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    ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE for Flight & Cabin Crew




    All crewmembers must fill out the Indian Immigration Form and Customs Form. Since there is a significant amount of information required for each crewmember on these forms it is best to accomplish this while enroute to India. There are two separate forms: one for Immigration and one for Customs. They have carbon paper in them so be careful about “writing through”.

    Designate one crewmember to be in charge of both of these forms. You will be required to retain the carbon copies in order to exit the country.

    ; Do not leave the airport for the hotel until someone has a copy of

    both of these forms.


    Fairly self-explanatory. You will need your passport number, place of issue and expiration date, Delta ID number & expiration date.


    Fairly self-explanatory. Your alcohol/tobacco allowance is only that which would be considered “for personal consumption”. “Other Items” might include

    computers, mobile phones, personal effects, etc. List your foreign currency you are carrying. There are limits for large amounts (particularly Indian Rupees) so check the latest information before carrying anymore than modest amounts.


    The crew must remain together when leaving the aircraft and proceeding through Indian Immigration & Customs.

    Follow the signs to Immigration. There is a podium type desk labeled “crew clearance” where each crewmember must sign the Immigration Form in front of

    the Indian Immigration Officer. After the last crewmember has signed make sure the Immigration Officer “stamps” your form. This often occurs at a different area further along in the Immigration Hall, normally at an office on the other side of all the immigration desks. Sometimes they can stamp it here or you can wait for them to go, stamp it and return.

    ; A copy of this form must be retained by one of the crew.

    You will need to it exit the country.

Continue via the signs for “Domestic passengers” to the right around Immigration

    desks, then go left and follow signs through to Baggage Claim (2C) & Customs. One of the crew should approach the central Customs Desk with the Customs

Form. It’s a semicircular desk near carousel #2. They will direct you to which

    screening device they want you to use. Don’t just start putting your bags in one of the machines until directed to it by Customs. You won’t necessarily go through the one mark “crew clearance”. Everyone must go through together. Only your baggage will be screened, not each crewmember.

    After this screening you must get the Customs Form stamped. This will normally occur at a desk very near the screening machines.

    ; Again, one of the crew must retain a copy of this form.

    You will need it to exit the country

    ; You should now have copies of BOTH the immigration and the

    Customs forms. Do not leave unless you have both.

    From here you will walk to your left to exit the terminal. Once outside the bus driver’s assistant will normally be watching for you as you exit the doors. There

    will be a crowd standing there and he will lead you through this crowd to the bus. If he is not there, proceed through to your left (through the crowd) where the bus will be waiting approximately 80 yards away. It’s a large blue bus and has a

    Delta logo on the front windscreen. This bus could be subject to change depending upon transportation needs for this large 777 crew and possibly different hotels than the Taj Mahal.

    Expect the ride to the Taj Mahal Hotel to take 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. Even late at night, during certain holidays & weekends the traffic can be quite heavy.

    The bus driver and his assistant accept tips in Indian Rupees or US Dollars. (Currently $1 = 45 Rupees approx.).


    The Taj Hotel is very good about giving you a wake-up call one hour prior to pickup. They will normally phone you about five minutes after the first call to give you a secondary wake-up. If the flight is delayed they will leave a message under your door and/or a message on your phone. They will not disturb you in the evening, as they know you will be trying to get some sleep before your departure. Now is a good time to call the bell desk if you had any shopping delivered to the hotel.

    The bus will be waiting for you outside the front door where you came in the night before. Hotel porters will offer to take your bags out to the waiting bus; naturally they will be looking for tips for their services too.

    ; Make sure you have the copies of Immigration & Customs Forms.

    Upon arriving at the airport you will be dropped off in a slightly different place than where you were picked up. To enter the terminal you will need to walk straight ahead from where the bus drops you (about 100 yards) to the same door you exited the night before. Only crewmembers and airport staff, etc. are allowed to go in this “out door”. There will be an armed guard or two by the door.

    Go through two sets of sliding glass doors.

    Once inside those doors you are going to turn right opposite booths (on your left) marked “Kingfisher Airlines” & “Air Sahara” just past a “domestic

    passenger“ screening point. Go down the short hallway to two lifts numbered A-6 ndand A-8. Take either one to the 2 floor. There is also a stairway leading up to ndthe right of these lifts. Just outside the lift on the 2 floor, turn immediately left,

    then immediately right and follow the Delta sign into the operations room.

    Fill out the section on the Customs Form about foreign currency you are taking out of India. You can sign the Customs form now.

    Do not sign the Immigration Form yet, as you will do it in front of an Immigration Officer like you did on arrival.

    You will also see a list of crew names with the “flight package” which each crewmember must sign near his/her name. This will be given to the security screeners.

    Additionally, you must put a paper baggage tag on each piece of your luggage. There will normally be a supply of them in the briefing room. No need to put your name on them, because it is only for the screeners to put a stamp on each piece as you go through screening on the way to the airplane.

    After briefing here (make note of the gate number), a Delta ground staff person will normally walk you through to Immigration and Customs. You will go down stthe same lifts you came up on but only to the 1 floor (not ground floor). Only one stof the lifts (A-6) goes down to the 1 floor. The other will only take you back

    down to the ground floor, which is of no use to you if you are trying to go to the airplane. They both have all the floor buttons inside but do not necessarily go to all those floors. There are the same stairs available as well. stUpon coming out of the lift on the 1 floor you will walk through a hallway turning

    left passing airline ops offices, Lufthansa Lounge, British Airways lounge and coming out from behind some check-in desks. Turn right here and follow the signs for Immigration. It will be another right turn just past the Kenyan Airlines check-in desk to a “crew desk” where you will need to sign the Immigration Form

    in front of the Immigration Officer. After the last crewmember signs, it needs to be stamped. The Immigrations Officer there will do that and keep the copy.

    You will now proceed straight ahead where one crewmember can present the Customs form to the Customs Desk (in the same immediate area just beyond Immigration). This desk is located just to the left side of a Bureau of Immigration sign over an office. They will normally review the form briefly and give you a nod of approval and stamp it. They will keep the copy now. Upon approval by a Customs Officer you will proceed to screening at the gate area.

    Gates 1- 5 are to the right and 6-10 to the left. You may be able to see your aircraft out the window at this point, if in doubt about gate number. You can get to the aircraft either way; it just means more walking if you go the longer way around.

    You will go through a screening in the gate area. There is Duty Free in the area just before going through screening at the gate. As in many places you can go to the front of the queue for screening. Be aware that everyone’s bags generally go through the same screening machine but there are separate body screeners for men & women to walk through. Don’t worry about “beeping”, after passing

    through them you will always be “wanded” anyway. The crew name list each of you signed back in the briefing room will be given to the security personnel here. From here the security personnel should unlock the door for you to gain access directly to the airplane.

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