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    Grand Bay Primary




    School Handbook


    Table of Contents

    ; Welcome Letter

    ; School Staff

    ; School Mission Statement

    ; School Vision

    ; School Policies

    o School Hours

    o School Website

    o Peanut Free/Scent Free

    o Safe Arrival

    o Changes in After - School Routines

    o School Visitors

    o Door Security System


    o Bus Students

    o Communicable Diseases and Head Lice

    o Medications

    o Breakfast Program

    o Hot Lunch Program

    o Talk Mail

    ; Emergency Numbers

    ; Change of Address and Phone Number ; Playground and Other Equipment ; Snacks

    ; Lost and Found

    ; Personal Electronics

    ; Field Trips

    ; Parent Volunteers transporting students to and from extra-curricular events.

    ; Reporting to Parents

    ; Homework

    ; Skating

    ; School Clubs

    ; Physical Education/School Calendar/Snow Line

Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our school, its policies and procedures so that your child’s time here is enjoyable and full of exciting learning opportunities. Your child's teachers look forward to

    providing a positive learning environment that encompasses your child's academic and social


    School Staff


    Principal - Mrs. Lewis

    Secretary - Mrs. Ricketts

    Secretary - Mrs. Hickey

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Bettle

    Kindergarten - Mrs. Boucher

    Grade 1 - Mrs. Parish

    Grade 1 - Ms. Feicht

    Grade 2 - Mrs. Shipley

    Grade 2 - Mrs. Nadeau/Mrs. Smith

    Grade 3 - Mrs. Edgecombe

    Grade 4 - Mr. Millett

    Grade 4/5 - Mrs. Kelly

    Grade 5 - Mrs. Myatt

    Phys. Ed. - Mrs. Benjamin

    Music - Mr. Smith

    Resource - Mr. Murphy

    Literacy Lead - Mrs. McFadden

    Educational Assistant - Mrs. Bordage

    Educational Assistant - Mrs. Nichols

    Educational Assistant - Mrs. Adshade

    Educational Assistant - Mrs. Veerkamp

    Educational Assistant - Mrs. Stevenson

    Educational Assistant - Mrs. Pilkington

    Custodian - Mr. London

    Custodian - Mr. Nichols

Ms. Hanson is the Guidance Counselor assigned to Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School. This

    year she will be providing services to our students through whole-class lessons, one-on-one

    counseling and small group sessions. She will be at GBP on Mondays and Inglewood on Tuesdays.

Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School Mission and School Vision

    The staff of Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School are committed to the development and preparation of children to succeed in future endeavours by providing an environment in which social, emotional and academic skills are developed in accordance with individual students needs and abilities.

    The vision of Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School is to work in partnership with parents and the community, to provide students with a positive learning environment that fosters and encourages high academic achievement, creativity, positive self-esteem, and the development of good citizenship.

    School Policies

School Hours


8:25 - Doors Open 8:00 - Bus Arrival

    8:30 - Bus Arrival 8:10 - Doors Open

    8:45 - Instruction Begins 8:15 - Instruction Begins

    10:15-10:40 - Recess 9:45 10:00 - Recess

    12:10 - Lunch 11:45 - Lunch

    12:50 - Bell 12:40 - Bell

    1:00 - Instruction Begins 12:45 - Instruction Begins

    2:05 - Dismissal 2:45 - Dismissal

    Please note that the school doors are only open during student arrival times. In order to keep our school secure those students arriving after this time will need to use the school door bell and they will be buzzed in by the Secretary.

School Website

    Grand Pay Primary and Inglewood School have a shared school website. Please visit this to see what is going on under the calendar page. As well many teachers have their own class site listed next to their name on the staff page.

Scent Free NO

     ASD-S Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood Schools are Scent Free, so please refrain from wearing perfume or any scented products when entering the schools.

Safe Arrival and Absenteeism

     Our “Safe Arrival Program” has begun and will continue throughout the school year with the help of our two secretaries. This program is for the safe arrival of your children at school and we will need your cooperation if it is to be successful.

     If your child will not be present at the beginning of the school day due to illness, an appointment, or some other reason, please call the school before 8:30 a.m. to let us know. Leave your message on the answering machine if there is no answer. After roll call is taken a list of absent students, whose parent have not informed the school, will be sent to the office. At this point, Mrs. Hickey and Mrs. Ricketts will contact the home or, if necessary, your business by phone in order to inform you that your child has not arrived at school.

