MSU Fact Sheet - Montana State University

By Barbara Daniels,2014-02-07 16:27
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MSU Fact Sheet - Montana State University

    Brief overview of the university

    ; Founded in 1893, Montana State University-Bozeman has approximately 14,153 students including

    undergraduates and graduates. They have a national and international reputation for excellence in

     undergraduate and graduate education in many areas and especially architecture, engineering and

    the sciences. MSU is one of the top 94 institutions in the US by the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching.

Academic issues

     Academic strengths of your university;

     ; Sciences, Business, Architecture, and Engineering

     Restricted/closed departments;

     ; Architecture, graphic design and fine arts classes are extremely limited to non degree students. You

    must be a major at your home university and be able to present a portfolio of work completed. In most cases you may not register for classes in these departments before arrival. Media, Theatre, Film

    and Photo courses are not open to exchange students in most cases.

    Can I pre-register for classes before arrival?

    ; Yes, you will need to contact Susan Benne, for your student log in information.

    If yes, please give me details;


    Montana State University

Semester dates

     Fall 14:

     Arrival: August 17, 2014

     International Orientation: August 18, 2013

     Classes start: August 25, 2014

     Semester Ends: December 12, 2014

     Spring 14:

     Arrival: January 2, 2014

     International Orientation: January 3, 2014

     Classes start: January 8, 2013

     Semester Ends: May 2, 2013


    Is housing guaranteed?

    ; No, every student must apply (see website listed below). Students who do not apply for university

     housing are responsible for finding their alternate accommodation.

     If not, is on campus housing readily available?

    ; Yes

    When is housing information sent?

    ; With acceptance packets. You may apply on line as well through the web page listed below.


    Allocation process;

    ; Confirmation from Residence Life Office depending on date of submission of application

    Montana State University

    Immigration information

     Which month of the year do you hope to send immigration documents?

     ; April/May for Fall 2014, and Oct/Nov. for Spring 2014 Financial Guarantee

    ; Students must demonstrate $4,500 USD per semester for accommodation fees through an official

    bank statement.

    Where can I find further information about immigration?


    ; /factsheets/SEVISFactSheet.htm

Pre-arrival information

    Which is your nearest airport?

    ; Bozeman/Gallatin Field

    Do you offer an airport pick up program?

    ; Yes

    Brief details;

    ; You must submit detailed arrival information to MSU at least two weeks prior to arriving via the

     following website:

     Do you have a mandatory orientation program?

     ; Yes ( See above for dates)

    Montana State University

    Health insurance Do you have mandatory health insurance? h insurance

    ; No, however, it is mandatory that you have health insurance.

    Brief details;


Approximately how much does it cost?

    ; Around $1,200 per semester

Can this be waived by my own policy?

     ; Students who have a health insurance policy that meets or exceeds MSU requirements can present

    that policy in lieu of the MSU policy when they arrive on campus.

    Additional costs Do I have to pay any mandatory costs upon arrival?

    ; Yes, $15 ID card fee, any additional laboratory, equipment or departmental fees. $21/credit hour for

    College of Business courses.

    General information Links to tourist information;

    ; /prospect.htm

    Links to the study abroad office page;


    Montana State University

    Contacts details Primary contact;

    ; Study Abroad Manager

    Susan Benne (

     Office of International Programs

    Montana State University

     400 Culbertson Hall

    Bozeman, MT 59717-2260 Tel: 001 406 994 5719

    Fax: 001 406 994 1619.

     ; Foreign Student Advisor

    Deborah P. Chiolero ( Office of International Programs

    Montana State University

    400 Culbertson Hall

    Bozeman, MT 59717-2260

    Tel: 001 406 994 4031

    Fax: 001 406 994 1619

Secondary contact;


    Montana State University

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