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Arrival and Departure Policy - Netherbrook Primary Schooland,AND

    Arrival and Departure Policy

    Arrival and collection of children in Nursery

; The arrangements for bringing children in to the setting are:

    The main door is open at 8.45a.m for the morning session and 12.40p.m for the afternoon session. Parents are encouraged to help their child choose a peg for their coats and book bags. Parents are invited to help their child settle in before the session starts. Parents are then asked to leave promptly, as long as their child is happy and settled. In the case that their child is not contented, parents are offered to stay up until 10am, if they feel this would benefit their child.

    ; We do not allow any child to be let into the Nursery without a member of staff being

    made aware of his/her arrival.

    ; The procedures for collecting children are: 11.20a.m for the morning session or

    3.10p.m for the afternoon session. The main door is supervised by a member of

    staff. Parents are invited to come into the Nursery to collect their child and have a

    chat to the key worker if necessary.

    ; We only permit the authorised adult to collect a child from the Nursery unless we

    have already received written permission for another named adult to do so. ( we will

    accept a telephone permission in the case of emergency situations) Proof of identity

    will be required if that person is not known to the Nursery along with a password

    which has been made known to the School. We only release children into the care

    of an adult.

    ; In an emergency situation, where the authorised adult cannot collect the child, the

    person who does collect the child will need to provide evidence that he/she has the

    authorisation of the parent/carer. The child’s safety will be the primary concern at all


    ; If parents stay in the Nursery for any length of time e.g. to settle children, they will

    need to sign in (for fire regulations) and wear an identification badge. They will also

    need to sign out when they leave the Nursery.

    ; If for any reason parents need to enter the Main school, they will also be required to

    sign the register in Nursery and wear an identification badge, where possible parent

    visitors will be escorted to their destination. If this is not possible a member of staff

    from the Nursery will telephone the receptionist in the main building to let them

    know that a visitor is in school from the Nursery and the purpose of their visit. The

    receptionist will enter details into the visitor’s book at the main reception. When the

    parent leaves they will be required to sign out (again for fire regulations).

    Arrival and Departure of Staff, Parents and Volunteers

; The arrangements in Nursery for all staff, parents and volunteers

    arriving at the setting are:

    ; The main door is unlocked by the caretaker and the alarm is deactivated. Staff are

    able to arrive at the building any time from 7.30a.m onwards. They are expected to

    be present at work for 8.45a.m. Any volunteers attending the setting during a

    session are asked to arrive at 8.30a.m when a member of staff is present.

    ; The visitor will need to sign in at the main office and receive a badge to wear

    identifying them and the purpose of their visit to School.

    The Departure arrangements for all staff, parents and volunteers in the Nursery are:

    ; Parents are asked to follow the departure arrangements of the children as set out in

    this policy.


    ; Volunteers may be asked to continue their help after the session by tidying up and

    preparing for the next session. The volunteer may leave via the main door at a

    mutual time that has been set between the volunteer and the play leader and sign


    ; Staff will follow their working hours as set by their contracts or arranged over time.

    Each member of staff will leave the setting via the main door.

    ; If members of staff leave the school at lunch time they will be required to sign out &

    in again on their return, the same applies if a member of staff leaves School to

    attend a course or training.

    Guidelines for Arrival and Collection of Children in School

    Key Stage 1, Reception, years 1, 2 and 3.

; Doors open at 8.45a.m

; Parents are asked to watch their children enter their classroom.

    ; If necessary parents are invited to support very young children or new children in

    finding their coat peg, tray and helping to settle them into school. If children are

    finding it hard to settle, then parents are asked to stay for up to 10 minutes. After

    this time we will ask parents to leave. This is because in our experience children

    usually settle down once their parents have gone, the situation is usually more

    upsetting for the parents than the children! At the end of the school day, children will

    be dismissed to an authorised adult, if for any reason the usual adult can not collect

    your child, please write to school and let us know.

    Key Stage 2. Years 4, 5 and 6.

; Children can enter the playground from 8.30a.m.

    ; Where possible we ask parents to supervise children onto school as we cannot

    direct a member of staff onto duty until 8.45a.m. The doors will open at 8.45a.m.

    ; Children are asked to enter school by themselves as they are older and more


; Children may need support on occasions if they are new, have sustained an injury

    etc.., parents will be asked to bring their children in through the Office area, sign in

    and receive a visitor’s badge. They will be required to sign out as they leave the


    ; Children will be dismissed onto the key stage 2 playground (with the exception of

    those children meeting younger siblings in KS1). There will be 2 teachers on duty.

    ; Parents (without animals) are invited onto the playground to wait for children.

    Children know that if there is no adult to collect them and they do not walk home on

    their own they need to tell the teacher on duty and wait with them.

    ; We would not expect children younger than year 6 to be walking home by

    themselves. Please let us know if your child is able to walk home on his/her own,

    also let us know if you/ usual carer are unable to collect your child so that we can let

    your child and their class teacher know.


    ; Staff can arrive from 7.30a.m. It is only necessary for staff to sign out

    if they are leaving school at lunchtime or to go on a course. If they return to school

    during the day they are required to sign back in (this is for fire regulations).

    ; If staff want to come into work during holiday times they will need to sign in and out

    so that the caretaker knows who is on the premises.

     Signing in and out will be monitored by the office staff. ;

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