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Student Handbook - Beaver Bank Monarch Drive Elementarybank,drive,Bank,Drive,BANK,DRIVE

    Beaver Bank Monarch Drive School

    Student Handbook

    will be arriving home early. Students are School Hours:

     required to have written permission

    Primary 2 8:40 2:15 from their parents/guardians if they are Grades 3 6 8:40 2:45 requesting a change of buses, and only Recess 10:15 10:30 the principal or vice-principal is Lunch 11:45 12:40 authorized to grant the request. This decision will depend on the availability Morning Registration and Safe of seats on the bus. We do not encourage Arrival: change of buses unless it is absolutely Phone numbers of Parents, Guardians and necessary. In case of a major emergency emergency contacts are kept on file in the (fire, flood, explosion, plane crash etc.) office. It is important that this information

    all students and staff would be evacuated be kept up to date. Should there be a change

    by bus to Harold T. Barrett Jr. High of phone number(s) for whatever reason, it

    School. is imperative that you contact the school

    with the new number as soon as possible.

    Parents are asked to contact the school Communication from School to before the morning bell to advise the school Parents:

    of their child’s absence or late arrival. Effective communication between the

    . A message may be left Please call 864-7544school and home is crucial to a child’s on our answering machine 24 hours a day. success and beneficial to the overall school If the child is absent and no message is program. The staff at Beaver Bank Monarch received then a parent volunteer will call to is continuously encouraged to use all see if the child is at home. All children appropriate means of communication with arriving late are required to check in with parents including: telephone calls, student safe arrival before going to their classrooms. agendas, school newsletters, report cards, Please send a note to the teacher (as well as and parent-teacher conferences. calling safe arrival) to explain the student’s

    absence so it can be recorded appropriately Ongoing communication between parents in the attendance register. Parents are asked and teachers is extremely important for

    to make every effort to have students in effective progress reporting.

    school on time. Late arrivals mean a loss of

    valuable learning time for your child. The following events are planned at Beaver

     Bank-Monarch School:

    Storm or Emergency Closure: September: Curriculum Night

     October: Walk-a-thon

    The decision to cancel school in the morning November: Parent / Teacher Conference will be made as close to 6:00 a.m. as December Report Card

    possible and will be communicated on the January Literacy/Math Night

    radio, the Halifax Regional School Board April: Report Card

    website, the main switchboard at the Board Parent / Teacher Conference and through the school cancellation number May: Spring Fair

    464-INFO (4636). In the event of an early June: Final Report Card dismissal our school puts into place the

    Phone Tree we have developed for each If you wish to meet with a teacher to discuss classroom. This alerts parents that children your child’s progress, please make an

    Beaver Bank Monarch Drive School

    Student Handbook

    appointment with the teacher in question. practices of all students are required at least All staff e-mails can be found on the school six times during the school year. On website. occasion, the local Fire Department will be

     in attendance. An isolation drill will be

    conducted on an annual basis. Homework:

     Homework is an important part of a child’s

    education. It reinforces skills and concepts Clothing and Footwear:

    used in the classroom and places a degree of Parents are encouraged to label all clothing. responsibility on the student for his/her work. It is also advisable to have an extra pair of Homework contributes to the development pants and socks in your child’s book bag in of good work and study habits. case your child becomes wet or muddy.

    The amount and Students need a second pair of sneakers that

    frequency of they can leave in school to use exclusively

    homework varies for indoor activities. Muddy or snow

    with the grade covered footwear can require extra clean up

    level, but reading and at times render the floors dangerous and should be a unsafe for students.

    regular part of the homework routine each

    evening. The children’s teacher will inform Unclaimed articles are collected and placed you about homework expectations early in in the area adjacent to the music room. the year. It is important that children have a Leftover clothing is donated to a nonprofit regular place and time to do their homework organization three times a year. and that parents/guardians take an active

    interest in the children’s learning. Our Code of Conduct addresses the question

    of acceptable dress for our students.

     Supervision of Students:

    Volunteers: Daily supervision by teachers begins at 8:20

    Volunteers present an extremely valuable each morning. Parents should be aware that

    resource to Beaver Bank Monarch Drive the school is not responsible for monitoring

    School. We are fortunate to have a dedicated students before 8:20 a.m. and parents are

    and caring school community who take the asked to not “drop off” their children

    time to assist our school They regularly before this time.

    help with program material preparation,

    reading with students, coordinating the Safe At recess, teachers supervise students.

