Week 12 Topic 9 Trade Fairs

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Week 12 Topic 9 Trade Fairs

Week 12 Topic 9 Trade Fairs


    A trade fair is an excellent way of generating new business for both large and small companies. By taking part in a trade fair sellers neednt bother

    to travel to many places to promote their goods, and buyers dont have to

    travel too much to look for the goods they want.

    ?Listening Practice

    1 Booking Exhibition Space

    Directions: Listen to the conversation and complete the following notes using a few words.

    1) The woman wants to book a space for next Junes ________________.

    2) The ________________ of the womans company is fifteen square meters.

    3) The twenty-eight unit costs _______________________.

    4) The woman also wants to book _______________________.

    5) The Ferris Room can _____________________ four hundred people. 6) The whole booking is on__________________.

    Keys: 1) trade fair, 2) stand, 3) 645 pounds, 4) a conference room, 5) hold, 6) TF62880

2 Talks at a Trade Fair

    Directions: You will hear a conversation recorded at a trade exhibition. As you listen, for Questions 1--- 10, complete the notes using a few words.

    1) The sellers name is ________________ and the buyers name is _____________.

    2) The buyer wants to inquire about ______________________. Its model is S89. 3) The buyer would like to know whether the machine can deal with


    4) The buyer is looking for ________________ for their fifteen-year-old machines. 5) The buyer asks how quickly the seller can deliver the machines if the former

    makes ______________________________________.

    6) The buyer asks for a 16% discount, but the seller can only offers 13%, which is

    shown on their ______________________________.

    7) The buyer says other business_____________________ are willing to give him


    8) The seller t5ries to convince the buyer of the S89s high quality by inviting the

    buyers attention to the latest__________________ technology which the S89


    9) The buyer insists on a 16% discount, and then the seller says he has to call their

    _________________________ to that something special could be done. 10) The seller has to report to ________________ before making any decision. Keys: 1) Ellen Brown; Howard Williams, 2) fax machines, 3) (high-quality) B3 paper, 4) replacements, 5) a firm order, 6) catalogue, 7) down the hall, 8) Super 5, 9) head office, 10) their Purchasing Manager

3 Placing an order

    Directions: Listen to the conversation and complete the following notes using a few words.

    1) The buyer wants to order two yellow___________________.

    2) The buyer wants to order ten green racing bikes, _________________ model. 3) The buyer wants to order ______________ at $ 60 each.

    4) The discount price is ___________________.

    5) The buyer is happy to pay a 5% charge to cover ____________.

    6) The payment will be made by ______________.

    Keys: 1) standard racing bikes, 2) deluxe, 3) a hundred helmets, 4) $67,065, 5) packaging and handling 6) letter of credit

? Language Focus

    1) General Talks at Trade Fairs

    A: Can you tell me something about your products?

    B: There are the most fashionable ones on display. They are available in yellow and green./

     They are easy to use-operate./

     They are available in large, medium and small models.

    A: Is there anything else worth mentioning about your products? B: These are our latest standard models. They have only been on the market for a couple of weeks. They are extremely popular with young people. The products embrace a complete range of specifications for choice./

     We have all kinds of models for this product.

    A: How long is the warranty period?

    B: Our warranty period is 12 months.

    A: Do you provide free training?

    B: Yes, we do. Actually, we can offer you a free demonstration this afternoon. A: Are there any other benefits?

    B: they are user-friendly. They have excellent performance. They are ideal for business trips.

    A: Do you provide on-site maintenance/service?

    B: Yes, we provide free on-site maintenance within one year after the purchase. A: How long is the money-back guarantee?

    B: Our money back guarantee is 15 days.

    A: I’d like to have your illustrated catalogue so that I may study it more carefully in the hotel.

    B: Heres the price list/catalog./

     Would you like to meet our sales representative/technical specialist?/

     Would you please leave your companys name and address with us?

    2) Talking about Quality

    Expressions for the buyer

    What about the quality ?

    I’d like to know about the quality.

    Would you please describe your product quality?

    Expressions for the seller

    This is a quality product.

    Out products are famous for their superior quality.

    Our products are of good quality.

    The material is absolutely of excellent quality.

