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TRANSFER OF CREDIT REQUEST - The University of Texas at Dallasof,at,The,Texas,the


    All transfer credits should be completed within the student’s first semester of admission into the degree program. No transfer requests will be accepted for review for non-degree students. The Computer Science Department holds the student responsible for attaching all copies of course descriptions, syllabi, and transcripts to the transfer request and for providing official transcripts to the Office of Student Records.

    ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________ Name (please type or print) Student ID#

    Transfer credits to be applied to _________________________________________________________degree at UTD.

Degree sought (check one) ; MS Degree Plan: ;Traditional ; Networks and Telecom

     ; PhD ; Bioinformatics ; Intelligent Systems ; Software Engineering Information Assurance

________________________________________________ _______________________________ _________________ Address City, State Zip Code

    _____________________ _______________________ ___________________ __________________________________

Work phone Home phone Cell phone E-mail address

    UTD course to be replaced by transfer course: _______________ ______________________________________

     Prefix & Course # Course Title

    For a course to be transferred, the student must have completed an equivalent graduate level course at another accredited university with a grade of B or better. UTD does not award transfer credit for experiential learning, performance or work experience. Transfer course grades will not be averaged into your overall UTD GPA.

    Applicable coursework cannot be more than 6 years old. No exceptions to any transfer of credit policy

    shown in the Graduate Catalog will be considered.

     Course the student is submitting to replace the UTD course:

    Course # Course Name Hours Credit Grade Institution Date Taken

To the Dean of Graduate Studies:

    The applicant’s file has been reviewed and the school/department signature(s) below certify that the transfer credits requested are a solid basis for graduate work in our UTD program. Either the original transcript or copy of same, coursework description/syllabi are attached


    APPROVED DENIED Need more information_____________________________________

     (If Applicable) APPROVED VALID UNTIL (DATE):____________________________

    ________________________________________________ __________________________________ Computer Science Graduate Advisor Date

    ________________________________________________ __________________________________ Computer Science Department Head Date

    ________________________________________________ __________________________________ Dean of Graduate Studies Date


    (Check each item if it meets the approved criteria)

___ Check to be sure no more than 8 hours TOTAL have been transferred

    ___ Note if transferred course is CORE course for track of study for graduation

    ___ Check to be sure course number is equivalent to a 6000 level course or above (cannot

    be an undergraduate number even if undergraduate number is approved at previously

    attended university for graduate credit)

___ Course was taken within 6 year master’s degree plan time limit

___ Grade received in course was “B” or better (“P” or “Pass” grade must be equivalent

     to “B”)

    ___ Copy of official transcript attached (only if course was completed after you applied to UTD) with course and grade marked (B or above)

    ___ Catalog description and/or official course outline (accredited United States universities)

    ___ If no catalog description is available (foreign universities only): provide an official course description signed by a university official ranking as a department chair or higher and sent directly to the UTD Computer Science Department. Also provide the name of the university official and contact information including university email address, telephone number, and fax number.

    _____A URL may also be given if the material may be currently accessed from the Internet using the given URL.

    Notice: Information provided by students for reason of obtaining waivers or transfers is

    considered as true and accurate. If such information is found to be falsified or inaccurate, it

    may be grounds for cancellation of enrollment and/or disciplinary action.

    Transfer credit will not be applied to a degree plan until 9 semester hours have been

    successfully completed at UTD.

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