Disneys Alice In Wonderland movie script

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Disneys Alice In Wonderland movie script ...

Disneys Alice In Wonderland movie script

    This is the unofficial Disney script from Alice in Wonderland. Please remember that this script is in no way 'official'.

    These people are responsible for the making of the script - Typed by Lenny de Rooy

    - Edited and verified by Tim Montgomery

    This script is copyright of Disney and is reproduced without Disney's permission. It is for entertainment purposes only: this material may not be used for any commercial or for profitable means in any way! Do not abuse



    Alice in Wonderland, how do you get to Wonderland?

    Over the hill or underland, or just behind the tree?

     When clouds go rolling by, they roll away and leave the sky.Where is the land beyond the eye, the people can not see, where can it


     Where do stars go, where is the grass that's blue?

    They must be somewhere in the sunny afternoon.

     Alice in Wonderland, where is the path to Wonderland?

    Over the hill or here or there, I wonder where.

    Sister: ...leaders, and had been of late much accustomed to usurpation and conquest. Edwin and Morcar, the earls of Mercia and Northumbria declared for him, and even Stigand... Alice!

    Alice: Hmm...? Oh, I’m listening.

    Sister: And even Stigand, the archbishop of Canterbury, agreed to meet with William and offer him the crown.

    Alice: He he he!

    Sister: William’s conduct at first was mo....

    Alice: He he he!

    Sister: Alice...! Will you kindly pay attention to your history lesson? Alice: I’m sorry, but how can one possibly pay attention to a book with

    no pictures in it?

    Sister: My dear child, there are a great many good books in this world without pictures.

    Alice: In this world perhaps. But in my world, the books would be nothing but pictures.

    Sister: Your world? Huh, what nonsense. Now...

    Alice: Nonsense?

    Sister: Once more. From the beginning.

    Alice: That’s it, Dinah! If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what

    it isn’t. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?

    Dinah: Meow!

    Alice: In my world, you wouldn’t say ‘meow’. You’d say ‘Yes, miss Alice’.

    Dinah: Meow!

    Alice: Oh, but you would! You’d be just like people, Dinah, and all the other animals too. Why, in my world... Cats and rabbits, would reside in

    fancy little houses, and be dressed in shoes and hats and trousers. In a world of my own. All the flowers would have very extra special powers, they would sit and talk to me for hours, when I’m lonely in a world of

    my own. There’d be new birds, lots of nice and friendly how-de-do birds,

    everyone would have a dozen bluebirds, within that world of my own. I could

    listen to a babbling brook and here a song, that I could understand. I

     keep wishing it could be that way, because my world would be a wonderland.Dinah: Meow! Meow! Meow!

    Alice: Oh Dinah! It’s just a rabbit with a waistcoat... and a watch!

    White Rabbit: Oh my fur and whiskers! I’m late, I’m late I’m late!

    Alice: Now this is curious! What could a rabbit possibly be late for? Please, sir!

    White Rabbit: I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

    Alice: It must be awfully important, like a party or something! Mister Rabbit! Wait!

    White Rabbit: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m overdue. I’m really in a stew. No time to say goodbye, hello! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

    Alice: My, what a peculiar place to have a party.

    Dinah: Meow!

    Alice: You know, Dinah, we really shouldn’ doing

    this... After all, we haven’t been invited! And curiosity often leads to troubl l l e e e! Goodbye, Dinah! Goodbye! ... Oh! Well, after this I shall think nothing of fa-... of falling downstairs! ... Oh! Ahhh... Oh, Goodness! What if I should fall right through the center of the earth... oh, and come out the other side, where people walk upside down. Oh, but that’s silly. Nobody... oh! Oh, ha ha. Oh, mister Rabbit! Wait! Please! ... Curiouser and curiouser!

    Doorknob: Ohhhhh!!

    Alice: OH! Oh, I beg your pardon.

    Doorknob: Oh, oh, it’s quite all right. But you did give me quite a turn!

    Alice: You see, I was following...

    Doorknob: Rather good, what? Doorknob, turn?

    Alice: Please, sir.

    Doorknob: Well, one good turn deserves another! What can I do for you? Alice: Well, I’m looking for a white rabbit. So, um, if you don’t mind...

Doorknob: Uh? Oh!

    Alice: There he is! I simply must get through!

    Doorknob: Sorry, you’re much too big. Simply impassible.

