Top English unit 5

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Top English unit 5


    Top English 2 Unit 5 测试卷


    Listening test

    一, Listen and choose the word you herar(听录音?选出你所听到的词)

     1.A.ready B. OK C.All right

    ( )2.A.the bowls B.the spoons C.the plates

    ( )3. A.take B. give

    ( )4.A.sunny and hot B. cloudy and rainly C.warm and windy

    ( )5. A.swimming B. singing C.dancing 二, Listen and choose the best answer to the question you hear(选择最佳答


     1. A.I like cats best. B. I like meat best C.I like art best

    ( )2. A.Orange juice, please. B. Some carrots. C.Some sweets.

    ( )3. A.Its Sunday. B. Its windy. C. Its seven oclock.

    ( )4. A.Good idea. B. I cant. C.Yes, I do.

    ( )5. A.Yes, he is. B. Yes, it is. C. No, it isnt.

    Writing test

     I. Read and choose (找出划线部分发音与其它不同的一项?

    ( ) 1. A. under B. bus C. building D. duck

    ( ) 2. A. gas B. avenue C. second D. hat

    ( ) 3. A. want B. bottle C. over D. dog

    ( ) 4. A. ball B. pork C. worker D. sports

    ( ) 5. A. garment B. scarf C. gloves D. bar

Fill in the blanks with the proper words(用所给词的适当形式填空)

    1. Whats in the _______(厨房)?

    1 新天地外语学校


    2. I like _______(音乐) very much.

    3. Look! They are playing on the __________(操场).

    4. Its _________;晴朗的?and ________;热的?today.

    5. We have one ________;地球?. We have one home. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.(用方框内所给词的正确形式填


    like show shall is help

    6. Can you ______me ? --- Sure.

    7. Can you ______us around your school?

    8. I ________playing basketball very much.

    9. _________we go and swim? --- Good idea.

    10. Dinner _______ready.

    Fill in the blanks()

    ( )1. Would you please help ____lay the table?


     2. I am _____, Mum.

    A.come come C.coming ( )3.Let me _____you around our school.

    A.take C.get ( )4._____the weather like today?

    A.What B.How C.Whats

    ( )5.Jane likes _____ping-pang.

    2 新天地外语学校

新天地外语学校 B.playing C.plays ( )6._____the way, where do you live?

    A.In B.By C.On ( )7.We like Chinese food very much.


    A.So I do B.So am I C.So do I

    ( )8.Its ____and ____today.

    A.rain, windy B.rainy, windy C.rain, wind

    ( )9.____sports do you like?

    A. Who B.Which C.How ( )10. Shall we go and swim?


    A. Good B. Good idea C. Yes Complete the sentences as required(按照要求写句子

    11. 这饭闻起来可真香啊;;完成句子?

     The dinner _____ _____ ______!

    12. Let I show you around we school.(改错)


    13. teacher, like, which, you, do, best ?(连词成句)


    14. 我们去动物园好吗,(完成句子)


    15. Why do you like P.E.?(Because回答)

    3 新天地外语学校


    ________________________________________. Complete the dialogue(完成对话)


    ---Its sunny and windy.


     Good idea.

    A. What about you?

     By the way,___3___

    B. Whats the weather like?

    ---I like swimming best.

    C. Shall we go and do some sports?


     D. Which sport do you like best?---Me too.



    Linda: Hi, Tom, which subiect do you like best?

    Tom: Music. What about you?

    Linda: Art. And which sport do you like best?

    Tom: Swimming.

    Linda: So do I .

    Tom: Shall we go and swim this Sunday?

    Linda: Why not?

    Tom: Shall we go and ask Bob to go with us?

    Linda: Sure.

    True or False

    ( )1. Tom and Linda are friends.

    4 新天地外语学校


    ( )2.Tom likes swimming best.

    ( )3.Linda likes music best.

    ( )4.They will go and swim this Fridy.

    5 新天地外语学校

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