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    Lesson 7 Is this a bird bird it

    bee 蜜蜂 that 那;那个

    fish frog 青蛙

    he Mrs 夫人

    hen 母鸡 she

Lets talk

    Qiqi: Hello, Fox. Is this a bird? Fox: No, it isnt. Its a bee.

    Qiqi: Is that a fish?

    Fox: No, it isnt. Its a frog.

    Qiqi: Is this Mr Duck?

    Tom: Yes, he is .

    Qiqi: Is that Mrs Hen?

    Tom: No, shes Mrs Bird .

    Lets chant

    Hi, Miss Cat. Hi, Miss Cat. Is that a rat? Is this a cap ?

    No, it is not. No, it is not.

    Its a bat. Its a hat.

Lets read

    bad bat dad pat Lets practise

    Is this a? Yes, it is.\No, it isnt.

    book pen pencil bag bear pig

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