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Arrival Schedule - Block Yeshiva High Schoolhigh,block,Block,High

    2011-2012 BYHS Quick Reference Handbook

    Arrival Schedule

    The Girls’ school begins at 8:20 am, Monday through Friday. The Boys’ school begins at 7:40 am, Monday through Friday. No student will be allowed in school after 10:30 am without prior notification and approval or a medical note.

    Dismissal Schedule

    Monday through Thursday, classes are dismissed as follows: Girls at 5:21 pm, and Boys at 5:30 pm. Friday dismissal is as follows: the Girls will dismiss at 1:10 pm, and the Boys at 1:10 pm during the 2011-2012 school year.


    Regular attendance is essential for effective education. Absences should occur

    only due to illness. Appointments, personal business, and routine medical or dental visits should be scheduled during non-school hours.

    These are valid reasons for absences:

    1. Illness

    2. Doctor appointments, when no other time is available for scheduling. (A note from the physician must be submitted the following day.)

    Permission for any other reason must be submitted to the administration as a written request prior to the absence. The school reserves the right to determine the validity of the request.

    Students who accrue two unexcused absences in a quarter will have three points administratively deducted from their quarter grade in each class, and will run the risk of suspension. Students who miss more than 25% of the class meetings of any class for any reason during a semester will not receive credit for that class.

    2011-2012 BYHS Quick Reference Handbook


    Tefilla, including Shacharit, Mincha, and maariv, is not only a halachic regulation, but is also a school requirement. Attendance and participation is not optional,

    and is subject to the same regulations and procedures as classes. Students must have their own siddurim.

    Reporting Absences

    Parents are expected to call the school office (Boys: 314-442-6737; Girls: 314-872-8701) before 10:00 am on the morning of the student’s first day of absence. If no phone call or next day note is received, or if the reason for the absence cannot be accepted as valid, the absence will be unexcused.

    Make-Up Work

    It is the student’s responsibility to make up all assignments, class notes, projects,

    and tests which are missed during an absence. If the first day of an absence is the day a test is given or an assignment is due, then that test or assignment will be made up on the day the student returns. Make-up for extended absences must be arranged with the individual teachers.


    Students are expected to be in school, in prayers, and in class on time. Students who arrive late must report to the office to sign in and receive a late note, which will permit them to enter class. If a student accrues three tardies in any class in a quarter, three points will be administratively deducted from his/her quarter grade in that class.

    Leaving Campus during the School Day

    If their parents have given the appropriate written permission, students may leave the BYHS campus for appointments, for lunch during the designated lunchtime, and during free periods with the approval of the administration.

    2011-2012 BYHS Quick Reference Handbook

    Students must sign out in the office when they leave, and must sign in when they return. Any student who fails to sign in or out will not be allowed to leave the campus during the school day for any reason for two weeks.

    Cutting Classes

    Any student who cuts a class will be suspended from that class until a meeting is held with the student, the student’s parents, and the administration. If a student cuts the same class twice during the year, he/she will receive a failing grade for the year, and the course must be repeated.

    Dress Code: Boys

    Hats: A kipah must be worn at all times, and no other type of hat or cap may be worn in class.

    Shirts: Standard long or short-sleeved shirts with a collar. T-shirts and sleeveless or collarless shirts are not permitted. No advertising should be printed on the shirt or visible through it. Tzizit are to be worn at all times. Trousers: Long trousers, clean and in good repair. If the trousers are designed to be worn with a belt, a belt will be worn. Shorts and blue jeans are not permitted. Footwear: Any lace or slip-on shoe is acceptable, and must be worn with socks. For safety reasons, sandals are not recommended.

    No student will be allowed to attend school with hairstyle or hair length, which does not comply with the proper dress expectations of Yeshiva boys.

    Dress Code: Girls

    Blouses: Blouses, shirts or sweaters must be tucked in or extend below the waist. At least one layer must have sleeves no shorter than the elbow.

    Skirts and Dresses: Must be of sufficient length that the knees are covered when seated. No trousers, capris, shorts, or jeans of any kind are permitted.

    2011-2012 BYHS Quick Reference Handbook

    Footwear: Any lace or slip-on shoe is acceptable, and must be worn with socks or stockings. For safety reasons, stocking feet and sandals are not recommended.

    Dress Code: General

    Students are expected to observe the dress code whenever they are in the school building or at a school-related function. Exceptions will be made for activities such as sports or drama, which require special uniforms or costumes. Students who arrive improperly dressed at school or at a school-related function will be sent home to change.


    Detention periods are held after school hours for students who behave inappropriately.

    Sports Programs

    1. Basketball

    2. Soccer

    3. Tennis

    4. Baseball

    5. Track

    Sports Eligibility

    To be eligible to participate in a sport on the varsity level, a student must have a B (83%) average, and no grade below C- (70%) in the semester preceding the season.

    Tests and Homework

    Students may reasonably expect to have daily homework and quizzes. Ordinarily, an individual student may have a maximum of two tests per day, not to exceed seven per week, and should receive a full week’s notice of each test. Testing will

    2011-2012 BYHS Quick Reference Handbook

    be limited before and after holidays and major vacations, and these limitations will be noted on the Activity Calendar.

    Cell Phones

    Cell phones may be used before school, on lunch break, and after school. They may be used between classes. THEY MAY NOT be turned on during class for any

    reason! If a teacher notices a student using their cell phone during class it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day, no exceptions.

    School Supplies and Equipment

    Students are responsible for providing their own school supplies. This includes loose-leaf paper and notebooks, but pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, tape, staplers, etc. The school will not provide these items. Copiers are for the use of the faculty and staff only. Personal copies will be made for students on a 24-hour notice at the rate of $0.10 per page, up to a maximum of five pages. If a teacher requests that a student make classroom copies of a document, the teacher will write a note to the school secretary. Students may not initiate telephone calls from the school telephones without administrative permission, and will not be

    called from class to answer telephone calls except in cases of rare and extreme emergency.

    Snow Days and Emergency Information

    During periods of inclement weather, please listen for our closing announcements on:

     KMOX Radio (1120 AM)

     KTVI Television (Channel 2)

     KMOV Television (Channel 4)

     KSDK Television (Channel 5)

    We will also have recorded announcements on our telephones at both schools:

    2011-2012 BYHS Quick Reference Handbook

     Boys: 314-442-6737

     Girls: 314-872-8701

    If we announce a Snow Schedule instead of a Cancellation, it means that school will begin with second period (9:48 for the girls; 9:58 for the boys). Unless the weather situation changes during the day, school will always dismiss at the regular time.

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