Unit 5 First aid

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Unit 5 First aid

    Unit5 First aid

    I.Fill in the blanks with proper words to complete the sentences, the first letter is given.

    1. When you find someone hurt, you should perform first a_____ as soon as


    2. It’s impolite to do an i_______ to a person’s reputation.

    3. Is money e________ to happiness.

    4. The sprain made my ankle s______ up.

    5. He fell down onto the ground as he was cleaning the window, and what’s more, he

    sprained his w_____.

    6. The d_____ air will make food go bad.

    7. After the match, the chairman p______ gold medals to the champions(冠军).

    8. He has a strong s_____ of duty.

    9. He was suspected(---的嫌疑) of p______ his wife.

    10. In my opinion, I don’t think the news is a________.

    11. She is so m_____ that I have never seen her angry look.

    12. Those blackmailers(勒索者) intended to s______ more money out of him.


    II.Fill in the blanks with the phrases in the box to complete the sentences using their proper forms

    protectagainst, preventfrom,

    get burnt, take off, choke, carry out, be

    proud of, iron, present sb. with sth.., heal

    1. You have three layers of skin to _______ you _______diseases, poison and the

    sun’s harmful rays.

    2. He ________ his hat and bowed (鞠躬) to us.

    3. If your skin_________, it will be very serious.

    4. The skin can ________ your body ________ losing water.

    5. I prefer to _________ my shirts while they are still damp. 6. The cut soon _________ over, but it left a scar. 7. She _________ to death on a fish bone.

    8. I __________ their success.

    9. He was _________ an experiment when I rang him. 10. The town _________ a library.

    III. Complete the following sentences.


    ________ _______ _______ quickly will save one’s life.


     _______ clothing _______ the burned area unless it _______ _______ _______

    the burn.


     ________ ________ in this street ________ I met one of my friends. 4,他今天穿着一件白色的衣服。

    Today he ______ _______ ______white.


    Are you going to ________ ________ ________ the discussion. 6,他从那卷布上剪下了一米。

    He ________ ________ a metre of cloth from the roll. 7,令他的老师吃惊的是?他在急救测试中做得比预料的要好。

     ______ ______ _______ _______, he did better in her first aid exam than



    You must firmly ________ ________the decision. 9,这两栋房子相距得很近。

    The two buildings _______ _______ ________ each other. 10. 雪覆盖了地面。

    The ground _______ _______ ________snow.

IV.Paraphrase the following sentences

    1She was unlucky enough to get ill on vacation.

    = She was unlucky enough to ________ ________ / ________ ________on vacation.

    2. First degree burns are not serious and should be better within a day or two. = First degree burns are not serious and should be better within _______ _______ ______ _______.

    3. Second degree burns affect both the top and the second layer of the skin.

     = Second degree burns affect _______ _______the top layer _______ _______ the second layer of the skin.

    4. Taking clothes off burnt area unless stuck to the burn.

     =Taking clothing off burnt area unless _______ ________ stuck to the burn.

     = Taking clothing off burnt area _______ it _______ _______ stuck to the burn. 5. Place cool wet cloths on the burnt area over and over (again).

     = Place cool wet cloths on the burnt area _______ _______ ______. 6. If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher, if possible. = If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher, if _______ _______ possible. Test Paper of Unit 5

    I. Multiple Choices (15 points)

    1. ---I’m sorry, I’m late. bread, but flour is _______.

     ---_______, we have a few minutes A. unique B.essential C. natural D.

    left. adequate

    A. You don’t sorry B. Not sorry 4. He is very good at carpentering,

    C. Never mind D. You shouldn’t though _______.

    sorry. A. he was very young B. very

    2. It is well known that Thomas Edison young

    _______ the electric lamp. C. he very young D. is very

    A. invented B. discovered C. found young

    D. developed 5. I will answer the teacher’s question

    3. Sugar is not an important element in when _______.

A. I ask B. I will be asked C. C. the villagers realized

    asked D. I shall be asked D. didn’t the villagers realize

    6. Fruit juice can be harmful _______ 12. With the development of our country, children’s teeth. more and more students ____ to A. for B. toward C. with D. to university.

    7. My chest _____ when I take a deep A. admit to B. admitted to breath, doctor. C. are admitted D. are admitted to A. hurts B. wounds C.harms D. 13. --- Brad was Jane’s brother!

    injure --- _____ he reminded me so much 8. The foreign teacher Mr. Halt has a of Jane!

    strange way of writing. Here’s a notice A. No doubt B. Above all for him, but no clear_____ of what he C. No wonder D. Of course has written can be made at all. 14. The flowers _____ sweet in the A. explanation B. meaning botanic garden attract the visitors to the C. sense D. idea beauty of nature.

    9. The fellow felt rather ____ as he was A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D the only person that wore sportswear at to be smelt

    the party. 15. New York, _____ last year, is a nice A. in place B. out of place old city.

