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Important Information for Transfer Students - Department of Economicsof,OF,for,FOR,For

To all transfer students planning to major in economics at NYU:

    First, welcome to NYU and the economics major!

    This document answers some common questions about transferring into the major, explains which of your prior economics and statistics courses might count toward the major, and what you must do to get some of your prior courses approved. Be sure to read each bolded section that applies to you.

; I’m transferring into NYU, and I want to major in economics. What do I need to do?

    The three things you’ll need to do, in this order, are: (1) Declare the major (if you haven’t done so already);

    (2) Obtain special permission from the NYU economics department to apply some of your prior economics

    courses to the NYU major; and (3) (possibly) register for economics courses.

    ; How do I declare the major?

    Most transfer students have already declared their major when they applied, and were admitted as

    transfer students, to NYU. If for some reason you have not declared, email the economics

    department advisors, Andrew Whitney and Corey Brown, with your full name and your NYU ID

    number (begins with “N”), and tell them whether you intend to major in economics only, joint

    economics/math, or joint economics/computer science.

    ; As an econ major, should I do the policy concentration or the theory concentration?

    The vast majority of economics majors at NYU pursue the Policy concentration. However, those who declare

    a joint major in economics and either math or computer science must pursue the Theory concentration. For

    more information about the two concentrations, please see the economics department website: ; undergraduate program ; major in economics.

    You do not have to state your choice of concentration when you declare the major, but in some cases, it will

    affect which economics courses you should take next.

    ; Will all of my prior econ courses count toward the major at NYU?

    Unfortunately, no. While the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at NYU may have accepted all of your

    courses as college credits, satisfying the requirements of the economics major is a separate matter. If you

    want to be an economics major, you will have to retake some of your prior economics courses at NYU.

    Here’s why: The NYU economics major is highly structured. Instructors of higher-level courses assume that

    you have thoroughly mastered the material of all lower level and prerequisite courses as they are taught at

    NYU. Earning a good grade in another college’s course, which differs in depth and breadth from NYU’s

    course, doesn’t ensure that you’ve sufficiently mastered the material for further coursework in economics at


    Note that when you retake economics courses, NYU does not count the credits twice. Only the retaken credits

    at NYU are applied towards the credits required for your economics major and your B.A. degree.

    ; Which of my prior courses -- and how many of them -- can I apply toward the major? If you are like most economics majors and virtually all transfer students you will be pursuing the policy

    concentration, and can expect to re-take two of the courses you’ve already taken at another college.

    More specifically, here is a list of the 6 NYU economics courses that form the foundation for further work in the policy concentration:

    1. Principles of Macroeconomics

    2. Principles of Microeconomics

    3. Intermediate Macroeconomics

    4. Intermediate Microeconomics

    5. Statistics

    6. Topics in Econometrics (a more advanced, second course in statistical techniques with a statistics

    course prerequisite)

    If you have already taken some of these courses, and you want to major in economics, you will have to re-take at NYU the two courses on this list with the highest numbers (1 through 6).

    For example, if you’ve taken only the two principles courses (numbered 1 and 2 on the list), the department

    will require that you retake both principles courses at NYU. If you’ve taken numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4, the department will generally approve the transfer of 1 and 2, but require that you retake the intermediate courses (3 and 4) at NYU. If you’ve taken 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, then 1, 2 and 3 will generally transfer, but you will retake

    intermediate microeconomics and statistics (4 and 5). And so on.

In addition, you can apply for approval of one elective taken in the economics department of your prior

    college to count as a 200-level elective in the economics major at NYU. The course must have an economics prerequisite (microeconomics principles, macroeconomics principles, or a higher-level economics course). Politics courses, business courses, and electives without economics prerequisites do not count toward the economics major at NYU.

    Similar rules apply for those pursuing the Theory concentration, but with added restrictions. For the Theory concentration, courses in intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, statistics and econometrics taken at other colleges are not eligible for transfer to the major, regardless of how many economics courses you have taken elsewhere.

