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SAMA82 Sponsored Concessionary Flight Information_1docxSAMA82

SAMA (82) Sponsored

    Veterans Concessionary Flight South Atlantic Medal Association (1982) Information

    This information has been compiled to assist you in completing your Veterans Concessionary

    Flight Application and planning your visit to the Falkland Islands (FI) Contents If you wish, you could then go to the Gateway House Hotel for refreshments or an evening meal that is served between a. Veterans Concessionary Flight Application Form 1700hrs 1900hrs. The Gateway House Hotel is alongside b. FVF’s Liberty Lodge Information Sheet the long-term car park. There may be transport from the c. Food and Plant Material Importation Notice Terminal otherwise it is a 10 minute walk. You MUST CHECK d. SAMA (82) Membership Application Form (if applicable). IN AT RECEPTION at Gateway House where you should check if there is organised transport back to the Air Veterans Concessionary Flight Terminal, what time it leaves the hotel and put your name Application Process on the Transport list. ; The enclosed Flight Application Form must be completed Northbound: Each Tuesday and Friday from Mount in full and returned to the SAMA (82) Office. Pleasant to RAF Brize Norton. ; Once your Flight Application Form is received by the ; You will be required to arrive at the MPA Terminal SAMA (82) Office/Sponsor, and your eligibility is checked, it will be forwarded to the MoD for processing. Building at least 2hrs before your departure. ; Once accepted for a flight the MoD will email the SAMA Arrivals (82) Office/Sponsor who in turn will inform the Applicant Southbound: and a Passenger Information Itinerary will be issued. This will also act as your ticket. Please Note: This may Weds Flight : Arrive MPA approx 1400hrs Thurs only be issued 8 14 days prior to your flight date. Sun Flight : Arrive MPA approx 1400hrs Mon

    ; Once your flight has been confirmed you should arrange Northbound: your travel to RAF Brize Norton. Please remember to have sufficient funds (credit/debit card or cheque) to Tues Flight : Arrive Brize Norton approx 0730hrs Weds pay for your flight at the airport. Fri Flight : Arrive Brize Norton approx 0730hrs Sat ; The SAMA (82) Office should always be your first point Booking Your Flight Dates of contact for any enquiries in relation to your Veterans Concessionary Flight Application and they will endeavour Once you have decided upon your choice of dates you wish to answer any questions you may have. Please email to travel, both Southbound and Northbound, insert these or if urgent please onto the Flight Application Form. The dates chosen MUST telephone between 1000hrs 1300hrs, Monday to be at least 8 weeks after the date of application. Friday. Emergencies only: telephone the Sponsor on _____________________________________________ 07986 103035. Accommodation Bookings ; If for some unforeseen circumstances you are unable to All applications for flights to the FI must have a 'Confirmed return from the FI using this scheme you MUST have Accommodation Address' with contact telephone number access to sufficient funds to cover the cost of a before submitting the Flight Application to the SAMA (82) commercial flight to the United Kingdom (UK). The cost Office. This information is to be entered on Page 2 of the of a single scheduled flight from Mount Pleasant Airport Application Form. Please also provide an email address for (MPA) to the UK with LAN Airlines SA is currently ?864 your hosts/accommodation provider. (Dec 2011), plus the cost of hotel accommodation, transfers and food for an overnight stop in Chile. Applicants are responsible for booking their own accommodation. The Sponsor will not make these arrangements on your behalf. Veterans Concessionary Flight Costs

    The current (Dec 2012) cost of a return flight is ?275 which Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF) you pay at RAF Brize Norton before departure. Payment Liberty Lodge - Rowlands Rise, Stanley must be by credit/debit card or cheque (accompanied by a cheque guarantee card). To book accommodation at the FVF’s Liberty Lodge please send an email to You will need to supply the dates you wish to visit and the Ship/Unit that South Atlantic Flight Schedule you served with during the conflict. Only upon receiving Flights to and from the FI have currently been contracted confirmation that a booking has been arranged you can use out to Fly 2 who operate a Boeing 767 with two scheduled the Lodge’s address on your Application Form. flights per week both Southbound and Northbound.

