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Dear Erasmus student,

    Greetings from the Exchanges team of the University of Portsmouth. Our congratulations for being nominated to spend either one or two semesters abroad on a work placement for the academic year 2011/12.

    Please find attached all the forms that are required for your placement. We understand that a checklist will make it easier to keep up with all the forms you need to submit prior, during and at the end of the placement.

(Tick when completed please note that the second box is provided for students going on two separate placements)

    Permission to travel form: This must be completed prior to departure to the host country. You can complete

    this form by visiting the University’s website at:

    Student mobility agreement: This form needs to be completed prior to departure. It needs to be signed by you,

    the Departmental Coordinator and the Exchanges team.

    Training agreement: This form also needs to be completed prior to departure and signed by the student, the

    sending institution (Dept. Coordinator) and the receiving company in the host country.

    Proof of arrival form: The Proof of Arrival needs to be signed and stamped by the host company on arrival, and

    will confirm that you started your placement. This enables us to release your Erasmus grant. Please note that the

    Erasmus grant takes approximately five to seven working days to reach to your account.

    Student Acknowledgment of Receipt of grant: Please complete and return this form once you have received

    your Erasmus grant. If you are expecting a second payment, you can submit this form twice.

    Proof of attendance form; This form must show the start and end date of your placement, and be signed and

    stamped by the host company when you leave to demonstrate that you have completed your placement

    successfully. If this form is not submitted, it will be assumed you have not completed your placement and will

    result for the University requesting a refund of the Erasmus grant.

    Transcript of work Employer Evaluation form: The employer evaluation form must be completed by the

    employer. Therefore, this form can be returned either with you or the employer can fax or post it directly to the

    Exchanges Team at the International Office.

    Student report form: The form will provide us with your feedback your Erasmus experiences. It is mandatory to thcomplete this form this form within 30 days of completion of placement (or no later than by 29 August 2012)

    even for students that may have not finished their placement at that time. If you are only going for one semester

    in September, we will expect the Student report form within 30 days of completion of your placement.

    Note to students with disability requirements: Please contact the Exchanges team prior to completing any forms for more details about possible additional funding.

    We have also indicated in red at the bottom of each page when each form will need to be returned to the Exchanges team.

    We hope that this information will be a useful reminder to complete the forms. We wish you all the best for an enjoyable and successful placement abroad.

    Should you require any further assistance at any point before, during or after your placement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

The Exchanges team

Helen Hill and Chrissy Hadjipanteli

    Exchanges Officer Assistant Exchanges Officer

International Office stNuffield Centre, 1 Floor


    PO1 2ED

    Email: Tel: +44 (0) 2392 84 3149





    Student mobility agreement work placement(s) only


This placement agreement (between institution and student) reflects the minimum requirements as specified by the

    European Commission.

Once completed and signed by both student and departmental Erasmus Co-ordinator this form should be sent with the

    requisition and payment details form to The Study Abroad/Exchanges Team, International Office, Nuffield Centre, st1 Floor, St Michael’s Road, Portsmouth, PO1 2ED

     List of institutions where the work placement is to take place

    Company/Organisation Country Period of work N? of Language of

    expected instruction from to ECTS credits

    1. ...................................................... ..................... ............. ........... ................... ........................ 2....................................................... ..................... ............. ........... ................... ........................ (Please note that a separate training agreement (Appendix ii) must be completed for each placement)

Full official name of the sending institution University of Portsmouth

Official address in full University of Portsmouth, International Office

    st1 Floor, Nuffield Centre, St Michael’s Road

    Portsmouth, Hampshire. PO1 2ED

called hereafter "the institution", represented for the purposes of signature of this contract by:

Full name Helen Hill

    Institutional Erasmus Coordinator Role

    and Full name

    Role Departmental Erasmus Coordinator / Link Tutor

    of the one part, and

     Full name of student

    Address in full

called hereafter “the beneficiary” of the other part,


the Conditions and Appendices below:

Appendix i Mobility Grant Requisition and Payment Details Form

Appendix ii Training Agreement, Quality Commitment for Erasmus student placements

Appendix iii Erasmus Student Charter

Appendix iv General conditions

    which form an integral part of this contract ("the contract").



    1.1 The institution will provide Community financial support to the beneficiary for undertaking a Placement under the Erasmus

    programme of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

    1.2 The beneficiary accepts the grant and undertakes to carry out the Placement as described in Appendix ii, acting on his/her

    own responsibility.

    1.3 The beneficiary hereby declares to have taken note of and accepted the terms and conditions set out in the present

    agreement. Any amendment or supplement to the agreement shall be done in writing.


    2.1 The agreement shall enter into force on the date when the last of the two parties signs. 2.2 The Placement shall start no earlier than 1 June 2011 and end no later than 30 September 2012.


3.1 The final amount of the grant shall be determined by multiplying the actual duration of the Placement in months by a rate of

    EUR (…………*) per month. The beneficiary must provide proof of the actual dates of start and end of the Placement.

* This is the guaranteed monthly grant forecast for the academic year 2011/12. An assessment is made of this funding in Spring

    2012, at which point a supplementary allocation may be made. Please note: this is NOT guaranteed and is dependent on an assessment of the EU LLP budget at that time.