    They always come up to our export standard.

    Shipment will fully measure up to the sample.

    Were sure th4e shipment will turn out to your satisfaction. The product is marketable/ salable.

    Our goods are well received in Europe.

    It sells very well.

    It is the best seller.

    3) Talking about the price and discount

    A: What are your terms of payment?

    B: We prefer an irrevocable documentary L/C for the first transaction. A: Please quote us your lowest price FOB Shanghai.

    B: The lowest price FOB Shanghai is US$300.

    A: How much does it costs?( what is its retail price?)

    B: The unit/retail price is US$300.

    A: The price sounds a bit high. Can you lower it a bit?

    B: We think our price is workable/moderate/ reasonable/ acceptable/ competitive./

     Our price has already been at its lowest level.

    A: your price is not competitive compared with what is quoted by other suppliers. B: Actually, there is every indication of a further rise in price in the near future./

     Prices will rise/ increase/ its impossible for us to lower our price.

    A: Unless you can reduce the price, business is rather impossible. B: In order to encourage business, we are prepared to make a reduction. The best we can do is to reduce the price by3%./

     We can only reduce our price to $32.

    A: can you offer us a discount?

    B: Our discount depends on the size of buyers order. For an order like this we could offer a discount of 12%. If you pay within ten days, theres another 1.5% percent


     For the sake of establishing business relations between us, we may consider

allowing you a quantity discount.

    4) Talking about the Supply and Shipment

    A: When can you deliver?

    B: We can deliver from stock right now. we have a good supply. We can supply all these models as you wish./

     We can meet your deadline in shipment. Our lead time is very short. A: How soon can you make the delivery?

    B: Actually, the goods are in short supply. We have no supply available for export./

     There is no stock at the moment. The production was behind schedule.

     We are running short of stock. The goods are in high demand.

     This product hasnt gone into full production. Its hard to say when well be able

    to offer it again.

     The supply can not satisfy the demand. There is only a limited quantity available

    at present.

    A: I’d like to order 25 printer at $780 each.

    B: Yes, well process your order as soon as possible.

    A: I’d like to place an order for some items from your catalogue. B: well execute your order as soon as possible.

    A: I’d like to place an order with you for some items from your catalogue. B: We will carry out your order as soon as possible.

? Communication Strategies

    1) Tips for the seller in a trade fair

    ? Attracting the buyers attention through a stand with a unique design

    Arousing the buyers interest by talking about the use, quality, performance and ?

    specifications of the product

    ? Telling the buyer that your price is very competitive

    ? Arousing the buyers desire to buy the product by offering a proper discount ? Urging the buyer to act by mentioning that the product is in great demand ? Providing brochures and pamphlets for the buyer

    ? Giving the buyer your contact number

    ? Thanking the buyer for coming to your stand

2) Tips for the buyer in a trade fair

    ? Telling the seller what product you are looking for

    ? Asking about the use of the product

    ? Inquiring about the quality, performance and specifications of the product ? Asking for a quantity discount

    ? Asking for other discount if it is possible

    ? Mentioning that the sellers neighbors can offer you a large discount

    ? Mentioning that your order is a sizable one

    ? Taking the necessary publicity materials with you

    ? Telling the seller that you have to report to your board before making a decision

? Thanking the seller

?Group Work--- Role Play

    Directions: Divide the group members into two parties: the printer side and the

    customer side. Role play a trade talk according to the following context.

     Printer You are the owner of a well-established printing company, which has a reputation for top-quality printing at competitive price. You are visiting a potential new customer to discuss a new printing contract. You have the following information about the customer: Name: Warren Kendal Business: Architects Print requirements: standard office stationery, plus architectural stationery


    You represent a firm of architects. You have arranged to see the owner of a small local

    printing company. You want a quotation for talking over the annual printing needs of

    your firm. These are:

    Letterheads: 1,500

    Compliment slips: 3,000

    Envelopes: 5,000

    Architecture: A2 X 5,000 plus assorted

    Drawing paper: special orders 价格谈判 Negotiating prices(1) 价格谈判 Negotiating prices(2) 交货谈判 Negotiating delivery[1] 交货谈判 Negotiating delivery[2]

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