     We believe this program is a very worthwhile endeavour and could alert parents to a problem situation much earlier in the day rather than when a child doesn’t return home after school. Please note that even though you have alerted our safe arrival hotline that your child will not be in school, it is still necessary to provide your child’s teacher with a written excuse

    explaining the absence. Teachers do not receive these phone messages, therefore written excuses are required by school law. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Changes in After-School Routines

     Occasionally a child’s after school routine may change, sometimes for a long term but

    often for just a day or two. Any changes to your child's dismissal routine (i.e. a relative or friend picking up your child) should be indicated to the teacher in writing. This lets the teacher know whom the child can leave with. If your child must leave school prior to dismissal time, please advise the homeroom teacher.

School Visitors

     ASD-S, Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School policy dictates that all visitors report to

    the office to identify themselves to school personnel and sign in.

Door Security System

     Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood Schools have a locked school entry system. Our front door is monitored from the Secretary’s desk. At the front door, the visitor will need to press the

    door bell, the Secretary will identify the visitor and then buzz them in. You will then report to the office to sign in and obtain a visitor badge. If you ring the door bell and there is no answer, please try again as the Secretary may be temporarily away from her desk.


    Parents are asked to park in the Grand Bay Baptist Church parking lot, as Woolastook Drive in front of the school is a NO STOPPING-NO PARKING ZONE. We also ask that you do not use the school parking lot for dropping of or picking up children as there is limited parking for staff. We appreciate your attention to this matter.

Bus Students

     Students who travel on a school bus must behave in a manner that does not compromise the safety of any occupant of the bus or cause damage to the bus. Students are expected to;

    ; Respect each other

    ; Stay in their seat

    ; Keep their hands to themselves

    ; Keep their voices down.

    Students whose behavior could endanger the safety of any occupant of

    the bus or cause damage to the bus will lose the privilege of traveling on the bus.

ASD-S Transportation Department states for safety reasons, PLEASE do not send requests to

    the school asking for your child to go on a different bus after school UNLESS it is an emergency,

    or for an extended period of time. We CANNOT allow a child to go on a different bus because

    they want to go to a friend’s house after school.

Communicable Diseases and Head Lice

     When your child enters the school system, he/she will have a much wider circle of friends, and, as a consequence, will be exposed to more communicable diseases such as colds, influenza, conjunctivitis (pink eye), mumps, etc. If your child experiences any of these, please contact the school so that we may monitor this situation.

     School age children may sometimes come in contact with head lice and we ask that you check your child’s head regularly and should head lice be detected, please contact the school as

    well you may choose to contact your local pharmacist for advice.


     Occasionally a child must take medication at school. Policy 704 states that prescription

    drugs may be administered by staff members upon a signed written request from the parent or guardian. Forms are available at the office.

Breakfast Program

     Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School offer an emergency breakfast program for children. This initiative is not meant to replace the parental responsibility for feeding children, but for a variety of reasons many children come to school without breakfast. It may be that they got up too late, or the just didn’t feel like eating. Whatever the reason we want students to feel they can come and have something to eat before starting the school day.

Hot Lunch Program

    This program will be offered by the Home & School when they get enough volunteers to facilitate the program.

Talk Mail

     Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School use School Connects to communicate to our families. When we send such a message the name of the school will come up on your phone. There is no need to contact the school when you see this, just listen for the talkmail message. PNB comes up on your phone if we are trying to contact you regarding something.

Notices to Parents

    Throughout the year you will receive many notices from your child’s school. It is important

    that you read every one. These notices may inform you of school closures, special activities or changes in school routines or policies. If you overlook the notices, your child could miss out on some activities. Please read every notice. We encourage you to respond promptly to any notice that requires a reply. The only way we can be sure you receive a notice is when we receive your response.

Emergency Numbers

     When a child is hurt at school or becomes sick, our first step is to call the parents. Sometimes, however, the parent cannot be reached by phone. The school requires that you provide an alternate phone number for such an emergency. When considering whom to specify as an emergency contact person, please choose someone who is generally home during the school day and available to pick up the child from school. Please ensure the phone number is a working

    number and the contact person is aware they have been identified by you as an emergency contact. If the number changes during the school year, please contact the school office.

