Words and phrases

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Words and phrases

    Words and phrases

    1. Body parts: eye ear nose mouth tooth head shoulder arm knee leg

     Foot toes heart hand stomach

    2. Colors: red yellow green blue purple pink brown black white

    3. Animals: monkey bird tiger bear butterfly turtle?乌龟? mouse/rat panda horse hippo?河马?sheep cow duck dog

    snake cat rabbit wolf?狼?chicken fish elephant worm?蚯蚓?

    4. Fruit: pear pineapple?菠萝?peach apple orange lemon mango grape strawberry banana date?枣?watermelon


    5. Food: ice cream bread coffee congee hamburger noodle water fruit salad cake barbecue butter cheese peanut tea onion chocolate milk chips nuts beef juice coke?可乐?tofu dumplings roast chicken sweet and sour pork vegetables

    tomato potato rice egg oil tuna fish?金枪鱼? ham?火腿? sausage?香肠? biscuit snack?零食? soup

    6. Actions: point see stand up sit down open close sleep cry come walk run climb swim fly learn draw hear Aut put pull ride help catch hit smile butter(v) take off roll up(把??????卷起来) trip over(绊倒) have a

    picnic/barbecue say stay follow need cook turn remember order join wear feel notice forget know meet look Eat an apple watch a clown?小丑?listen to music pat a dog smell flowers play football sing songs touch get up wash our face brush our teeth eat our breakfast go to school have a bath go to bed do homework watch

     TV fly a kite go shopping

    Write think read paint laugh talk keep quite

    Drive drink make the bed break call feed the dog sweep the floor wash the dishes iron the clothes water the plants buy jump bark shout snore?打鼾? bang?砰,故意猛砸?

    7My things: book bag pen pencil rubber pencil case box bike

    Stone watch key towel(毛巾)tower 塔子?tie tissue(纸巾) umbrella basketball football chopsticks

    Puzzle yo-yo toy truck spaceship robot computer cupboard shelf teddy bear doll bed boot

    8. Subjects: English Maths Chinese PE Art Music

    9. Places: corridor library hall classroom playground canteen(餐厅) music room restaurant shop snack

    bar pool bedroom supermarket house flat kitchen village beach mountain

    10. Where?

    In on under in front of behind on the left/right opposite

    11. Shapes: circle square triangle star rectangle

    12. Things in the park:

    Slide(滑道) swing(秋千) roller coaster(过山车) see-saw(跷跷板) sand pit(沙坑) climbing frame(攀登架)

    13. In the park:

    A sign park keeper feed the ducks pick the flowers climb the trees ride a bicycle walk on the grass play ball games

    14. Clothes: dress trousers shorts shirt coat sweater uniform T-shirt hat jeans raincoat boots socks 15. Weather and seasons:

    Spring summer autumn winter rain sun wind snow wet hot windy cold sunny dry cloudy warm cool storm 16. Transport: bus train minibus car taxi bicycle/bike plane ship

    17. Numbers: zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety

    One hundred

    First second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth thirtieth

18. Weeks/Weekend:

    Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

    19. Months/Calender:

    January February March April May June July August September October November December 20. About things:

    Soft hard wet clean tasty smooth new

    21. About people and animals:

    Helpful clever polite strong hard-working naughty lazy happy beautiful cute hungry thirsty noisy kind tired fierce

    afraid rude funny

    22. Jobs:

    Policeman/policewoman teacher student shopkeeper driver housewife doctor 23. My family:

    Mother father brother sister cousin uncle aunt me grandpa=grandfather grandmother 24. In the classroom/at school:

    Desk chair blackboard window door wall

    School Miss Sir

    TV the teacherdesk bin notice board

    25. About people:

    Sleepy fat thin tall short long/short (hair) boy girl name Old young strong weak black/grey(hair) smooth/wrinkled face slim(苗条的,纤细的) asleep

     26. About buildings:

    Ground floor first floor second floor third floor fourth floor 27. Things around us:

    Flower cloud tree building road bus stop fridge coin photo album diary stick card phone rubbish bin river

    Hill video crab() a pot plant a fruit basket money dollar street town house country 28. About time:

    Early late(r) finally morning afternoon night tonight before

    After today tomorrow year again

    29. Tastes(味道):

    Salty salt pickles(泡菜,腌菜)

    Hot(辛辣的) ginger() chilies?辣椒? black pepper?黑胡椒? curry?咖喱/粉?

    Sweet sugar honey sweet

    Sour vinegar() garlic() soy sauce(酱油)


    Chinese New Year: get lucky money visit friends

    Easter: eat chocolate/eggs

    Mid-Autumn Day: eat moon cakes

    Christmas: give presents a red suit a sleigh

     31. At a camp:

    Stays in a tent pack the bags boil water cook a meal collect firewood climb a tree 32. Others:

    Certainly care careful(ly) over meal their sure real they holiday idea earth together your(s) because surprise should

    sport part breakfast ready free supermarket for afraid out excuse me letter anywhere favorite another never half

    story seat noise noisy picture great either perfect part right birthday all dear may there how too please poor good here

    about down

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