    ; How, exactly, do I get some of my prior econ courses approved for the major? If you’ve taken just two courses in econ and statistics, you’ll be retaking them both at NYU, so there is no

    need to apply for any approvals. If you’ve taken more than two courses in econ and statistics, you’ll need to

    fill out one of the following:

    For courses taken at a college in the United States (including AP courses), fill out the “U.S. Econ Course

    Info form attached to the same email as this document. Email the completed form to

    For courses taken at any college or high school outside of the United States, fill out the “NON-U.S. Econ

    Course Infoattached to the same email as this document. Email it to Prof. Aditi Thapar



    ; What about my prior math courses, other than statistics?

    If you’ve completed both intermediate microeconomics and intermediate macroeconomics at your prior college (even if you will have to retake them at NYU), you fall under the “pre-Fall-2012” rules as described

    in the economics department website ( ; undergraduate program ; major in economics

    ; For students who entered NYU before Fall 2012”). In that case, you can satisfy the department’s

    mathematics requirement by taking Calculus I. (If you completed Calculus I at your prior college, contact the mathematics department at NYU for approval of your transfer credit.) Note that Calculus I (or math department approval for a Calculus I course taken elsewhere) is a prerequisite for Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, and Statistics.

    If you have not completed both intermediate microeconomics and intermediate macroeconomics at your prior college, your math requirement falls under the new rules as described in the economics department website

    ( ; undergraduate program ; major in economics ; For students who enter NYU Fall

    2012 or later”). In this case, you must complete the two semester sequence Math for Economics I and II,

    regardless of any mathematics courses you’ve taken at your prior college. Note that Math for Economics I and

    II are among the prerequisites for Intermediate Microeconomics.

    ; How do I register for econ courses?

    First, wait until you receive notification from the economics department, listing which of your courses were approved for the NYU econ major. Then, log on to the Albert system, and see which of the economics courses you are eligible to take still have open slots in the course or the wait list. If you see an open spot in the course you want to take, contact Andrew Whitney and Corey Brown, and they will help you register. For Fall 2013, most economics courses and their wait lists -- are full. So if you are unable to enroll in any econ courses, you should concentrate on fulfilling college-wide graduation requirements, clearing your schedule for the econ courses you’ll be taking in subsequent semesters.

    ; The course I want to take is full. But I really, really need to take it. Can someone get me in?

    In a word, no. When courses are full, admitting additional students would violate arrangements with TAs or fire laws that limit room capacity. And if someone drops a course that’s full, students are automatically

    admitted in their order on the waitlist. Even if a recitation section for the course is listed as “open, once the

    lecture is full, additional students cannot be enrolled.

    ; I don’t want to retake one of my prior econ courses at NYU. Can I appeal?

    Yes, but…

    Before you appeal, be sure you understand the advantages of retaking a course. First, some of the material in the new course will overlap with your prior course, creating an easier workload and a smoother adjustment as you start the major at NYU. Second, you will learn important new material, and thus have a more solid foundation for future coursework.

    If you believe you have nothing to gain from retaking a course (because your prior econ course was exceptionally high-level and your performance in that course was sufficiently strong), you can file an appeal to the department, explaining why you should not be required to retake that course at NYU. Keep in mind that (1) appeals will require additional documentation (see below); (2) they are rarely successful; and (3) an appeal


    triggers additional scrutiny of all prior coursework in economics, which could result in a requirement to re-take more than two of your prior economics courses.

    Appeals should be emailed to the economics department advisors, Andrew Whitney and Corey Brown, with the word “Appeal” in the subject heading, and the following documents attached: (1) the entire academic

    transcript from your prior college(s), including grades in all courses; (2) detailed syllabi for the course (s) you are appealing, and (3) an explanation of the appeal, including the grounds for your assertion that you have nothing to gain by retaking the course at NYU. Your appeal will then be considered by the department’s

    director of undergraduate studies.

    I still have questions. What do I do? ;

    Before contacting the department, be sure you’ve read the relevant sections of the economics department

    webpage ( ; undergraduate program ; various subsections), where the most common

    questions are answered. If you still have questions that can be easily answered via email, and require an answer before you arrive in the fall, you can email the economics department advisors, Andrew Whitney and Corey Brown. For more complicated questions, or questions that can wait, you can visit the economics ththdepartment advising office (19 W. 4 Street, 8 floor) once you arrive at NYU.

    Contact Information:

    For submission of U.S. Econ Course forms:

    For submission of NON-U.S. Econ Course forms:

    Economics Department Advisors:

     Andrew Whitney:

     Corey Brown:


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