    Alice: You mean impossible?

    Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing’s impossible! Why don’t you try the bottle on the table?

    Alice: Table? Oh!

    Doorknob: Read the directions, and directly you’ll be directed in the right direction. He he he!

    Alice: ‘Drink me’. Hmmm, better look first. For if one drinks much from

    a bottle marked ‘poison’, it’s almost certain to disagree with one, sooner or later.

    Doorknob: Beg your pardon!

    Alice: I was just giving myself some good advice. But... hmm, tastes like oh... cherry tart... custard... pineapple... roast turkey... goodness! What did I do?

    Doorknob: Ho ho ho ho! You almost went out like a candle! Alice: But look! I’m just the right size!

    Doorknob: Oh, no use! Ha ha ha ha. I forgot to tell you, ho ho ho ho! I’m locked!

    Alice: Oh no!

    Doorknob: Ha ha ha, but of course, uh, you’ve got the key, so...

    Alice: What key?

    Doorknob: Now, don’t tell me you’ve left it up there!

    Alice: Oh, dear! What ever will I do?

    Doorknob: Try the box, naturally.

    Alice: Oh! ‘Eat me’. All right. But goodness knows what this will do...

    wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

    Doorknob: whtwhsthswwdthdwd!

    Alice: What did you say?

    Doorknob: I said: ‘a little of that went a long way’! Ha ha ha ha!

    Alice: Well, I don’t think it’s so funny! Now- now I do never get ou-out!

    Doorknob: Oh, come on now. Crying won’t help.

    Alice: I know, but I- I- I just can’t stop!

    Doorknob: Hey, hey you! Bwbwlwbbwlwbl! Say, this won't do at all! You, you up there, stop!

    Stop, I say! Oh look! The bottle, the bottle...

    Alice: Oh dear, I do wish I hadn’t cried so much.

    Doorknob: glpglpglp...

    Dodo: Oh, the sailor’s life is the life for me, how I love to sail on the bounding sea, and I never never ever do a thing about the weather for the weather never ever does a thing for me. Oh, a sailor’s life is a life

    ahoy! And other for me, tiddle um dum pom pom dum de dee! And I never ne... nautical expressions! Land ho, by Jove!

Parrot: Where away, Dodo?

    Alice: Dodo?

    Dodo: Three points to starboard. Follow me, me hearties! Have you at port no time at all now, haha! Oh...

    Alice: Mister Dodo!

    Dodo: Johoho, and a bottle of sea, we love each time...

    Alice: Please! Please help me! ... Um, pardon me, but uh, would you mind helping me? Please? Yoo Ho! Yoo Ho! Help me! Please! Help me! Dodo: Forward, backward, inward, outward, come and join the chase! Nothing could be drier than a jolly caucus-race. Backward, forward, outward, inward, bottom to the top, never a beginning there can never be a stop to skipping, hopping, tripping, fancy free and gay, I started it tomorrow

    and will finish yesterday. Round and round and round we go, and dance for

    evermore, once we were behind but now we find we are be-forward, backward,

    inward, outward, come and join the chase! Nothing could be drier than a

    I say! You’ll never get dry that way! jolly caucus-race. For backward...

    Alice: Get dry?

    Dodo: Have to run with the others! First rule of a caucus-race, you know! Alice: But how can I...

    Dodo: That’s better! Have you dry in no time now!

    Alice: No-one can ever get dry this way!

    Dodo: Nonsense! I am as dry as a bone already.

    Alice: Yes, but...

    Dodo: All right, chaps! Let's head now! Look lively!

    Alice: The white rabbit! Mister Rabbit! Mi- mister Rabbit! White Rabbit: Oh, my goodness! I’m late! I’m late!

    Alice: Oh, don’t go away! I’ll be right back!

    White Rabbit: I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

    Dodo: Don’t step on the fish! Eric, there, won’t you there stop kicking that mackerel! William...

    Alice: Mister Rabbit! Oh, mister Rabbit! Oh dear, I’m sure he came this way. Do you suppose he could be hiding? Hmmm... not here. I wonder... No, I suppose he must have... Oh! Why, what peculiar little figures! Tweedle Dee... and Tweedle Dum!

    Tweedle Dee: If you think we’re wax-works, you ought to pay, you know!

    Tweedle Dum: Contrariwise, if you think we’re alive you ought to speak

    to us!

