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While school starts at 8.50 a.m., supervision is provided by staff

    members from 8.30 a.m., Monday to Friday. Parents are reminded on a regular basis, through newsletters/notice boards /other informal contacts, that supervision does not begin until 8.30 a.m. School

    finishes at 1.30 p.m. for infants and 2.30 p.m. for all other pupils.

    The above details are displayed on our school information circulars throughout the school, as well as our website.


    1. Junior & Senior Infant Pupils assemble on the chessboard in

    the yard and are collected by their teacher. On wet mornings

    they assemble in the corridor. They are supervised by a teacher

    and an S.N.A.

     stth2. 1. 6. Class Pupils assemble in the school yard from 8.30

    a.m. and are supervised by a member of staff.

    In the event of wet weather, these pupils are brought inside to

    the Halla and supervised there.

    3. From 11.00a.m. 11.10a.m., pupils break for lunch.

    (a) Pupils from Junior & Senior Infants play in the infant

    playground, under supervision, weather permitting. In the

    event of wet weather, pupils are supervised in their

    classrooms. st(b) Pupils from1. 6th Classes play in the main playground,

    under supervision, weather permitting. Otherwise, they

    are supervised in their classrooms.

    4. At 1.30 p.m., Junior & Senior Infant pupils finish classes.

    They are escorted by their teacher to the back door of the

    Junior Building. Here, parents/guardians are asked to collect

    their son from the relevant class teacher, at the gate leading to

    the infant playground.

    For safety reasons, also, parents are asked to ensure that young

    children do not run ahead, unaccompanied on to School Avenue.

    In the event of an infant pupil not being collected/being

    collected late, the pupil is brought back inside and supervised

    by a member of staff. If there appears to be a long delay,

    parents are alerted by telephone.

    Meanwhile, if a parent/guardian is delayed and will not be

    on time to collect their son, she/he is asked to contact the

    school immediately, so that staff can reassure the child.


    5. From 12.30 p.m.1.00 p.m.,all pupils break for lunch, with

    15 minutes to eat lunch and 15 minutes in the playground (weather permitting). Groups alternate, as half of the classes will be in the school playground at any one time, while the remaining children from other classes will be supervised indoors. On wet days children are supervised in their classrooms.

     stth6. At 2.30 p.m., pupils from 1. 6. Classes finish school. They

    are dismissed from their classrooms and parents/guardians/older siblings may collect younger children from their classrooms or the playground.

    3 senior staff members supervise, as the pupils exit their classrooms at 2.30 p.m.. Particular attention is given to safety on the stairs and safety as the pupils leave the school grounds at the stepped entrance.

     stIn the early weeks of 1. Class, teachers may accompany

    pupils to the door to meet their parents as they did in infant classes. Most children, if not collected at the door of the school meet their parents/guardians/older siblings at a prearranged

    meeting point.

    Several pupils walk to/from school unaccompanied or with friends. Parents and children are reminded regularly that pupils may only cross Glasheen Road at the pedestrian crossing with the traffic warden, when she/he is on duty.

In the event of a child discovering that a

    parent/guardian/older sibling has not arrived to collect,

    as arranged, the child can return to the classroom or the office, where a member of staff will endeavour to make contact with home. The onus, at all times, however, is on the

    parent/guardian to ensure that she/he will notify the school immediately, in the event of any delay.

    7. The complete supervision rota for morning, mid-morning and lunch-time supervision is updated at the start of each school year (September).

    Details of the supervision rota are posted in the principal’s office, the secretary’s office and the staffroom.

    8. Signing Out Procedure - For safety and security reasons,

    any child who leaves the school before 2.30 p.m. must be collected and signed out by a parent. (This procedure applies

    before 1.30 p.m. in the case of infant pupils).



    It is the responsibility of the parent to go to the secretary’s

    office to sign the “Signing Out File”, giving the reason for

    the early collection. This procedure has been communicated to

    parents and pupils in various newsletters and at the start of the

    school year. If the child returns to the school during the school

    day he must be signed in again before returning to class.

9. The majority of pupils travel to/from school on foot/by car. A

    few pupils travel by bus, while a handful of senior pupils travel

    by bicycle. Road safety is emphasised to all school pupils

    throughout the school year.

    Any pupil wishing to cycle to/from school must have written

    permission from his parents. Parents must also speak to

    the principal, in advance, regarding all safety procedures

    when arriving

    in/departing from school and travelling to/from school.

    Teachers, parents and pupils must note that once the pupil

    arrives on the school grounds, he is not allowed to cycle and

    must walk his bicycle to/from the school gate.

    10. Pupils who wish to play football in the school playground are

    permitted to do so on some days, only under supervision, from

    12.30 12.45 p.m. or 12.45 p.m. - 1.00 p.m. The onus is on

    the pupils to provide the footballs which must be (a) small

    (b) soft (c) have the name of the owner clearly printed on

    the football. For safety reasons, unsuitable footballs will have to

    be confiscated by the teacher on supervision duty.

These procedures were last reviewed in October 2013 and ratified by ththe Board of Management on 16. October 2013. They are in place

    for the benefit of all members of the school community of Glasheen Boys’ National School.

Signed: Mícheál Ó Buacháin

     (Chairperson Board of Management)

Date: November 2013

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