Arrival Confirmation for New International Students - Endicott College

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Arrival Confirmation for New International Students - Endicott CollegeNew,For,for,new

    Office of International Education

    Library 106 - 110 376 Hale Street Beverly, MA 01915 USA

    Tel: +1-978-232-2272 Fax: +1-978-232-3146 Email:

    Arrival Confirmation for New International Students

Please complete and return this form as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, January 10, 2014.

Full Name (as it appears in your passport): ______________________________________________________

Current e-mail address: _____________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________ Country: ___________________________________

    Telephone: _______________________________________________________________________________

Telephone immediately before departure: _______________________________________________________

     Country Code City Code Number

    ; Your designated arrival date to Endicott College is Friday, January 24, 2014.

    ; You will have access to the residence halls starting at 10:00 am.

    ; Check-in will take place at the Office of International Education, Halle Library, between 10:00am and


    ; Please see attached page for transportation information from Boston Logan Airport to Endicott College.

    ; Note: An airport welcome is offered per special request and at your own expense. If you would like our

    office to make the transportation arrangements, you must notify us well in advance and attach a copy of

    your arrival itinerary together with this form.

    Orientation weekend: January 24 26, 2014.

Check ONE that applies to you:

    I will make my own arrangements to arrive at Endicott College at approximately ____________ (hour)

    ; on Friday, January 24. [Check-in will take place from 10:00am to 12:00pm at the Office of International


    I will arrive at Boston’s Logan Airport on January ____ at _____________ (hour) and would like

    the Office of International Education to arrange for my pick-up at the airport. I authorize Endicott

    College to make my reservation with North Shore Limo Service and charge my credit card for the

    estimated amount of $115.

    Payment Method:

     Visa: ___ Master Card: ___ ;

    Name as it appears on credit card: ____________________________________________________

    Credit Card #: ___________________________________ Expiration Date: ____/____CVV#_______

    ? You must attach a copy of your flight itinerary.

    Please contact us immediately if your arrival information changes!

    Transportation Alternatives from Logan Airport to Endicott College

    Option A: The Office of International Education Option B: Arrange for your own airport pickup. can arrange an airport pickup through North

    Shore Limo at your estimated expense of $115.

If you want to use this service:

    ; You must make your request in advance Option C: Taxi direct to Endicott

     through the Office of International Education

    at Endicott College. ; Estimated Cost - $50.00 to $80.00

    ; Send us a copy of your travel itinerary.

    ; There are Taxis available outside each terminal at ; Send us the credit card information where

    Boston’s Logan airport. you would this service to be charged.

    Directions to Endicott College

From Logan Boston to Route 128 North:

    Follow Route I-93 North to Route I-95 North to Exit 45. Take Route 128 North, towards Gloucester.

From Route 128 North (exit 45 on Route 95 North):

    Take Exit 17 (Grapevine Road, Beverly Farms). Turn right off the exit ramp and right again after 1.5 miles onto Haskell Street (by the cemetery). Proceed to the end; at stop sign, turn right onto Hale Street, Route 127 to Endicott

    College. The main entrance is the second entrance on the right. Check in at the Campus Safety Center and they will direct you to the Office of International Education at the Halle Library.

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