The beneficiary must submit all required documentation to the University of Portsmouth Exchanges Team (International Office) as


    4.1 Student Mobility Agreement (and all appended forms): To be completed prior to departure.

    4.2 Proof of Arrival: To be authorised by host institution and returned on arrival at placement.

    4.3 Student Acknowledgement of Receipt of Grant: To be completed on each receipt of grant payment(s).

    4.4 Proof of Attendance: To be authorised by host institution and returned in the week prior to departure from placement. 4.5 Student Report: Please refer to Article 5 Final Report (below).

    4.6a Study Placements: Copy of Student Transcript: To be forwarded on receipt from host institution.

    4.6b Work Placements: Employer Evaluation Form: To be provided to employer on arrival, and completed in the week prior to

    departure from the placement.

    Please note that failure to complete these documents by the deadlines provided will invoke Article 2: Termination of the Contract in

    Appendix iv of this Agreement.

    Copies of all documents can be obtained from the University of Portsmouth Exchanges Team (International Office).


The beneficiary must submit the final report using the official forms within 30 days from the end of the Placement, or by the 29

    August 2012, whichever is the sooner.


    Payments shall be made to the beneficiary's bank account as indicated in Appendix i: Mobility Grant Requisition and Payment Details Form.


    The grant is governed by the terms of the agreement, the Community rules applicable and, on a subsidiary basis, by the law of United Kingdom relating to grants. The beneficiary may bring legal proceedings regarding decisions by the institution concerning

    the application of the provisions of the agreement and the arrangements for implementing it before the competent Court in accordance with the applicable national law.


    Students are eligible to receive an Erasmus grant for one study placement and one work placement during their entire Higher Education period of study (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral).

By ticking the following boxes and signing this contract, the student confirms that:

(For work placement contract)

     I am a UK / EU / International University of Portsmouth student

     (please delete as appropriate)

     I am applying for an Erasmus grant for a work placement, and have not previously received an Erasmus work placement grant either at the University of Portsmouth, or whilst studying at any other Institution.


By ticking the following boxes and signing this contract, the student confirms that:

I acknowledge that I will receive Erasmus funds only for the duration of my placement as stated by the start and end dates

    detailed on the Proof of Attendance form. These dates cannot exceed the academic term/semester/year of the host institution for

    study placements, or the length of placement at the host company for work placements.

     I acknowledge that the funding that is made available by the Erasmus programme is provided to supplement the additional costs associated with studying at an overseas destination, and is not intended to cover all costs.

I acknowledge that the University shall only authorise payment of my grant on receipt of a Proof of Arrival form which has been

    signed and stamped by the host institution to confirm my arrival/registration, and this payment will be subject to a short processing/transaction period. As such, the grant should not be relied upon for essential start-up, living or travel costs.


For the beneficiary

[Signature] Date

For the department For the institution

[full name] [full name]

[position] Departmental Coordinator/Link Tutor [position]

Signature Signature

Date Date

    Appendix i

    Mobility Grant Requisition and Payment Details Form

In order to arrange payment of your grant please complete the details below in BLOCK CAPITALS

First Name: Surname:

    Student ID: Nationality: Sex: M / F

    HESA ID (13 digits long): Note: You will need to obtain this from your admin office from HEMIS

    Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY) Age at the beginning of the Erasmus study period:

Contact Email address: Note: this should be a web based email

Permanent Address Term Address

Post Code: Post Code:

Title of University of

    Portsmouth Course:

    Max length of period of exchange (months): Date Depart: Date Return:

Name of host university:

Host university Erasmus code:

Year of study: 1/2/3/4/5 * (Delete as applicable)

Bank Account Details:

     UK Bank Account European Bank Account (if applicable) Bank Name:

    Bank Sort Code (UK and EU accounts)

    SWIFT code (EU bank accounts only)

    Bank Account No

    IBAN No (EU Accounts only)

    Account Name

    Bank Address 1

    Bank Address 2

    Bank Address 3

    Bank Country

    Bank Post Code

    (For UK Banks this must be entered)

    I apply for an Erasmus mobility grant and request that it be paid into the bank specified above. Certified that the above details:

Signature of Student: Date:


    This form once completed should be sent to the Study Abroad/Exchanges Team, International Office. This form will not be valid

    unless it is accompanied by the student mobility contract. You should also ensure that you take copies of the Proof of Arrival and Proof of Attendance forms to be signed off by the host institution during your placement, and complete the Student Grant receipt thand Student Report forms within 30 days of completion of placement (or no later than 29 August 2012) at the latest. Failure to

    complete all appropriate forms will mean that you will be required to repay your Erasmus mobility grant. Copies of these forms can

    be obtained in person from the Study Abroad/Exchanges Team in the International Office, or by email request to

     Appendix ii




    Name of the student:

    Subject area: Academic year : Degree :

    Sending institution: UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH


    Host organisation: Address:

Phone number:


    Main Contact (Mentor) Name:

    Job title:


    Planned dates of start and end of the placement period: from ……. till ....... , that is …….. months

- Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired:

    - Detailed programme of the training period:

- Tasks of the trainee:

- Monitoring and evaluation plan:

Appendix I continues


By signing this document the student, the sending institution and the host organisation confirm that they will abide

    by the principles of the Quality Commitment for Erasmus student placements set out in the document below.

    The student

     Signature Date:

The sending institution

We confirm that this proposed training programme agreement is approved. On satisfactory completion of the

    training programme the institution will award ……. ECTS credits or will record the training period in the

    Diploma Supplement.

    Name and position Signature