    C. by the way D. in the way A. that I visited B. which I visited 10. ______ on the snake led to his own C. where I visited D. in which I death. visited

    A. The farmer’s taking pity

    B. The farmer taking

    C. The farmer took

    D. The farmer to take

    11. Not until all the fish die in the river

    ____ how serious the pollution was.

    A. did the villagers realize

    B. the villagers realized

II. Closet test (30 points)


    In Mr. Allen’s school class, all the students have to “get married”. However, the wedding __16_ sometimes become so noisy that the loud laughter drowns out the __17_ of the “minister”. Even the two students getting married often begin to laugh.

    The teacher, Mr. Allen, believes that marriage is a difficult and serious business. He wants young people to understand that there are many changes that must take place after marriage. He believes that the __18_ for these psychological and financial

    changes should be understood before people marry.

    Mr. Allen doesn’t only introduce his students to main problems faced in marriage such as illness or being out of work. He also _19 _ them to the difficult and

    particular problems they will face every day. He wants to introduce young people to all the worries that can bring the __20 point to a marriage. He even makes his

    students know the problems of _ 21___ and the fact that divorced men must pay child

    support money for their children and sometimes pay their wives every month.

    It has been unsettling for some of the students to see the problems that a ___22__

    couple often faces. ___23___ they took the course, they had not worried much about the problems of marriage. However, both students and parents feel that Mr. Allen’s course is ___24___ and have favored the course publicly. Their statements and letters supporting the class have asked the school to ___25____ the course again.

    16. A. conferences B. competitions C. celebrations D. ceremonies 17. A. whisper B. announcementC. scream D. voice

    18. A. possibility B. responsibility C. need D. supply

    19. A. exposes B. explains C. extends D. exhausts

    20. A. uniting B. burning C. breaking D. freezing

    21. A. wedding B. division C. participation D. divorce

    22. A. divorced B. complained C. fascinated D. married

    23. A. If B. After C. Until D. Because

    24. A. disagreeable B. flexible C. valuable D. unbelievable

    25. A. afford B. offer C. establish D. affect


    It’s an age-old saying: Men are from Mars; women are from Venus. Males and

    females 26 different behaviors almost from birth. Researchers say these behaviors are due to 27 differences in brain structure and activity. Studies show men are better at hitting targets ;靶子?and solving math problems 28 women are better at

    memorizing words and 29 faces. Why the differences?

    A test of the brain’s electrical activity shows that women commonly use both

    sides of their brain while men rely more on one. Scientists already know that the two sides of the brain control different functions one controlling the sense of space,

    30 , the other controlling language. Some researchers believe that the different ways men and women use their brains 31 from ancient times, when cave men hunted and

    women 32 the children. Men had to have good aim. Women had to talk to the kids.

    Whatever the 33 , the battle of the sexes continues. And although their brains are constructed slightly differently, men and women may be equally capable. They may simply 34 different abilities. Take a couple arguing over the location of their car in a parking lot. The man might use his sense of 35 to find it, while the woman

    relies on her memory of landmarks. Both of them find the car. But chances are, they’ll

    still argue about who’s the better driver and who’s better at finding the way home.

    26. A. build B. form C. choose D. show 27. A. basic B. average C. great D. exact 28. A. so B. as C. yet D. while 29. A. realizing B. recognizing C. describing D. painting 30. A. at least B. as a result C. above all D. for example 31. A. grew B. developed C. invented D. produced 32. A. supported B. carried C. cared for D. gave birth to 33. A. consideration B. decision C. imagination D. explanation 34. A. show off B. take on C. depend on D. keep up 35. A. area B. space C. sight D. distance III. Reading Comprehension.(40 points)


     As the world watched the twin towers of the World Trade Center come under attack, a common phrase was repeated: “It looks like a movie.”

     But this time there was no superman to save the people or the famous building. The attack destroyed one of the world’s highest skyscrapers and left 5,000 people dead or missing.

     Movie fans have become used to such events after years of Hollywood films showing disasters, terrorism(恐怖主义) and danger, The Empire State Building, the

    White House, New York City and even the American president himself have all been threatened by terrorist attacks in these exciting films.

     The film “True Lies”, released(发行) in 1994 is considered to be a good example

    of this kind of movie. The special effects, including explosions and missiles, make the action look like a real thing.

     “Independence Day” in 1996 took this type of movie one step further by blowing up the White House. This science fiction movie is about a war between human beings and aliens(外来人) from another planet. In the movie, the World Trade Center towers are destroyed.

     Violence has become a major part of Hollywood movies. And this is what people enjoy. Soon after the attacks, many famous film companies stopped the planned releases of some of their new movies, especially if their films showed terrorist attacks or plane crashes. “Swordfish” was top of the American box office in June, 2001. But the movie’s story was frighteningly similar to the Sept.11 disaster. The film would have been stopped in American and British cinemas after the attack.

     But it’s unlikely that Hollywood will stay quiet for long. It is already waiting for the feeling in America to calm down.

    36. What is the main subject of the newspaper article?

     AThe relationship between the Sept.11 attack and Hollywood films.

