The Forum Day from the Organizer's Perspective

By Karen Coleman,2014-02-07 06:20
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The Forum Day from the Organizer's PerspectiveForum,Day,The,from,the,From,forum,day,THE,FORUM

    The Forum Day from the Organizer’s Perspective

    As the primary organizer of the Capitol Forum, you serve as “advance staff” throughout the day, preparing for the next event, anticipating problems, and making mid-course adjustments. It is not possible or necessary for one person to do all these things, but someone should have the “big picture” of the day and be prepared to troubleshoot and delegate.

    You and/or your designees should be prepared to answer questions from students and teachers, to greet and thank guests and VIPs, and to attend to the questions and needs of any news media. You should also be in close communication with the lead teacher to keep the day’s schedule on track and ensure that all are informed of last-minute changes.

    The Organizer’s Day

    7:30 Registration Set Up and Rooms Check

     Registration area is set up and stocked with:

    Participant packets & name tags (bundled by school for easy distribution)

    VIP/Guest packets & name tags

    Breakout leader’s materials

    Extra name tags, agendas, handouts

     An area has been designated for drop off of posters.

     Sound, heat, lighting check for main meeting room and breakout areas. Set up

    easels, flip charts, etc.

     Signs (if allowed) are posted to designate meeting room, breakout spaces, rest

    rooms, lunch site, coat area, etc.

    8:00-8:30 Arrival and Registration

     Distribute forum packets & name tags to each school on arrival. Receive each school’s poster or have students deliver poster to a designated


     Greet VIPs and guests and supply them with appropriate packets and name tag. Position first half of posters for presentation in main meeting room. 8:15 Main Meeting Room Opens

     Greet morning speakers and go over order of introductions.

     8:30 Welcome and Introductions

    8:45-9:15 Introduction to the Topic and Presentation of Student Posters Check breakout session rooms. Flip charts and easels should be delivered and set

    up in rooms.

     Breakout leaders should have handouts and materials.

    9:15-10:30 Breakout Session IDeliberating on Four Global Issues

     Be available (with breakout lists) to help students get to their sessions. Set up for break.

     Set up for second set of poster presentations.

    10:30-10:45 Break

     Recheck breakout rooms: Ready for second breakout session? Fifth breakout area

    ready for Senate Foreign Relations panelists?

     Breakout leaders should have handouts and materials. Flip charts and easels

    should be delivered and set up in rooms.

     Get names of Senate Foreign Relations panelists from breakout facilitators

    (one student to be selected from each global issues group). Give the names to

    lead teacher who will work with these students during second breakout. 10:45-11:05 Presentation of Posters Part II

    Four Futures 11:10-12:20 Breakout Session II

     Check on set up for lunch.

    12:20-1:05 Lunch

     Main meeting room is set up for the hearing on the Four Futures by dividing the

    seating into four sections, one for each Future.

     Set up for four-person Senate panel.

     Reserve seating for officials and policymakers who arrive to observe the hearing. 1:05-1:15 Introduction to the Afternoon

    1:15-2:15 Hearing on the Four Futures

     Greet officials and policymakers as they arrive and be prepared to seat them and

    explain what is happening. Have name tags and an agenda and/or other materials


     Immediately following the hearing, set up for policymakers panel. (Microphones,

    seats, table cards with names.)

    2:15-2:45 Open ForumPart I: Student Views

    2:45-3:30 Open ForumPart II: Conversation with the Elected Officials and Policymakers Have thank you gifts (if any) ready to present to panelists/guests. Have certificates (bundled by school) ready for distribution at the end of the


     Set out box(es) to collect student evaluation forms or designate a volunteer(s)

    to collect them at the door.

    3:30-3:45 Wrap-Up

     Policymaker panelists are thanked and gifted.

     Posters are reviewed and students are invited to stay after for a photo with the

    Secretary of the State and sponsors.

     Collect student evaluations.

Distribute certificates.

Arrange for storage and/or display of all posters.

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