    Dee & Dum: That’s logic!

    Alice: Well, it’s been nice meeting you. Goodbye!

    Dee: You’re beginning backwards!

    Dum: Aye, the first thing in a visit is to say: How do you do and shake

    hands, shake hands, shake hands. How do you do and shake hands and state

     your name and business.

    Dee & Dum: That’s manners!

    Alice: Really? Well, my name is Alice and I’m following a white rabbit. So...

    Dee: You can’t go yet!

    Dum: No, the visit has just started!

    Alice: I’m very sorry...

    Dum: Do you like to play hide-and-seek?

    Dee: Or button-button, who’s got the button?

    Alice: No, thank you.

    Dee: If you stay long enough we might have a battle!

    Alice: That's very kind of you, but I must be going.

    Dee & Dum: Why?

    Alice: Because I am following a white rabbit!

    Dee & Dum: Why?

    Alice: Well, I- I’m curious to know where he is going!

    Dum: Ohhhh, she’s curious! Tsk! tsk! tsk! ts!...

    Dee: The oysters were curious too, weren’t they?

    Dum: Aye, and you remember what happened to them...

    Dee & Dum: Poor things!

    Alice: Why? What did happen to the oysters?

    Dee: Oh, you wouldn’t be interested.

    Alice: But I am!

    Dum: Oh, no. You’re in much too much of a hurry!

    Alice: Well, perhaps I could spare a little time...

    Dee & Dum: You could? Well...

    Dee: ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’!

    Dum: Or: ‘The story of the curious Oysters’!

    Dee & Dum: The sun was shining on the sea, shining with all his might, he did his very best to make the billows full and bright. And this was odd, because it was the middle of the night. The Walrus and the Carpenter were walking close at hand. The beach was white from side to side but much

    too full of sand. ‘Mister Walrus’, said the Carpenter: ‘My brain begins

    to burke. We’ll sweep this clear in half a year, if you don't mind the


    Walrus: Work? Uh, pff, brrrr! Uh the time has come (the Walrus said), to

    talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings. Calloo, callay, no work today! We’re cabbages and kings! ... Oh, uhhh, oysters, come and walk with us. The day is warm and bright! A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, would be a sheer delight!

    Carpenter: Yes, and should we get hungry on the way, we’ll stop and uh...

    have a bite!

    Walrus: Hrmmmm!

    Dee & Dum: But mother Oyster winked her eye and shook her heavy head. She

     knew too well this was no time to leave her oyster bed.

    Mother oyster: The sea is nice, take my advice, and stay right here. Dee & Dum: Mom said.

    Walrus: Yes, yes, of course, of course! But eh... haha! The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings. Haha! Calloo, callay, come run away! We’re the cabbages

    and kings! ... Hrmmm, well now, uh... let me see... Ah! A loaf of bread is what we chiefly need.

    Carpenter: How about some pepper and salt and vinegar, aye? Walrus: Oh yes, yes, splendid idea! Haha, very good indeed! Now, if you’re

    ready, oysters dear... haha... we can begin to feed.

    Oysters: Feed?

    Walrus: Oh yes, ahh, the time has come, my little friends, to talk of food and things!

    Carpenter: Of peppercorns and mustard seed and other seasonings. We’ll mix some all together in a sauce as good for kings. Callooh, callay, we’ll live today, like cabbages and kings!

    Walrus: I uh, weep for you, I -uh- oh, excuse me, I deeply sympathize. For I've enjoyed your company, oh, much more than you realize. Carpenter: Little oysters, little oysters...

    Dee & Dum: But answer there came none. And this was scarcely odd, because,

     they’d been eaten, every one!

    Walrus: Hmm, well, uhhh, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, hmm... the time has come! Dee & Dum: With cabbages and kings! The end!

    Alice: That was a very sad story.

    Dum: Aye, and there’s a moral to it.

    Alice: Oh yes, a very good moral, if you happen to be an oyster. Well, it’s been a very nice visit...

    Dum: Another recitation...

    Alice: I’m sorry, but...

    Dum: It’s titled ‘Father William’.

    Alice: But really, I’m...

    Dum: First verse: You are old father William, the young man said and your hair has become very white. And yet you incessantly stand on your head, do you think at your age it is right, is right, do you think at your age it is right? Well, in me youth, father William replied to his son, I’d

    do it again and again and again and I’d done it again and again and


    Alice: Now I wonder who lives here...