     BThe effect of the Sept.11 attack on Hollywood films

     CThe response Hollywood made to the Sept.11 attack.

     DThe result of Hollywood films showing violence and disasters.

    37. Which of the following is true?

     AHollywood made a lot of money out of the film “Swordfish” in June.

     BHollywood stopped making films showing terrorism and disasters after the

    Sept.11 attack.

     C“Swordfish” was not allowed to be shown after the Sept.11 attack.

     DThe World Trade Center was destroyed because no superman came to save it. 38. From this article we know that .

     AHollywood is a filmmaking center making films of violence and disasters

     Btoo many Hollywood films showing terrorism and disasters resulted in the

    Sept.11 attack

     Cpeople who were used to the Hollywood films were not shocked at the Sept.11


     Din fact, the Sept.11 attack had nothing to do with Hollywood films.


    Last week, I bought an alarm system(报警系统) for about $ 450. It consisted of a

    control unit with three other small units. I put the control unit in the sitting room and fastened the other units by the front door, back door and living-room windows. The instructions told us to choose three numbers, so we chose 491, the last three numbers of our telephone number.

    Now I must explain how the alarm works:

    1. There is a power siren(警报器) in the control unit. It makes a very loud noise.

    2. Each of the small units sends out beams(光束) or rays in different directions. If

    anything moves, it breaks a beam. This sends a signal to the control unit. The siren makes a noise that you can hear 50 meters away.

    3. When we go to bed, I press the three buttons numbered 4, 9 and 1. Then we have 30 seconds to get out of the room before the alarm starts to work.

    That might I slept soundly because I was sure that no burglar(夜贼) could get

    into our house. However, at about 2:10a.m., I woke up and heard the siren(警报).

    “There must be a burglar in the house,” Mary said. “What shall we do?”

    “I’ll go and see who’s there,” I said. “Stay here. Don’t make a noise.”

    I went downstairs quietly. When I reached the living room, I switched on my

    torch and looked round the room. Then I turned the light on. I switched the siren off and searched the rooms downstairs. There was nothing wrong except that the back door was unlocked. I locked it, re-set the alarm and went back to bed.

    About an hour later, the alarm started again. I jumped out of bed, fell over a chair in the dark and bumped into the bedroom door. Mary woke up and started hitting me with a torch. “Hey! Wait a minute!” I whispered. “It’s only me. I’ m going downstairs

    to see what’s wrong.”

    I went down into the living room and listened for a moment. The only sound I could hear was the siren. I turned on the light and then switched the siren off. As I did so, I glanced across at the curtains in front of the windows. I saw a house lizard (蜥蜴)

    disappear behind the curtains.

    “Oh!” I said to myself. “That’s our burglar.”

    When the lizard moved, it started the siren. I guessed that the alarm had been made in Europe, where there are no house lizards.

    Well, I won’t finish this story but if you want an alarm system free of charge, let

    me know. I’ll send you ours. We bought a dog this morning. It knows the difference between a lizard and a burglar.

    39. The writer bought an alarm system to .

     Amake sure that he got up early every day

     Bwarn him when there were lizards in his house

     Cfrighten burglars and tell him that somebody had got into the house

     Dmake Mary feel safe to live in the large room

    40. The purpose of the three units was to .

     Asend a message to the control unit and start the siren

     Bsound their own sirens when the control unit told them to

     Ccheck that the control unit worked properly all the time

     Dgive them enough light

    41. If the writer set the alarm and remained in the room for more than half a

    minute, .

     Anothing would happen Bthe control unit would not work

     Cthe siren would make a noise Dthe dog would bark

    42. The purpose of the writer in writing the passage is to .

     Atell us that the alarm system doesn’t work

     Btell us an interesting experience

     Cshow us how the alarm system works

     Dmake it clear that he wants to give away his alarm system


    The gray-haired lady can’t wait to leave the building to search for her dad. Unless watched, she will walk in the streets in an effort to find her father, who died 30 years ago.

    Not all cases of Alzheimer’s disease look like this, but Alzheimer’s is a serious disease that is said to be the fourth or fifth leading cause of death for people over age 75.

    It is said that about three percent of the U.S. population over age 65 have Alzheimer’s. In the early stages, people may exhibit short term memory loss. Some may experience changes in personality, easy to be angry. As the disease progresses, patients might lose the ability to move and may be unable to speak or move at all. This progressive disease generally lasts 8 to 10 years before death occurs.

    While no one is certain what causes these changes in the brain’s nerve fibers (

    经纤维), their effect is certain. Alzheimer’s destroys not only the patients, but also

    spouses (配偶), friends and families.

    What should you do if you notice progressive memory loss in yourself or a loved one? Have the person examined by a doctor who is a specialist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Though many reasons other than Alzheimer’s disease may cause memory loss, its early diagnosis (诊断) and treatment may delay some of the most

    serious effects.

    What feeling will you likely experience should a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease? A person will often go through the various stages of sadness,

    shock, anger, and so on. If the spouse develops the disease, you may experience hurt

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