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     2014 QFD GREEN BELT


8 AM 4 PM both days

     This workshop is part of the international program in

     Quality Function Deployment.




     Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Game

    Internationally acclaimed introduction to QFD, the QFD GREEN ?BELT CERTIFICATE COURSE will show ways in which QFD can solve issues you face in product, service, software, and process ?development. It is the first step toward earning a QFD Black Belt. Tel: +1 734-995-0847

    Fax: +1 206-203-3575 For beginners, team members, anyone and any business who wishes to learn state-of-the-art Modern QFD to compete in the 1140 Morehead Ct. 21st century global market, as well as for companies who wish to Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA explore best training options. No prerequisites.

    ? QFD GREEN BELT CERTIFICATE COURSE: March 6 7, 2014, Orlando, Florida USA Page 1

    ; New Product Development Teams

    ; Project managers/team members involved with In this step-by-step, hands-on QFD workshop, Market Research, Sales & Marketing, IT, Design, you will learn: Service, Quality, Design, Engineering, R&D,

    Customer Requirements Management, CTQs ; Brief history and principles of QFD What it is and

    requirements management, VOC analysis, etc. How it works;

    ; Training scouts who will report on QFD to their ; How to understand spoken and unspoken

    requirements (Voice of Customers); management

    ; How to translate key customer needs into product ; Quality consultants and MBB / BB in Lean Sigma, specifications; Design for Lean Sigma, Phase-gates ; How to prioritize customer needs and focus the ; Trainers, facilitators, and internal quality gurus development process;

    ; There are no prerequisites to register for this ; How to deploy these needs end-to-end to each course. functional group;

    ; Examples of QFD for manufactured goods, service and business process, software, chemical and

    food products;

Basic QFD tools that you will learn about in

    Upon successful completion of this course, students this Course include: ?receive a Provisional QFD Green Belt Certificate ; Customer Gemba Studies from the QFD Institute.

    ; Customer Context Table To assure the integrity of the Certificate as ; Customer Voice Table demonstrated by application, full status will be earned

    upon successful completion of: ; Customer Process Model

    ; Affinity and Hierarchy Diagram, Matrix ?; Having a QFD Master Black Belt custom-tailor a ; Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) QFD process for your company; and ; Maximum Value Table ; Submitting two QFD work objects from an actual ; House of Quality project using your tailored process for successful ?review by a QFD Master Black Belt within one year. ; Downstream QFD Deployment

     (generic deployment in public course)


    You will also be introduced to associated ?Having a QFD Green Belt (provisional or full status) is a quality methodologies such as: ?prerequisite for enrolling in the QFD Black Belt Certificate ?Course the next step toward becoming a successful ; Blitz QFD QFD team leader or facilitator. ; Kansei Engineering

    ; TRIZ The attendees of this course are eligible to attend the 2014 ?public QFD Black Belt Certificate Course (Fall 2014). ; New Lanchester Strategy for Sales and Marketing ?They are also eligible to enroll in QFD Green Belt Update ; Critical Chain Project Management Courses in the future. ; Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) / Lean Sigma (DFLS)

    ? QFD Institute. All rights reserved.

    ? QFD GREEN BELT CERTIFICATE COURSE: March 6 7, 2014, Orlando, Florida USA Page 2

; The latest release of the QFD Institute QFD Green This course will be held from 8AM4PM on March 6 and ?Belt training manual March 7 at the venue below. Please plan on full days on

    both days. Late arrival and early departure might jeopardize ; CD-ROM with the latest Modern QFD templates

    your receiving a certificate. and case studies

    Hampton Inn Orlando Convention Center /

    International Drive Area

    8900 Universal Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32819 ; Your laptop computer with CD drive, with MS Reservation: 1-877-620-8006 Excel, Word, and Adobe Acrobat as you will

    receive a CD with QFD software templates. Hotel Price: $119 per room per night plus taxes (single or

    double occupancy; non-commissionable rate). To receive this ; Relevant marketing and technical data for a special group rate, reservations must be made by February 12,

    small project or a part of a large project that you 2014. Subject to availability, this rate may be used for stays

    between March 5, 2014 and March 8, 2014. are currently working on or plan to work on in the

    future. Reservation Methods:

    ONLINE RESERVATION: Upon registration, you will get a PDF document

    explaining this in details. There is no need to reveal TELEPHONE: 1-877-620-8006 and identify yourself as a any confidential data. The goal is to make the QFD QFD Institute attendee”. exercises real and meaningful to you!

    Cancellation Policy: Due to the special rate, cancellations and You may also bring your project team and learn as you changes must be notified at least 72 hours prior to your arrival. work on a real project or you may join others. Otherwise, one night’s room fee plus taxes will be assessed.

    How to Get There: This hotel is located about a 15-minute drive from Orlando International Airport (airport code: MCO).

    Ground transportation is readily available at the airport by taxi, US $2,095 per person (2-day course). shuttle bus, rental cars and limousine.

