top3 unit 1

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top3 unit 1

    乐易突破英语第三册Unit 1测试题


    Listening test

    一? Listen and choose the words your hear.

    ( )1.A.ball-pen B.ticket C.kitten ( )2. A.modern B.wonderful C.convenient ( )3. A.stadium B.highway C.viaduct ( )4. A.borrow B.lend C.broken ( )5. A.polite B.impossible C.possible 二? Listen and choose the best answer to the question you hear. ( )1.A. Yes, it is. B.Yes, I have C.Yes, it does. ( )2.A.Fine. B.Good. C.Sure. ( )3.A.Good idea. B.Yes, please. C.Sure, here you are ( )4.A.These are computer. B.They are 3 yuan. C.Its 3 yuan.

    ( )5.A.Its five oclock. B. Its there. C.Its five years.

    Writing test

    三? 写出下列单词相同的音标

     1. black cat lab cap

     ( ) 2. lend pen mend next

     ( ) 3. Like ice kite line

     ( ) 4. We see meat bee

     ( ) 5. Pig pen peach pal 四? Fill in the blanks with the proper words.(用所给词的适当形式填空)


    1. These ______(玩具) are in the room.

    2. I have not got ______(一些)water.

    3. My ruler is _______(坏的).

    4. Can you _______()me a pencil?

    5. What about _______(弹钢琴) after meal?

    6. She ___________;吃饭) at 7:00 in the morning.

    7. Does your sister __________(野餐) on Sunday?

    8. Tom has _______(至少) seven classes every day.

    9. The TV power is ________(绝妙的).

    10. Zhengzhou ______ ()many highways.

    五?Fill in the blanks.

     1.---_____you got a pencil-sharpener?

     ---Yes, I _____.

    A. Do, have B. Have, do C. Have, have ( )2.____ I use your ruler?

    A. Am B. May C. Have

    ( )3.---What time is it?

     ---_____ two oclock.

    A. Its B. Theyre C. I have

    ( )4.---I am sorry.


    A.Thats all right B. No, thanks C. Youre welcom

    ( )5.____ you have classes ____ activities on Friday afternoon?


A.Do, and B.Do, or C.Are, or

    ( )6.---How about ____ football after class?

     ---Good idea.

    A. play B. to play C.playing

    ( )7.We ___ have ___classes or activities, either. A.dont some B.not, any C. dont ,any

    ( )8.---____ is the computer?

     ---Its on the table.

    A.Where B. What C.What time

    ( )9._____ Shanghai ____ subways?

    A.Do, has B.Does, have C. Is ,have ( )10._____ a modern ____ convenient city! A. What, and B.How , or C. How, and ( )11.---Does your father work in a factory?


    A. Yes, he is. B. No, his isnt C. Yes, he does

    ( )12.---____ are the ____?

     --- They are 3 yuan.

    A. How much B. How, tomatos C.How much, tomatoes ( )13.---Happy Christmas!

    A.Thank you B.Thats OK C.The same to you

    ( )14.---What ____ she have?

     ---She _____ a pet cat.


A. does, have B.does, has C. do, has

    ( )15.We have ____ least six classes every day. A. at B. in C. on

    .Complete the flowing sentences as required.

    1.Its a red cherry.(改成复数形式)


    2. I have got a notebook.(Linda改写)

    ______ _____ got a notebook.

     3.a, having, how, Monday, on, about, picnic;连词成句?


    4.Are you have a kitten?(改错)


    5.Does Shanghai have viaducts.(做肯定回答)



    Its six in the evening. We sit on chairs in the kitchen and have dinner.

    My grandpa and grandma have noodles. My parents have bread. I have hot dogs. There is a plate of chicken, a plate of fish, a plate of vegetables and a

    plate of beef. My grandpa and grandma dont like soup. My parents like milk. And I like orange juice. After dinner I help mom clean the plates. My grandma

    cleans the table.

    ( )1. They have dinner at A. 5 B.6

    _____. ( )2.They have dinner in the


    ____. ( )4.There is a _____ in the room kitchen.

    ( )3.There are _____ people in A. table B.chair

    the family. ( )5.The father likes _____

    A.three B.five A.noodles B.milk 八?脱口秀

    1.好久不见 1.Have fun! 2.玩的开心 2.Im behind you.

    3.我支持你 3.Lucky you. 4.一言为定 4.Whats up?

    5.出了什么事 5.Long time no see. 6.你真走运 6.Its a deal.


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