Marshal briefing and arrival times - Edmonton Running Club

By Jonathan Barnes,2014-02-07 14:53
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Marshal briefing and arrival times - Edmonton Running Cluband,time,Times,club,times

Marshal Briefing and Times to Arrive

    6.30 6.45am

    Vas, Tony, Richard, Rajiv, Stuart, Naresh, Lorraine, Julian 7.15 7.30am

    John Bennett, Marc, Avatar, Sylwia, Aggie, Dino


    Sue, Connie, Frank, Marilyn, Bob, Rick, Graham, Tracey, Hannah, Roisin, Catherine, Victoria, Randolph, Ken, Lyn, M.C., Peter Kessler 8.30am

    Pauline, Judy, Nicole, Smita, Tia, Nassia, John


    Hara, Dave Manze, Derek Weedon, Will & Jim Smith, Viola, Michelle, Norna, Ravi, Patricia, Kieran, Owen, Susie, Pat & Tony Rhodes, Barbara Edlin, Vivienne Cannon, Chris hack, Sonay, Angela, Denise

    Marshal points - 20 to 33 are all at the far end of the course; you can drive and park at Stonebridge Lock and walk from there. Please look at attached map and your marshal number to see where positioned. I will be at Athletics Centre so if you are unsure, please find me and I will point you in the right direction.

    Where possible, I have placed you in the same position as last year. All marshals must report to the Athletics Centre first so that I know that you have arrived and can record your contact (mobile) number for the day.

    If you have a problem and cannot make it, please phone me on 07910 663959.

    Lorraine Pichelski, Marshal Co-ordinator

And finally…

    Please be vocal in your cheers and encouragement to the runners along the route! Clap till your hands are sore and exercise those vocal cords as you never done before. Marshalling maketh a race. Thank you all for your support.

    Naresh Trivedi, Club Secretary

Race HQ Contacts on the day

    Naresh Trivedi 07984 545506

    Vasso Vassilliou 078612 93596

    Marc Bibaud 07592 460966

    Lorraine Pichelski 07910 663959

    Rick Oliver 07595 508882

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