MODULO PRENOTAZIONE Workshop - iqclsw2014

By Travis Burns,2014-02-07 12:00
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BOOKING FORM IQCLSW 2014, 7-12 September 2014


    75025 Policoro (MT), Italy

    We kindly ask you to fill out the form with all the information required and send it back to: or via fax at to +39 050 509417 (please send an e-mail to inform the registration has been faxed).

    Name ___________________ Surname ___________________ Address ___________________ ZIP code ___________________ City ___________________ Country ___________________ Birth Date ___________________ Birth Place ___________________ Email ___________________ Mobile number ___________________

    Phone Number ___________________ Fax ___________________


The rates reserved for IQCLSW 2014 are valid for the period 05.09.2014-14.09.2014 and for thall reservations sent by May 5, 2014. In case you would like to anticipate or extend your

    stay outside these dates the rooms are subject to availability and the rates may differ.

Prices reserved for reservations received within 05/05/2014

Please write below your arrival / departure date

    Arrival Date __________________ Departure Date ___________________

Double room

    (deluxe) ? 100,00 per day

    /single use

     Room Mate Name ? Roommate ? 40,00 per day ___________________ supplement

Double Deluxe ___________________ room + Guest 1 ___________________ 1 additional bed Guest 2 ___________________ ? ? 160,00 per day (3 people) Guest 3 (limited number available)

    Signature for acceptance



Double Deluxe room

    + 2 additional beds

    (4 people) ? 180,00 per day

    _________________ Guest 1 _________________ Guest 2 _________________ Guest 3 _________________ Guest 4

The rates include:

    Intercontinental Breakfast.

Room’s reduction

    Infant 0-3 year: free

    Infant 4-7 years: 15 euro/night for bed supplement

    Cancellation policy: The cancellation if free 48hours before the arrival date; one night deposit will be charged in case of late cancellations.

Credit Card Details

Card Holder Name and Surname ___________________

    Birth Date ___________________

    Issue date ___________________

    Expiration date ___________________

    Card Number ___________________

    I authorize the credit card use for reservation purpose only. No money will be charged until the departure date.

Signature (required) for acceptance ___________________

N.B.: Marinagri Hotel will issue invoices or receipts to certify your stay. At the moment of the reservation

    please specify if you need a simple receipt with heading or an invoice (VAT number will be necessary).

    General conditions

    The rooms will be available for occupancy from 1:00 PM of the day of arrival (or before if available) and must be vacated by 12:00 AM on the day of departure.

    Signature for acceptance



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