    Arrival and Breakfast Program, fund raising, Lunchtime supervision is shared between

    library and many other necessary activities. paid, non-professional monitors and staff.

    Your contribution is greatly appreciated and After school, students leave the building

    it is hoped that more volunteers will come immediately unless they are participating in

    forward to participate in the education of our extra-curricular activities. All students must

    children. have their parents/guardians written

     permission if they plan to stay for an after

    school activity. Extra-Curricular Activities:

    Activities are conducted on various days of

    the five day cycle. Our students are able to Fire Drills:

    participate in a number of different activities Beaver Bank Monarch Drive School has a

    both inside the school and on the playground. safe plan of evacuation. Regular evacuation

    Beaver Bank Monarch Drive School

    Student Handbook

In accordance with Halifax Regional School

    Board Policy, bus transportation is available School Programs:

    to all students who live further than 2.4 Our school is funded for lunch supervision kilometers from BBMD School. Bus for all students. We do have other students transportation has been contracted to Stock who stay for lunch as a courtesy. Lunch Transportation. In June of 1998 Stock monitors supervise the students in their decided to discontinue its courtesy busing of classrooms from 11:45 until 12:05. At that the majority (excluding Primary students) of time all students spend the remaining lunch our students living in the Woodbine Trailer period on the school grounds, weather

    Park. At present, Metro Transit provides permitting, under the supervision of lunch busing for those students living in this area, monitors. There is no charge for the lunch who are not eligible to travel on the Stock program.


    Any bus changes must be discussed in The canteen is open on a daily basis at advance with the principal/vice-principal of recess and provides a healthy selection of the school. We strongly discourage students snacks that may be purchased.

    from switching buses as this not only causes

    confusion for the driver but often there are We also offer hot lunches three days a week. not enough seats on our buses. Parents will be notified through a newsletter

     what is to be sold. Students must have their

    Policy for the Administration of orders in by Monday at 10 am of the order

    week. Medication to Students:

     Parents are responsible for the

    administration of medication to their Fund Raising:

    children; however, parents may ask the Our major school fundraisers include a school to administer medication with a Walk-a-thon planned for October and our signed request. This information can be Spring Fair slated for May.

    obtained from the school office at any time. If you could help with either of these

    All medications are kept in the office in a endeavors please let the school know.

    locked compartment.

School Safety: Scent Free School Peanut Smart

    Student safety is always a priority at Beaver School:

    Bank Monarch Drive School. In accordance Beaver Bank Monarch Drive School is a

    with our school’s Code of Conduct, all peanut smart school. This is in accordance students have the right to feel safe at school with the Halifax Regional School Board

    as well as when traveling to and from school. Policy. We also attempt to provide an

    The school grounds are regularly monitored atmosphere as free as possible of harmful by staff to ensure they are as safe as possible. scents. All staff and visitors are asked to All visitors to the school must report to the refrain from using perfumed products that office, sign in our visitor’s book and pick up could lead to allergic reactions in our visitor’s identification students.

We encourage our students to have appropriate clothing and sunscreen for their protection from the weather. Busing:

    Beaver Bank Monarch Drive School

    Student Handbook

     Drivers are not to park or turn in the area in front of the school intended for buses. This area, during arrival and dismissal times is crowded with students. We also ask parents to be aware of the high volume of traffic that enters our parking lot. If possible have your child walk to school or park on the side of the road where the children can walk onto the school grounds using the crosswalks.

    On days in which there is heavy rain, parents of the walkers, who normally wait at the side of the school for their children, are invited to wait in the front lobby. These students will be dismissed out the front door prior to the buses leaving the parking lot.

School Advisory Council:

    Our School Advisory Council meets six times per year. The Chair works closely with the Principal, setting meeting agendas and attending the Halifax Regional School Board Meetings on behalf of the SAC. The SAC is an advisory body to the Principal. The Principal asks for feedback on

    curriculum and operational issues. Planning for Improvement has been and continues to be a major focus for our committee. In put from our SAC is valued and most helpful to the success of our school.

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