    This hotel offers complimentary hot breakfast and high-speed Please use the Registration Form included here. Internet access. It is within walking distance of many restaurants, The above fees include your training manual, Modern QFD shops, night life on International Drive.

    templates (CD), lunch and coffee breaks. Other details are explained in “Registration Terms & Conditions” included here. Testimonials from past Course attendees

     “Instructors' knowledge was impressive and the materials were presented well. “Excellent course. Well done. Glenn H. Mazur ( “The instructor was clearly an expert, well-versed in all subjects, had a ; Executive Director, QFD Institute & International Council for QFD wealth of examples and anecdotes based on his experience, and ?; Certified QFD Red Belt (international) covered everything that I would have imagined for a course targeting ; Certified QFD-Architekt #A21907 (QFD Institut Deutschland) ?a QFD team member.” ; 1998 Akao Prize winner for Excellence in QFD ; Academician, International Academy for Quality “The work that you've done to advance the traditional QFD to more ; Application / implementation expert ?effectively align business goals to solution development and delivery ; Trained over 2,000 QFD Green Belts worldwide is truly outstanding… the penny dropped for me why Modern QFD is ; Kansei Engineering Lifestyle QFD expert ; Convenor of ISO Working Group 2 Technical Committee 69 the fundamental process for speed and accuracy of decision making.” Subcommittee 8 (writing the international standard for QFD) "We would like to send our heartiest thanks to Glenn for his clear ; President, Japan Business Consultants, Ltd. ?; Senior Member of ASQ enthusiastic teaching and valuable experience at the QFD Green Belt ; Member of Japanese Society for Quality Control Course. We have learnt so much from him.” ; National Academies of Science Board, Innovation (ret.) ; Adjunct faculty, University of Michigan (ret.) “Until I attended this course, I did not realize that some of the things I had learned previously elsewhere were wrong or outdated. Now it makes sense." (Author of an advanced QFD book)

    ? QFD Institute. All rights reserved.

    Registration Form

    ?QFD Green Belt Certififcate Course, March 67, 2014, Orlando, Florida USA

    Please type or write clearly.

     Your Full Name

     This name will be used to print your certificate. Please be clear and accurate.

     Job Title


     Complete Address

    for your Receipt or nvoice


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     Dietary or barrier-free requirements if any


     US $2,095 per person (2-day course).

    ?The above fees include the latest release of the QFD Green Belt training manual, case studies, Modern QFD

    templates on a CD, your provisional certificate upon completion of the course, plus lunch and coffee breaks.

    Team Discounts: US$100 per person discount when three (3) or more attendees attend from the same company.

    YOUR TOTAL FEES: US$____________


    By providing the card information here, you agree to the credit card charge by the QFD Institute of the ; Credit Card amount typed above. Visa Card Number MasterCard Amex Expiration Date (month / year) Discover

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    ** Wire Transfer * ; Check

    Please send the completed form to: FAX: +1 2062033575 EMAIL:

    (Or Register Online: )

    An e-mail acknowledgement will follow within 24 hours of receipt of your Registration.

Registration Terms and Conditions

    ?March 67, 2014: QFD Green Belt Certififcate Course, Orlando, Florida USA

    Team Discounts: A US$100 per person discount may be applied when three (3) or more people register from the same company. (The discounts will be reflected on the statement beginning from the 3rd attendee and thereafter.)

    * Payment by Check: Checks must be in US$ drawn on a US bank. Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of full payment check. Please make checks PAYABLE TO:

    QFD Institute, 1140 Morehead Ct., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

     ** Payment by Wire Transfer: Wire transfer instructions will be e-mailed to you upon receipt of your registration form. The attendee pays all bank fees associated with wire transfer services; please instruct your purchasing department and bank to add applicable bank fees to your registration fees. Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of full payment.

    Cancellations after Registration & Substitutions: Cancellations notified by January 31, 2014 will be

    refunded in full minus a 10% card processing fee if a credit card was used for payment; or minus the applicable bank fees if transactions were made by wire transfer. (No processing fee if paid by company check.) No refund will be made after that; however, substitutions are permitted without penalty (please

    notify us of any substitutions as soon as possible, so that we can print the correct name on the certificate). Course Cancellations by the QFD Institute: The QFD Institute will make every effort to keep the

    scheduled course dates. In the event of course cancellation by the QFD Institute, the QFDI's liability is specifically limited to refunding the applicable course and/or program fees and excludes any incidental or consequential damages.

    Late Registrations & Cut-off Date: Registrations received within 24 hours of the course start time may be subject to a 20% late registration surcharge due to the extra costs in material preparation. Start and End Time: This is a 2-day course, starting from 8:00 AM and ending at 4:00 PM on both days.

    Please plan on full days on both days and schedule your travel accordingly. Late arrival and early departure before 4pm on the second day could jeopardize your receiving the certificate.

    This course requires pre-registration and pre-payment. No walk-ins will be accepted.

    QFD Institute reserves the right to refuse sales of any product or service to anyone or any organization. The QFD Institute products and services are available only where legally permitted. Registrations with untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete information may not be processed. Registrations with overseas P.O. box addresses may not be accepted. For questions, please contact

    TEL +1 734-995-0847 (M-F 9 am - 6 pm U.S. Eastern Time)

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