 points)2.Describe how this technology transfer effort met the mission requirements of your laboratory. (10 points).

    3. How well were the goals and expectations of the partners met? (5 points)6. Notable State & Local Government Collaboration (NEW!!)Must demonstrate a successful partnership between state or local governments and federal laboratories for regional economic benefit. Must demonstrate partnership with federal laboratories as key in creating technology–based regional economic development.

    7. STEM Mentorship Award

    Given to an individual who may or may not be a direct employee of a government laboratory or facility in the Mid-Continent Region, but has demonstrated exceptional character, mentorship, and creativity in the areas of science and math or by promoting the development of young people in grades K-12 or higher in technical career fields.

    Contributions must be unique and show measurable benefit to the laboratory, school system/students and must have occurred within the past three calendar years.

    Important Note: This year, extra consideration will be given to any award write-up that used unique and creative marketing designs in its

    implementation. Distinguished Service is given at Coordinator’s discretion. Question? Call Ann, 870-241-3382 or or

    Mid-Continent’s Past Winners (2012 – 2007)


    Outstanding Laboratory Award

     NASA Johnson Space Center

    Outstanding STEM Mentorship Award

    Casey DeRaad AFRL Phillips Research Site

    Clint Hoffman, USDA ARS, College Station, TX2Excellence in T

    Smartphone Apps - USDA-ARS

    Black Silicon Nanocatalytic Wet-Chemical Etch With Liquid Phase Passivation, NREL & Natcore Tech. Inc. TMCOE Enabled Geothermal Energy, LANL2

    Enhancing Virtual Pain Software, Ames Lab

    Crystalline Silico-Titanates, SNL &, UOP, (Honeywell Co.)Notable Technology Development Award

    USDA ARS Poultry Litter Subsurfer”

    Biomimetic Membranes for water filtration, SNL

    Hazardous Device Utility Tools, LANL

    RoboGlove – NASA JSC and General Motors

    Massive Heat Transfer Experiment (MHTEX) and VADER, AFRL


    Outstanding Lab Rep

    1.Carriann McDonough, NREL

    Regional Partnership

    1.STC.UNM—Sandia National Laboratories Partnership

    Outstanding Laboratory

    1.USDA Poisonous Plant Research Lab

    2.USDA’s Forage and Range Research


    1.USAFA Dr. William Crisler

    2.NASA JSC’s Rao and Sankaran


    1.Sandia’s Gemini-Scout

    2.NREL’s Black Silicon Ink

    3.AFRL’s IDASS

    4.LANL’s MOXIE - World's Fastest Camera

5.NASA Deployable Fresnel Ring

    6.AFRL’s CHAMP

    7.USDA’s Range Management Software SystemsExcellence in T2

    1.USDA’s - Biodegradable molded board products from cotton gin byproducts

    2.USDA’s Illumina Porcine SNP60 BeadChipTM3.NREL and Innovalight: Silicon Ink Boosts Quality with Cost Savings

    4.NREL and US e-Chromic Accelerate’d Electrochromic Window Technology

    5.Sandia National LaboratorySolar Glitter

    6.LANL’s L-1 Agrosciences



    1.NASA High School Aerospace Scholars

    2.Sandia Nat’l Lab - NINE

    Excellence in Technology Transfer

    1.NREL and Ampulse Corp – Thin Film Silicone2.Ames Lab – BAM TB Ceramic Composite

    3.Sandia – Stingray

    4.Los Alamos Nat’l Lab – ROB Biosensor

    5.USDA ARS – Rapid Insect Detection System6.USDA ARS SNARC – Copper Sulfate Use on Catfish EggsRegional Partnership

    1.Robonaut, NASA & GM

    Notable Technology Development


    2.Sandia – Fuel Cell Mobile Light

    3.LANL – Superluminol Radar System

    4.USDA ARS – Database Emission Levels

    5.USDA ARS – Paradigm Predicting Genetic Characteristic in Cattle


    Excellence in Technology Transfer

    1.PowerPlane UX Microbattery- NREL & Planar Energy Dev.2.?SkyTrough? Parabolic Trough System – NREL & SkyFuel3.BIOTIC for Managing Irrigation- USDA ARS4.Lead-free Solder: Ames LabTM5.SeismicPULSER System - RMOTC

    6.Flash-Bang- SNL

    Distinguished Service – J. R. Chavez - AFRL

    Regional Partnership - NM Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) STEM :

    LANL’s Northern NM Math & Science Academy; Air Force Research Laboratory

    Ames Laboratory - Tinkering with Science

    Notable Technology Development

    USAFA- Ammonia-Hydride Hydrogen Generator & StorageNASA JSC-Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

    FEHM: Finite Element Heat and Mass - LANLSNL - Sandia Cognitive Framework

    USDA – ARS US Meat Animal Research Ctr. - Top Steaks


    Excellence in Technology Transfer

    Stirling Cycle Generators (RMOTC)

    Hybrid CIGS Photovoltaics (NREL)

    Outstanding Lab Rep - Ms. Mary Archuleta, AFRL

    Outstanding Partnership Awards

    Midwest Forensics Resource Center

    Hyperacuity Systems & the U.S. Air Force Academy HERS?

    Notable Technology Development


    Hyperion Power Generation, Inc. (LANL)

    Grasspea - USDA ARS Grazinglands Research Laboratory Active Denial Technology Program – AFRL EnergyNASA JSC - Partial Pressure Oxygen Mask

    Sandia National Laboratories - TacNet Tracker?

    Sandia National Laboratories - Fabricating Tailored Thin Films


    Notable Technology Development Awards:

    1.TufFoam – Sandia

    2.RaveGrid: LANL

    3.AFRL Junior Force Vehicle Stopper Program Partnership Award - New Mexico Center for Isotopes in MedicineExcellence In Technology Transfer

    1.Sequoia Technologies AFRL

    2.ElectroNeedle? Biomedical Sensor Array - Sandia 3.WillowStick Technologies, LLC & DOE’s RMOTCDistinguished Service - John Jack James, NASA

    Laboratory Representative of the Year: Cal Thorson, USDA NGPRLOutstanding Lab – Ames Laboratory


    Nomination Form

    Please note the specific criteria for the nominated award.

    I nominate the following individual, technology, or organization for the following award (please ?):

    Regional Laboratory Award Regional Partnership Award

    Representative of the Year Award STEM Mentorship Award

    Notable Technology Development Award Excellence in Technology Transfer

     Mimics FLC national

    Notable State & Local Government Collaboration

    Nomination submitted by_____________________________________________________________________Affiliation__________________________________________________________________________________Phone________________________FAX___________________E-mail_________________________________Nominee’s Name____________________________________________________________________________Affiliation___________________________________________________________________________________Laboratory Director/CEO or Point of Contact ______________________________T#_______________________Basis for the nomination. Summarize in space below. Up to two additional pages of written justification may be appended. Total nomination should not exceed an additional two pages. Times Roman 10 pt or equivalent, 1 ? line spaced. Artwork, photographs are

    required and are not included in the page count. Pay close attention to page count and photo/artwork requirement – must be met to be

    eligible for consideration. Submissions must be available in Microsoft Word.

    Deadline for submissions is COB, Wednesday, 17 July 2013. Submissions should be e-mailed to or . If questions or you need assistance, call Ann at 870-241-3382

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