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Technology Transfer Analyst Program (TTAP) - Tech TransferTech,TTAP,ttap

    Technology Transfer Analyst Program (TTAP)

    Student Employee & Intern Training Program

    (Practical insight into technology commercialization at JHU)

    Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer (JHTT) is currently seeking student applicants for our

    TTAP employee/intern positions!!!

Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer (JHTT), the university’s unit that facilitates the intellectual

    property protection and commercialization of Hopkins research, has internship/student employee openings for graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows. We are looking for talented and motivated individuals seeking exposure and experience working in a fast-paced business environment.

The Technology Transfer Analyst Program (TTAP) is an instructional and experiential student

    employee and intern program that concentrates on providing support for the assessment of the

    commercial potential and marketing of new technologies disclosed to JHTT. Analysts will be exposed to a wide range of emerging technologies and commercialization opportunities in the JHU community.

    Instructional Component: Analyst will receive intensive training in the field of intellectual

    property management, patent prosecution, marketing, and technology transfer policy such

    that they can complete technology assessments based on information disclosed by JHU


    Experiential Component: Analysts will participate in a paid program focusing on assessing

    technical, commercial, and IP aspects of JHU technologies, as well as assisting Licensing

    Associates on the development of commercialization strategies for JHU technologies. Analysts

    will be expected to commit 8-16 hours a week. Remote access may be offered with


    The purpose of the program is to provide highly-talented, scientifically-trained graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from various scientific disciplines within the Johns Hopkins research community with practical technology analysis and commercialization experience and to foster student innovation and encourage development of skills related to alternative careers in science.

    The program is targeted toward graduate students (Masters/PhD/MBA) and post-doctoral fellows at JHU with a focus on the schools of medicine, engineering, arts and sciences, and Carey Business School.


    ; Currently enrolled in a JHU Graduate or Masters program (full-time 9 credits/semester), or a

    JHU Postdoctoral Fellow;

    ; Background in any one of the following: Material science, Engineering, Chemistry; physical

    sciences, or biotechnology; Neuroscience/Neurology, Anatomy and Physiology; Behavioral

    Sciences; Biochemistry; Biology; Biomedical Engineering; Biophysics; Biotechnology; Cell

    Biology; Chemistry; Dermatology; Engineering; Genetics/Genomics; Imaging; Immunology;

    Material science; Medicinal Chemistry; Medicine (MD/PhD program); Molecular &

    Comparative Medicine; Molecular Biology; Nanoscience; Neuroscience/Neurology; Ob/Gyn;

    Oncology; Opthalmology; Otolaryngology; Pathobiology/Pathology; Pediatrics; Pharmacology;

    Pharmacology/Toxicology; Physical sciences; Physics/Astronomy; Psychiatry; Public Health;

    Radiology; Surgery; Urology Physiology.

    ; 1-2 year commitment;

    ; Capacity to absorb technical details of complex technologies

    ; Strong written and verbal communication skills;

    ; Ability to work independently and collaboratively;

Analyst Responsibilities

    Analysts will receive hands on experience with Assessments of new invention disclosures which


    ; Initial evaluation of invention disclosures;

    ; Review and understand technology reported to JHTT to determine commercial potential;

    ; Patent searching and literature review;

    ; Analyze commercial factors such as market size, developmental risk and competitive


    ; Development of non-confidential technology marketing materials;

    ; Identification of commercial marketing targets;

    ; Miscellaneous tasks relating to data management and entrepreneurial activities.

    JHTT acts as the University’s intellectual property administration center, serving Johns Hopkins researchers as a licensing, patent and technology commercialization office. The office exists to facilitate collaborations among researchers, companies, entrepreneurs, and economic development organizations that are interested in developing University innovations into commercial products for the benefit of humanity. This office receives, evaluates and markets over 375 new invention disclosures per year and is managing a portfolio of nearly 6,000 active or issued patents. Over the past year, the office has completed more than 140 new license agreements with startup or established companies.

To Apply: Submit a resume via email to Dr. Nakisha Holder (

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