Arrival Notification Sheet - Wright State University

By Valerie Young,2014-02-07 09:26
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Arrival Notification Sheet - Wright State Universitystate,sheet,State,STATE,Sheet

    University Center for International Education (UCIE) ARRIVAL NOTIFICATION

    3640 Col. Glenn Hwy. SHEET Dayton, OH 45435 Phone: (937)775-5745

     Fax: (937)775-5776


    Directions: Complete this form and send it to UCIE as a WORD email attachment to

     inform UCIE of your US arrival details.

    Please note that you will only be met at the Dayton airport by a UCIE

    representative if you arrive during the airport pick-up period, which will

    be from December 16 23, 2013 and January 2 8, 2014.

TO: UCIE Arrival Assistance, Rm. E190 Student Union,

    Wright State University, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, Ohio 45435

    Fax: 937-775-5776; Phone: 937-775-5745

    Office e-mail address: or

Student Information: Please provide UCIE with the following information:

Family Name : _______________________________________________

    First Name : _______________________________________________

    UID # : _______________________________________________ PHONE # : _______________________________________________

    E-MAIL : _______________________________________________ My arrival date in Dayton is: _______________________ (MM/DD/YYYY)

    My arrival time in Dayton is: _______________________ (Time)

    My flight number to Dayton is: ___________________ (Airline name and Flight Number)

    City (in US) flight is originating from is: ____________________ (City & State Name)

    Please completely fill in all information as stated in your itinerary.


    This is to report I will be arriving to begin classes at Wright State University and with this note; I am notifying UCIE of my flight and arrival information (above) in order to request your assistance at the Dayton airport when I arrive. I realize I must send UCIE this information a minimum of two weeks in advance of my arrival to be assured of receiving the requested assistance. I will e-mail, fax, or call UCIE with notification of any last minute changes in my arrival information.

    I understand that I will be charged a $30 fee for failing to inform UCIE of changes to my scheduled arrival and/or my request for airport pick-up service.

Current Date: Indicate Agreement: Yes (Please Check Box)


    Please check one option below to indicate your arrival & housing arrangements request(s):

____ I have applied and paid $150 prepayment for temporary/permanent WSU on-campus

    housing on _________ (date you submitted application). I will also notify WSU

    Residence Services of my arrival date and seek their assistance for arranging

    accommodation when I arrive.

    ____ I have not applied for WSU on-campus housing and have made other reservations for

    my first few days’ accommodation until I find an apartment/flat/room.

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