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KEDGE DESIGN SCHOOL Factsheet - Kedge Business SchoolKedge,KEDGE,kedge



    FACTSHEET 2013 - 2014

    Name of University KEDGE DESIGN SCHOOL Toulon ERASMUS code : F-MARSEIL94

    Websites :

    Euromed Design Postal Address Campus de le Grande Tourrache, 450 av François

    Arago, CS 90262, 83078 Toulon cedex 9, France Fax +33 (0) 494 918 251


    Contact Person Functions Contact Data

    Mrs. Françoise JEGOU OIP Coordinator Tel. + 33 (0) 494 918 262

     Fall Semester (1) Spring Semester (2)

    Application Deadline JUNE 30, 2013 OCTOBER 31, 2013

ACADEMIC DATES (subject to


    Orientation Sept 12, 2013

    Beginning of Classes Sept 26, 2013 January 6, 2014

    End of Classes Before Christmas break End of May, 2014 undergraduate

     End of June, 2014 graduate

     Email to

     Application form

    HOW TO APPLY ? Resume in English or in French

    (Document Checklist) 2 passport size photos

     Letter of motivation in English or in French

     Official Transcripts

     Copy of Passport/ID Card

     Proof of Health Insurance (European Insurance Card for EU

    students only)

     Birth certificate translated in French

    Type of Agreement Student Exchange

    Course Information/Syllabus (Links/Net Syllabus-Public Area)

     Select : Ecole Internationale de Design

     L3 for Undergraduate courses

     M1 & M2 for Graduate courses

    Course Selection/Procedure Students will send a learning agreement to

Course Load per semester 6 courses correspond to 30 ECTS credits (total: 180 contact hours)

Language of Instruction French and English

     Accommodation:….. between 250 and 500?

     Food:…………………….. 250?

    Approximate Expenses per Public transport: …… 40?

    month Health Insurance (compulsory) 203?/year

    Miscellaneous: ……… 150?

    Total per month: 650? to 800?

    Accommodation On-Campus ;

     Off-Campus ;

     On-Campus needs to be reserved at least 3 months before student’s

     arrival directly to the housing department. Rooms in residences are

     limited and we cannot guarantee that all incoming students will live on-



Arrival Information Pick-up Assistance: the student association “welcome” is in charge of

     welcoming international students at their arrival at Toulon and ensuring

    their integration by organizing events all year long.


Compulsory Administrative ; Proof of health insurance

    Formalities upon arrival ; Personal liability insurance

    ; Bank account

    ; Residence permit (for students who stay over 6 months)

    Campus Facilities Wireless connection in the school premises

Miscellaneous Personal Laptop strongly recommended (compulsory

    for most courses)

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