    Veterans should be made aware that there are many These flights operate as follows: benefits in staying at Liberty Lodge on their first or return visits, listed below are just a few: Departures ; Fantastic accommodation with wonderful views. Southbound: Each Wednesday and Sunday from RAF Brize (Self-Catering) Norton to MPA. ; Friendly and very helpful local Manager. ; Battlefield tours arranged with local drivers. ; Flights depart RAF Brize Norton at 2359hrs each day. (Fuel costs to be met). ; Passengers are to report to the Main Terminal Building ; The facilities to invite previous hosts and friends for 3hrs prior to flight departure. On arrival, report to the dinner. Joint Air Booking Centre (JABC) Movements Staff at the ; Transfers arranged from/to MPA (?10 each way). Departure Check-In Desk and inform them of your ; Mini bus available, driver supplied for the Round Robin arrival. If you think you are going to be late, please ring Tour. (Fuel costs to be met). the Passenger & Flight Information Line with your reasons and approximate time of arrival. 1 of 3 JE2 - Revised 29 January 2013

SAMA (82) Sponsored

    Veterans Concessionary Flight South Atlantic Medal Information Association (1982)

    ; Small car available for running around town only, clean Immigration Control on arrival at MPA. These forms should driving licence to be produced. (Fuel costs to be met) be issued to you before the aircraft is due to land at the FI.

    Please note: The Falklands Veterans Foundation relies on Length Of Stay On The Islands generous donations from the guests staying at Liberty There is no restriction on the length of your stay, but the Lodge for its ongoing upkeep. final decision rests with the FI Immigration Officer at MPA on arrival. Alternative Accommodation

    If the FVF’s Liberty Lodge is fully booked you may wish to Currency On The Islands consider booking your own accommodation. Visit the The currency is the Falkland Island Pound, but Sterling (GB following website:- Pound) is accepted everywhere. and click “Stay with us” Or contact: The Bank and Treasury in Stanley have confirmed that they will accept all UK Bank notes, unless they are totally The Falkland Islands Tourist Board, Stanley illegible, very badly damaged, out of circulation or with the Email: security strip missing. This is no different practice to the UK Tel: +(500) 22215

    Please Note: You will also have to arrange your own Cost Of Living On The FI travel from/to MPA and any battlefield tours. You will not The cost of living is similar to the UK. be able to call upon Ellen, the Manager of the FVF’s Liberty Lodge, or Gary Clement for assistance, as their time will be Some Typical Costs taken up with the Veterans staying in the Lodge.

    _____________________________________________ Hire a 4 x 4 vehicle, with driver for the day ?75.00 Meal out (per person) from ?10.00 RAF Brize Norton Information

    Respecting The Laws And Customs Of The FI Air Terminal Information While in the FI you are subject to and expected to comply The services and facilities available include: with the laws of the FI. ; Check-in desks and Passenger Information Desk Block Out Dates ; Coffee shop and snacks/drinks vending machine ; Children’s soft play area During the changeover of the Force Infantry Company or ; Short term and long term car parking other planned or unplanned exercises taking place, some ; Car rental desks periods will be blocked out for flights. These dates will be ; Newsagent kiosk (open for most scheduled flight notified to all Applicants by the Sponsor if their Flight departures) Application coincides with any of these activities and ; Internet access kiosks & free WIFI for passengers alternative dates will be offered. ; Television and gaming machines _____________________________________________ ; Cash machine (fee payable) ; Public telephones and post box Q & A to Concessionary Flights If you are disabled or have difficulty walking and require a Who Is Eligible For A Concessionary Flight? wheelchair, please ask for assistance at the Information Only Veterans of the Falklands Conflict who hold the South Desk or Check-In Desk 1. Please Note: All passengers Atlantic Medal [SAM] are eligible to use the Concessionary must be able to climb the steps of the aircraft without Flight Scheme. assistance.

    How Do I Apply For Flights Long Term Car Parking At RAF Brize Norton

    Complete the Flight Application Form and return it to the Although spaces are limited, they can be booked using the SAMA (82) Office. online Car Parking Application Form on the RAF Brize Norton website: Will I Know If I Have A Seat? rking.cfm Confirmation will be sent out by e mail in the form of a Passenger Information Itinerary and will confirm the flight You must have been allocated a flight BEFORE you apply for and act as your ticket. Please Note: This may only be a Car Parking Space. Applications will NOT be processed issued two weeks prior to your flight date. without a valid Passenger Booking Reference; your Booking Ref is the six letter/digit combination issued by your Will The Flight Be Just Like A Civilian Flight? booking centre e.g. NM16TY and sent to you by the SAMA (82) Office. If a parking space is available your car pass The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has a contract with a civilian will be emailed to you as a downloadable attachment. airline to provide regular flights to the FI. The aircraft used is a civilian airliner and crewed by civilian pilots and cabin If you are unable to book a parking space at RAF Brize crew. All meals, soft drinks and in-flight entertainment are Norton, Charlie’s Taxis can offer secure parking nearby. For included in the ticket price. However, all military flights are further information please contact 01993 845253. ‘dry’. Anyone attempting to check in for a flight under the _____________________________________________influence of alcohol will be turned away. General Information

    What Is My Baggage Allowance? Falkland Islands Immigration Form Passengers are entitled to 27kgs of hold luggage and 9kgs hand baggage. If your luggage weighs more than this you You should complete this form in full and present it to

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SAMA (82) Sponsored

    Veterans Concessionary Flight South Atlantic Medal Information Association (1982) may not be allowed to take it on board, or there may be an carefully and if in any doubt ASK before you arrive at excess baggage charge. Brize Norton.

