111027 My Body

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111027 My Body

    Morning Circle

    Unit Theme (单元题目) Morning Circle -- My Body Intention:

    Focus (学科重点) Language+ PE

     Title (主题) The Face

     Instruction Language

    ;指导语言; English

    Teacher;教师; Joyce

    Class ;班级; KD-3

    thDate ;日期; October 27, 2011

    1 To review the words: Eyes & mouth.

    Aims 2 To learn the new words:, ear(s), nose.

    ;教学目的; 3 To learn the new sentences: touch my …./ This

    is a/ an…./ These are….

    Preparation 1 Some pictures, a mask.

    ;教学准备; 2 Some paper and crayons.

     1 Show a mask and introduce the parts of

    Procedure the face. Keith: A mask.

     ;教学过程; T: Look! What‟s this? (Point to the mask.) It‟s a Bowie: This is an

    mask. eye.

    T: What is on the mask? (Point to the parts of the

    face.) This is an eye. (Point to one eye.)

    (Introduce the other parts of the face one at a


    2 Have the children learn the singular and

    plural forms. Jason Yang: One,

    T: Look at the mask! How many eyes are there on two.

    the mask? Let‟s count! Nicole: two eyes.

    T: But what‟s this? (Point to the left eye.) This is Eden: This is an eye.

    an eye. Nick: eyes.

    T: What are these? These are eyes. Lele: This is an ear.

    T: What‟s this? (Point to one of the ears.) This is Mark: These are

    an ear. ears.

    T: What are these? (Point to two ears.) These are


    3 Game: What is / are missing?

    T: What is missing? (Cover one of eyes with Annie: An eye.


    T: What are missing? (Cover two eyes with the Cindy: eyes.

    hands.) The eyes are missing.

    (The teacher pretends to make mistakes, the

    children correct the teacher.)

    T: What is missing? (Cover one of the ears with This game is difficult

    hand.) for the kids to play.

    T: Two ears? So I changed the

    T: What are missing? (Cover two eyes with a game.

hand.) Game: The Wolf Is

    T: An eye? Coming!

4 Game: Touch my….

    T: Now, let‟s play another game. Please do as I

    ask you to. For example, if I say, “Touch your

    nose”. Please find and touch your nose with your

    finger and say, “I touch my nose”.

    T: Touch your eye(s).

    (Invite a child to be the teacher. He/ She gives the

    orders to the others. The others do action and say,

    “Touch my….” Change the child and go on)

    1. Play the game Head Shoulders Knees and

    Toes in the spare time. Further inquiry 2. Review the song: The Body Song. ;延伸活动; 3. Review the words when they wash their face.

    4. Game: Stick the apparatus.

    The kids were glad to participate in the activities. They are especially interested in the new game: The wolf is coming, cover your eyes, please! Kids were interested in the pictures from the internet. They liked to tell

    Feedback what they saw. At that time they spoke English actively. They also wanted

    ;教学反馈; to show the actions when I said different parts of body. Also the second group liked to draw faces with simple lines. I think it is important for them they have some concepts about eyes, ears, mouth and nose. But the first

    group was a little noisy on drawing the picture.

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