Guidance - Lone Working and Home Visits - Appendix A

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Guidance - Lone Working and Home Visits - Appendix Aa,A,Lone,AND,lone,home,and,Home

Appendix A

The Operation of a Buddy System

    To operate the Buddy System, a Lone Worker must nominate a ‘buddy’. This is a person who is their nominated contact for the period in which they will be working alone. A nominated buddy will:

    ; Be fully aware of the movements of the Lone Worker.

    ; Have the contact details of the Lone Workers line manager including out of hours.

    ; The nominated manager to have all necessary contact details for the Lone Worker, including

    personal contact details, such as next of kin, car make/model/reg number.

    ; The buddy to contact the Lone Worker, if they do not contact the buddy as agreed.

    ; Follow the agreed local escalation procedures for alerting their line manager or the police, if

    the Lone Worker cannot be contacted, or if they fail to contact their buddy within agreed

    and reasonable timescales.

Essential to the effective operation of the ‘Buddy System’ are also the following factors:

    ; The ‘buddy’ must be made aware that they have been nominated and what the procedures

    and requirements for this role are: and

    ; Contingency arrangements should be in place for someone else to take over the role of the

    ‘buddy’ in case the nominated person is called away to a meeting, for example.


    Arrange appropriate contact times, for example (taking an evening meeting at a location away from County Hall):

    ; Arrival: 30 minutes before meeting start time;

    ; End of meeting: 15 minutes after scheduled end time;

    ; Arrival at home: within 15 minutes of estimated arrival.

    The lone worker will contact their buddy on arrival at the venue to let them know they have arrived safely. Check that the mobile phone has a signal! If not, use venue or public telephone and inform your buddy of the situation.

    At the end of the meeting the lone worker will call or text their buddy when they get to their car and give an estimated time of arrival at home. (Lock car doors when doing this and keep them locked until you are safely underway).

    The lone worker will call or text their buddy when they arrive safely home.

    If you have any problems (e.g. car breaks down), remember to call or text your buddy. NB, if you have to call the emergency services from a mobile, use the number 112 (rather than 999). This number is routed to the emergency services through the mobile network and allows them to use GPS technology to locate you even if you are not sure where you are.

Non-car drivers

    Use taxis rather than buses where possible (out of normal hours).

    Arrange your taxis in advance and tell your buddy which taxi firm you are using. If the taxi is not waiting outside, as well as calling the taxi firm, call your buddy and update them. Arrange a time to call them back, if the taxi still does not show. You will need to call your buddy once you are safely in the cab.

    If possible wait inside the venue. If the venue is closed, find somewhere safe to wait (i.e. well lit, near other people).

    Escalation procedures (for the buddy):

    ; Allow quarter of an hour after expected time of contact and then call the lone worker. If no

    reply, wait for five minutes before taking the next step (in case they are driving and have to

    stop before they can use their mobile phone).

    ; If the lone worker has missed making either of the calls from the venue (arrival or departure),

    try the number of the venue to check the situation with them first.

    ; If you still have no news, contact the persons line manager.

    ; If the lone worker is using taxis, check with the taxi firm (if you can get hold of them quickly)

    as to whether they’ve made the pick-ups or drop-offs.

    ; (If you are not able to contact the designated manager) call the police and give them as

    much information as you can about the route and timings.

    ; Let your Service Manager know as soon as possible.

Lone worker and buddy must have a copy of the following:

    st; Expected time of 1 telephone call (arrival)

    nd; Expected time of 2 telephone call (departure)

    rd; Expected time of 3 telephone call (arrival at home).

Lone worker

    ; Buddy’s mobile number

    ; Taxi firm’s number (if using one)

    ; Nominated manager’s mobile


    ; Lone worker’s mobile number

    ; Taxi firm’s name and number (if being used)

    ; Venue’s telephone number (out-of-hours)

    ; Nominated manager’s mobile number

    ; Likely route that the lone worker will be taking

    ; Line Manager’s contact number.

Nominated Manager

    ; Lone worker’s mobile number

    ; Lone worker’s home number

    ; Lone worker’s ICE number

    ; Buddy’s mobile number

    ; Buddy’s home number

    ; Make, colour, registration number of lone worker’s car (if relevant) ; Taxi firm’s name and number (if relevant)

    ; Senior Manager’s contact number.

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