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By Frank Martinez,2014-02-07 11:28
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Download Arrival Meal Order Form - Christy's of St Johnof,St,st,John,john,Form,Meal,Order,form,order

     Christys of St. John Arrival Meal Order Form

     PO Box 1444

     St. John USVI 00831

     (340) 776-6889 Fax-(425) 648-3629 Arrival Date: _

    Name: _ Date Out:

    Arrival Time into St. Thomas: _

    Villa Name: _ Villa Manager: _

    Stateside phone #: __ Villa Phone #: _

    E-mail contact: _

     Number of Guests__

    ARRIVAL MEAL Choices:

    #1. Uncle Joe’s BBQ- Customer Favorite- Pick-up & Platter Fee- $25

    Half a Chicken or 5 Pork Ribs or the Combo with a choice of 2 sides.

    $16 per Order Choice of (2) side dishes:

    _______Chicken ______Cole slaw

    _______Ribs ______Rice/beans

    _______Combo ______Macaroni Salad #2. “Island Style” Lasagna - Christy’s Homemade Sauces! 9” x 12 Pan

    ____ $80 Beef/Bell Peppers/Zucchini

    ____ $80 Mushroom/Spinach/Squash

    ____ $110 Lobster/Shrimp/Mushrooms (Made with a Tomato Cream Sauce)

     *All served with Garlic Bread, Parmesan, and Red Chili Peppers.

    #3. Ronnie’s Pizza Delicious Large Pizza’s. (*Not available on Sunday’s) - Pick-up Fee- $5 ____ $19 Classic Cheese Pizza

    ____ $23 Three Cheese Pizza- Mozz, Montery Jack, & Cheddar

    ____ $24 Four Veggie Pizza- Any 4: Artichokes, Black Olives, Broccoli, Gr. Peppers, Mushrooms, Onion, Diced Tom ____ $26 Meat Lovers Pizza- Pepperoni, Spicy Beef, Italian Sausage, & Ham ____ $30 Supreme Pizza- Pepperoni, It. Sausage, Spicy Beef, Artichokes, Bk Olives, Gr Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms, & Diced Tom

    #4. Lounging Lizard Platters -Please see Platter order form.

    ____Yes ____No

Need a Few Beverages for Arrival or a few Items for Breakfast?

    ____Pick-up fee-$30 (5 or 6 items)



    Sodas or Juices:


    Want a full Load of Beverages and Groceries for the week?

    We can coordinate that for you too! ___Yes ___No -Please see Provisioning order form.

All Items are delivered and put away in your Villa.

    Platters may be delivered any day during your stay, with 24 hours notice, Please.

Delivery Charges- $10-Cruz Bay to Hart Bay

     $15- Fish Bay, Gift Hill

     $25-North Shore, Bordeaux & Ajax

     $30 Carolina, Coral Bay

     $35 Outer Coral Bay & East End

Please Complete Form and Return to: You can E-mail or Fax.

    Christy’s will then send you an invoice. Then you may e-mail, fax, or call in your payment info, we take MC & Visa.

    Reservation Policies: All services must be paid in full 7 days prior to your arrival. Any last minute

    request will require Payment in Cash upon arrival.

    Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of any Item, 7 days prior to 1st service ensures a full refund stminus a 20% Handling fee. No refunds are issued for Cancellations with less than 7 days to 1 service.

    *Please review all the policies on the home page. Payment of your order does reflect your knowledge and agreement to these Policies.

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