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Arrival Details Form - Binghamtonform,Form

    Arrival Details Form

We must have this form at least three weeks prior to your arrival. Please return as soon as

    possible, but no later than July 25, so that we can coordinate arrangements for accommodations, arrivals, etc.

    Please refer to the document “Tips for Arriving in Binghamton” for information about the various means of travel to Binghamton and suggested arrival times. Important! Please

    keep us informed of any changes in your plans or arrival time, no matter what time of the day or

    night it is. Phone messages can be left at any hour at (607) 777-2336. We will check the

    messages regularly.

    1. Name:


    2. Home University:


    3. Date and time (24hr clock) that you plan to arrive in Binghamton:


    4. Flight Details (Please include all connecting flights)

Departure CityArrival City Airline Flight Number Arrival Date Arrival Time

     (24hr clock)

    5. Bus Details (if applicable)

Departure CityArrival City Bus Company Arrival Arrival Time

     (Greyhound or Shortline) Date (24hr clock)

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    6. Special travel details that we should be aware of (e.g. staying with friends, travel in

    the USA prior to arriving in Binghamton)






    7. I will occupy campus accommodations immediately upon my arrival in

    Binghamton. Yes ___ No ___

    8. I am interested in attending the casual, pay-as-you-go late lunch at the Park Diner

    a local American-style diner the afternoon before the Exchange Student Welcome

    Breakfast and Orientation. Yes ___ No ___

Please return this form by July 25 to:

     Office of International Programs

     Rockefeller Center, RC G1

    Binghamton University

     Binghamton NY 13902-6000

     Fax: 1-607-777-2889

Rev. 02/01/2013

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