Mid Term Admissions Policy - Queens Park Primary School

By Miguel Clark,2014-02-07 18:13
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Mid Term Admissions Policy - Queens Park Primary SchoolPark,term,TERM,Term,mid

    Mid Term Admissions Policy 2013


    Queen’s Park Primary School is committed to providing an effective admissions and induction programme for all pupils new to the school. We recognise that children may join the school for a variety of reasons. Some pupils may have moved into the area or may have experienced difficulties such as being in temporary accommodation, having attended several schools already, having a disrupted education, having recently arrived from another country or being a refugee or asylum seeker who has fled from conflict or persecution. New arrival families need to be welcomed so that the children settle into school as quickly as possible and become confident learners.


    ; To provide a warm welcome for newly arrived children and families

    ; To ensure a clarity of duty between the parent/carer and the school

    ; To enable children to be quickly integrated so they can be taught effectively

    ; To provide children and families with necessary information about our school

    ; To record relevant information about a child’s background and educational experience

    ; To develop strategies to encourage new pupils to make friends and have positive peer


    ; To ensure that children’s wider needs are addressed through coordination with other

    agencies and services

    ; To acknowledge and celebrate the skills and knowledge that new pupils bring to the school

    ; To ensure that an appropriate handover procedure is in place at the end of the day

Mid term Admissions Procedure

    This whole school procedure for mid term admissions identifies key roles for different members of the school staff although we recognise that all staff and children in the school have a role in welcoming new arrivals. An admissions checklist has been compiled for all staff involved in the admissions procedure. The early years have a separate admissions policy.

The School Office will (pre-interview):

    ; Welcome families who visit the school to enquire about school places

    ; Assist families with filling in the relevant forms

    ; Provide families with information about other Westminster schools if places not available

    ; Issue Appointment Card with the date and time of the interview and items to bring

    ; Liaise with the Inclusion Leader regarding interview date and time and enter into the school


    ; Assist the families with Free School Meals application

    ; Give families tour of the school with introduction to HT/DH (if available)

    ; Arrange for translator for interview, if necessary

    ; Make admissions package with all necessary forms, book bag etc. for each new admission

    ; Choose 2 welcome buddies

    ; Inform class teacher re new arrival date. Allow at least 2 days before the start date,

    wherever possible, for preparation time and check that the start date does not clash with

    PPA time or outings.

    ; Contact previous school for information

Inclusion Leader will:

Before interview

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    Mid Term Admissions Policy 2013

    ; Contact previous school for in depth information where necessary (i.e. concerns raised

    during pre interview)

    ; Set aside time for admissions interviews

    ; Liaise with the office to place child in most appropriate class e.g. where the home language

    is spoken, where pupils will be most supportive

    During interview

    ; Allow approximately 1hour for each interview

    ; Conduct interview in quiet place

    ; Complete admissions form noting phonetic spelling of child’s name for correct


    ; Check families have been given information about uniform, school day times in welcome


    ; Child/family introduced to new class and 2 welcome buddies

    ; Fill in Pupil My School Card with class name, start date, P.E times etc. with class teacher. ; Liaise with class teacher and other relevant staff where child has special needs. ; Arrange for phased start /special meeting with parents/carers and relevant outside agencies

    before admission, where the need arises.

    ; Hand admissions forms to school office

    After interview

    The School Office will:

    ; Enter data on Sims

    ; Write start date for new child on staffroom week to view board’

    ; Fill in staffroom information list and place on the white board in the staffroom ; Copy admissions form for class teacher and EMA Leader

    ; Inform the kitchen about any allergies etc

    ; Fill in pupil medication chart in office , where appropriate

    ; Contact previous school for records

    ; Place note in teachers register stating arrival of new child’s records

    ; Meet individual new arrivals and/or welcome buddies to review the first 2 weeks.

    Class teacher will:

; Read admissions form

    ; Label exercise books

    ; Disseminate relevant information to teaching assistants

    ; Allocate seat at most suitable table with supportive peers

    ; Label tray and coat peg

    ; Ensure Buddy system in place and maintain until no longer necessary ; Ensure correct spelling and pronunciation of child’s name is shared with class

    ; Involve class in ideas to welcome new child e.g. make welcome card, learn hello in home

    language, bring in artefacts, books, maps etc

    ; Have books, pictures etc (where possible, depicting positive aspects of child’s culture)

    ; Acknowledge children’s previous learning, achievements, language, experiences and cultural


    ; Liaise with EMA leader and Inclusion Leader about progress of newly arrived pupil if


    ; Meet the parents/carers within 2 weeks of arrival

    ; Issue a certificate to buddy children in golden book assembly

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    Mid Term Admissions Policy 2013

EMA Leader will:

    ; Ensure EAL pupils are assessed within 6 weeks of their arrival, allowing time for them to

    settle in before assessing their speaking, listening, reading, writing and maths. Wherever

    possible they will be assessed in their first language. This information will then be passed on

    to the class teacher.

Policy Drafted: February 2013

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