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Nottingham Trent University | Centre for Academic Development and Quality

S part of the process for helping students Contents A prepare for starting their course, NTU

    ; Indicative deadlines provides an online one stop shop: Starting

    at NTU. This resource contains information ; Further information


    ; Online enrolment

    ; Support, Welcome Week and social media

    ; Films describing how learning at University is different

    Importantly, Starting at NTU also contains a section for each course to upload information about the forthcoming course induction. Each course is required to upload:

    ; A welcome to the course

    ; A pre-arrival induction activity

    ; The course induction timetable

    In addition, the Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator in each school will update three school wide pages:

    ; Learning and teaching

    ; Assessment

    ; Academic support

    Indicative deadlines

    ; Academic staff need to have submitted all written content to school staff for

    uploading by July graduation ceremonies

    ; School administration staff need to upload all content onto Rythmyx by mid


    ; Digital Marketing will upload all content onto the Starting at NTU web pages by A’

    level results day (the third Thursday in August).

CADQ Guide: Pre-arrival

    Nottingham Trent University||June-13

Nottingham Trent University | Centre for Academic Development and Quality

Further information

    Where possible, students should be informed of the name of their personal tutor and members of their tutor group before arrival.

    Guidance for completing the online course induction templates

    ; This guidance is updated each year and intended to guide staff through

    the process of updating their course induction pages

    NTU Course Induction pre-arrival activities guide

    ; This guide offers exemplars of different types of course induction pre-

    arrival activities grouped into three sets: research activities, engaging

    with the literature, social networking and key questions about the


    Staff briefing document

    ; These PowerPoint slides are taken from the March 2013 briefing session

    for academics and school administration staff and offer a more detailed

    overview of the whole starting at NTU process.

    Quality Handbook

    Quality Handbook, Section 11: Admissions to taught courses

    Quality Handbook, Section 21: Accreditation of prior learning

CADQ Guide: Pre-arrival

    Nottingham Trent University||June-13

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