     If I Am Travelling To The FI, Which Is British, Why Useful Contact Details Do I Need To Take My Passport?

    The Falkland Islands are 8000 miles from the UK and the SAMA (82) email address for all enquiries: aircraft may have to divert to another country due to weather conditions, or if the aircraft was to become unserviceable. It is also possible that a return flight might SAMA (82) Office: 01495 741592 not be available and you may need to return on a SAMA (82) Sponsor: (Emergencies Only 07986 103035) commercial flight. For that reason passengers without a valid UK passport will not be allowed to fly. RAF Brize Norton Passenger Information Desk: Telephone 01993 896050 or Military Telephone 95461 6050 Do I Need Travel Insurance? JABC Mount Pleasant: (00 500) 76434 Yes. You will need to have suitable travel insurance in place, including full medical repatriation cover for your trip to the The Gateway House Hotel: 01993 897320/897321 (24hrs) FI. Medical facilities are limited on the FI and it may be Getting to and from RAF Brize Norton: necessary to medically evacuate you in the case of serious illness or injury. The current cost of medical evacuation is excess of ?30,000. It is therefore very important that rafbrizenorton.cfm you obtain worldwide travel insurance for the duration of Brize Norton Flight Information: your stay and it is advisable to extend the period of insurance for at least one week past your planned arrival back in the UK. This is because your aircraft may have to Price comparison website which may help you find travel divert to another country on route back to the UK. insurance: Towergate Wilsons can provide suitable single trip cover. You can apply for this Travel Insurance online, just visit Route Planner:

    How Long Is The Journey And Is It Non Stop? Car Rental

    Your journey will be split into two legs. The first is from There is a range of car rental facilities available at RAF Brize RAF Brize Norton to the Ascension Islands and will be Norton. approximately 8hrs in length. Following a stop to refuel and Vehicles should be pre-booked using the contact details drop off or collect more passengers (approx 2hrs) you will given below to ensure availability (AVIS, Europcar and travel for a further 7hrs to reach MPA. Hertz only provide vehicles for pre-arranged bookings National and Brize Self Drive keep vehicles on-site for How Do I Get To RAF Brize Norton? rental). Information on accepted payment methods and full There is a regular bus service from Oxford and Swindon Bus rental terms should be obtained when making booking Stations to RAF Brize Norton. The responsibility and cost enquiries. Brize Self Drive can only provide one-way rental for getting to RAF Brize Norton lies with the passenger. by pre-arrangement; telephone for further details. RAF Brize Norton has its own website which offers travel National Car Rental information and travel directions. Tel: 01993 846118

    What Do I Do When I Arrive At RAF Brize Norton? AVIS Car Rental You are to report to the Main Gate Guardroom and with Tel: 01865 727573 (Oxford Office) your passport, book in and you will be directed to the Main or 08445 445566 (24hrs) Terminal Building Departure Lounge. Europcar Car Rental Tel: 0870 6075000 (24hrs) How Do I Get From MPA To Stanley & Stanley To MPA? Hertz Car Rental Tel: 0870 5996699 (24hrs) There are passenger transfers. A bus service exists to meet all flights. This service is available at a cost of ?10 each Brize Self Drive way and will be booked by your accommodation on request. Tel: 01993 867366 Once booked, failure to travel on the bus will still incur a ?10.00 cost. Transfers Passengers must contact Falkland Islands Tour and Travel Transfers to and from RAF Brize Norton, Oxford and [FITT] to request a transfer back to MPA. Tele No: (00 500) Swindon Railway Stations and Heathrow Airport. 21775

    The following offer transfers to all passengers and have Will My Mobile Phone Work In The FI access to RAF Brize Norton for pick-ups and drop offs.

    Some do and some do not. You can purchase a Cable & Charlie’s Taxis: 01993 845253 (also provides secure Wireless Sim Card in the FI to enable you to keep in parking if no parking available in RAF Brize Norton ring for contact with the UK. details). Excel Cars: 01993 775198 Can I take food and plant stuff into the FI

    There are strict importation rules for food stuff and plant Advance bookings are recommended. materiel into the Falkland Islands. Read the leaflet

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