Planning Checklist, Before and After

By Bernard Sullivan,2014-02-07 20:59
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Planning Checklist, Before and Afterand,after,After

    Logistics Checklist: Planning Checklist, Before and After

    3 Weeks Before:

    ; If speakers haven’t provided electronic copies of their presentations, send gentle

    reminders (including a request that they bring an extra copy on diskette or CD or

    memory stick with them).

    ; Confirm arrival and departure times of speakers and participants. ; If you’re using overnight accommodations, submit an updated guest list to the

    facility. Remember to ask participants and speakers about:

    o Smoking or non-smoking rooms.

    o Dietary restrictions or requirements

    o Assistance for physical challenges (e.g., wheelchair).

    o Arrival and departure details.

    ; Make copies of evaluation forms to be used onsite.

    ; If the event is held at an offsite facility, meet with the facility’s liaison to

    o Clarify your requirements and key contact people at both endsyour

    event organizers and their staff.

    o Decide how you’ll communicate onsite (e.g., cell phone, walkie-talkies

    that have earplugs are less disruptive)

    o Arrange for signageregistration desks, posters directing participants to

    event rooms, message boards, etc.

    1 Week Before:

     Arrange for delivery service to get materials to an offsite location, pack and ship ;


    o Arrange for guaranteed delivery two full days before the event. Make sure

    you know to whom materials are being delivered.

    o Confirm arrival with the facility.

    o If the shipment hasn’t arrived, try to track it down before travel to the site.

    ; Prepare nametags

    o Print nametags

    o Stuff nametags in badgeholders

    ; Prepare evaluation materials

    o Edit evaluation forms

    o Photocopy evaluation forms

    ; Compare conference facility document that outlines arrangements (often called

    Banquet Event Orders and set-up sheets) against your requirements; alert hotel of

    any changes or discrepancies

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3 Days Before:

    ; Confirm food arrangements and head counts.

    ; If you still haven’t received copies of presentations from speakers, try one more


1 Day Before:

    ; Double-check to make sure that all materials have arrived onsite.

    ; Pack an emergency kit with any miscellaneous materials you may need

After the Event (preferably no more than 7 days later):

    ; Send thank-you letters to speakers.

    ; Send thank-you letters to sponsors (including vendors that provided supplies).

    ; Schedule a debriefing with your staff and partners or collaborators.

    ; Stick to (or begin to create) a timetable for evaluation-related activities. 762733454.doc 2

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