     Occasionally, the school must close unexpectedly during the day, perhaps due to a storm, water problem or power outage. We do our best to make parents aware of early closures through radio announcements. If early closure should happen to fall on a day when you are not at home, we need the name and number of someone with whom your child can stay. Preferably this person would be on the child’s regular route home. As well, your child should be aware of

    these emergency plans. We also ask that you monitor the weather situation in the morning in anticipation of a possible closure due to deteriorating conditions.

Change of Address and Phone Number

     Please advise the office immediately if you have a change of address, change of phone number or your child has a change in living arrangements. It is important that the school keep all information relative to students up to date.

Playground and Other Equipment

     Students regularly use the playground during recess and noon hour. At these times the playground is supervised. Students who use the playground after school and in the evenings do so at their own risk. The school is not responsible for dealing with incidents that occur on the playground outside of school hours when the area is not supervised. When children use the playground during supervised times, the following rules are in effect:

    ; Respect area boundaries designated by the school.

    ; Do not act in a physically aggressive manner (fighting, pushing, play fighting)

    ; Use the playground equipment safely

    Do not climb up the slides

    Do not run on the playground equipment

    Take turns on the equipment

    Use appropriate language


     Elementary students often will bring a snack to eat at recess time. We encourage you to send nutritious snacks such as fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, yogurt, etc.

Lost and Found

     Elementary students tend to lose their belongings at school. Because many children have similar items, children can sometimes have difficulty identifying their own. Our Lost and Found area is often left with many unclaimed articles. If you label all your child’s belongings, including

    jackets, snow pants, mittens, hats, book bags, sneakers, school supplies, perhaps we can keep these losses to a minimum. We ask you to periodically check our Lost and Found area located in the school office for lost items.

Personal Electronics

     Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood Schools would ask that NO electronics be brought to school. If a cell phone is brought to school, it needs to be turned off during school hours. If a child does bring electronics to school, the schools will NOT BE responsible if they are damaged, lost, or broken.

     Children sometimes bring a small toy to play with on the playground at recess and lunch time. Please be aware that should the items become damaged or lost, the school is not responsible.

Field Trips

     Due to district wide policy, we are unable to take students on field trips where they are transported by car. However, our school budget allows for one or two field trips per year by bus. Prior to any field trip you will receive notification of its time, place and location. In order for your child to participate, written permission is required. Also, if you do not want your child to participate in a field trip, we must receive your refusal in writing.

Parent Volunteers

     Parent volunteers in the classroom can help make the year more productive for their own child and the class as a whole. Parents who are involved in their child’s school life send the message that school is important, that children’s efforts in the classroom are valued by the


     There are many ways a parent can volunteer their time and talents. Volunteers can read to children, listen to children read. Parents who enjoy art activities and music are welcome to share their talents with us. Parents who don’t feel comfortable in the classroom can help out in other ways. Please discuss volunteering with your child’s teacher, the school or your Home & School.

     Provincial policy requires that all volunteers in the public school system must have knowledge of Policy 701 (the Policy for Protection of Students) and present a validation form as well as a current police record check to the school prior to volunteering at school.

     Parents who will be driving children to extra curricular events need to have $2,000,000.00 liability insurance, WINTER tires from November to March, a criminal record check and a note from the parent of the child you are transporting. These forms are available at the office.

Reporting to Parents

     Parents of children are enthused to learn how their children are doing in school. Teachers are eager to share information with you. We have parent teacher interviews twice a year in the

    fall and in the spring. The teacher will discuss with you, your child’s social and academic progress.

    We trust that you will make every effort to come to these interviews. As well, report cards are issued three times a year.

     If you, as a parent, have concerns about your child’s social or academic performance, please call your child’s homeroom teacher. Grand Bay Primary’s phone number is 738-6504 and Inglewood

    School is 738-6503.


     “Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will require for learning to read” (Marilyn Jager Adams). Families

    are encouraged to promote a love for books and reading.

    Grand Bay Primary (K-2) Ensure that your child is being read to and or are reading every night. This will be reinforcing the skills that they are learning in school. Your child’s teacher will

    keep you updated on homework.

    Inglewood School (3-5) Ensure that students are reading each night. Other work that could be assigned would be the completion of unfinished work, spelling activities, and reinforcement of previously learned work.

Other ways to boost your “brain power” outside of school hours is to participate in various

    activities such as music, sports, guides/ scouts, creative play, family time, educational websites, etc. We appreciate your support and encouragement.

School Clubs

     Grand Bay Primary and Inglewood School have a Chess Club and is open to any child who wishes to participate. As the school year unfolds other clubs may be added.

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