Notice of Arrival

By Grace Ferguson,2014-02-07 15:53
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Notice of Arrivalof


    MANDATORY EXPANDED INSPECTION At least 72 hours or before ETA in the port or anchorage or before leavıng the previous (

    port or anchorage if the voyage is expected to take less than 72 hours)

Applies to: - All ships with a high risk profile, and

    - Any passenger ship, oil tanker, gas or chemical tankers

     or bulk carrier, older than 12 years of age.

    Send to: E-mail: or Fax No.: +40 372 416801

Ship’s Name: Flag:

IMO Number: Call Sign:

Date of keel laid: Ships type:

Planned duration of the call:

Port of destination and berth or anchorage


    Planned operations: Loading / Unloading / Others*

Planned surveys: Yes / No*

    Planned substantial repairs (maintenance

    or shipyard): Yes / No*

    Date of last expanded inspection in the

    Paris MOU region:

Others (indicate):

From tankers

    Configuration of hull: Single hull / Single hull SBT / Double hull* Condition of cargo tanks & Full / Empty / Inerted*

    Ballast tanks Full / Empty / Inerted*

From: Ship’s Master / Agent / Operator* Date / Time:

Contact (Tel., Fax, E-mail):

*Delete as appropriate

    F25ICSN03/Ed.1 Rev.0

F25ICSN03/Ed.1 Rev.0

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