    White Rabbit: Mary Ann! ?? that girl. Where did she put 'em? Mary Ann! Alice: The rabbit!

    White Rabbit: Mary Ann! No use, can’t wait, I’m awfully late, oh me oh might oh me oh might!

    Alice: Excuse me sir, but- but I’ve been trying to...

    White Rabbit: Why, Mary Ann! What are you doing out here? Alice: Mary Ann?

    White Rabbit: Don’t just do something standing... Uh... no no! Go go! Go get my gloves! I’m late!

    Alice: But late for what? That’s just what I...

    White Rabbit: My gloves! At once, do you hear!

    Alice: Goodness. I suppose I’ll be taking orders from Dinah next. Hmmm,

    now let me see. If I were a rabbit, where would I keep my gloves? Oh! Thank you. Don’t mind if I do. -oeh! Oh Hmhm. Hmhm. Hmhmhmhmhmhm. Hmhmhmhmhmhm

    no no, not again!

    White Rabbit: Oh! Mary Ann! Now you see here, Mary Ann... Help! No! No! Help! Monsters! Help, assistance!

    Alice: No... no... no... dear!

    White Rabbit: A monster! A monster, Dodo! In my house, Dodo! Alice: Dodo...?

    White Rabbit: Oh might, poor little bitty house...

    Dodo: Uh, steady old champ.Can't be as bad as all that you know. White Rabbit: Oh my poor roof and rafters, all my walls and... there it is!

    Dodo: By Jove! Jolly well?? is! Isn’t it?

    White Rabbit: Well, do something, Dodo!

    Dodo: Yes, indeed! Extraordinary situation, but eh... White Rabbit: But- but- but- but- but what?

    Dodo: But I have a very simple solution!

    Alice: Thank goodness!

    White Rabbit: Wha- wha- what is it?

    Dodo: Simply pull it out the chimney.

    White Rabbit: Yes, go- go- go ahead, go ahead! Pull it out! Dodo: Who? Me? Don’t be ridiculous! What we need is eh... a lizard with

    a ladder!

    White Rabbit: Hmm? Oh! Bill! Bill! Eh, we need a lazzerd with a lizard, a lizard a bb...b... can you help us?

    Bill: At your service, governor!

    Dodo: Here, my lad??. Have you ever been down a chimney? Bill: Why governor, I’ve been down more chimneys...

    Dodo: Excellent, excellent. You just pop down the chimney, and haul that monster out of there.

    Bill: Righto, governor! Monster? Hoeaaaaah! No! No! .... Dodo: That’s better! Bill, lad, you’re passing up a golden opportunity!

    Bill: I am?

    Dodo: You can be famous!

    Bill: I can?

    Dodo: Of course! There’s a brave lad! In you go now. Nothing to it, old boy. Simply tie your tail around the monsters neck and drag it out!

Bill: But- but- but governor!

    Dodo: Good luck, Bill!

    Alice: Ah- ah- ah- ah... choo!

    Dodo: Well, there goes Bill...

    Alice: Poor Bill...

    Dodo: Ehh, perhaps we should try a more energetic remedy. White Rabbit: Yes, anything, anything. But hurry!

    Dodo: No, I- I propose that we... uhh...

    White Rabbit: Yes, come on, come on, yes, yes...

    Dodo: I propose that we... uhh... dow! By Jove! That’s it! We’ll burn the house down!

    White Rabbit: Yes, hihi! Burn the house... what?

    Alice: Oh no!

    Dodo: Hi ho! Oh, we’ll smoke the blighter out. He‘ll put the beast to rout. Some kindling, a stick or two, all this bit of rubbish ought to


    White Rabbit: Oh dear...

    Dodo: We’ll smoke the blighter there out, we’ll smoke the monster out!White Rabbit: No, no! Not my beautiful house!

    Dodo: Oh, we’ll roast the blighter's toes, we’ll toast the bounder's nose! Go fetch that gate, we’ll make it clear that monsters aren’t

     welcome here.

    White Rabbit: Oh me, oh my...

    Dodo: A match!

    White Rabbit: Match?

    Dodo: Thank you! We’ll blow the thing there out, we’ll smoke the monster


    White Rabbit: We’ll smoke the monster out... noho! Noho, my poor house

    and furniture...

    Alice: Oh dear, this is serious! I simply must... oh! A garden! Perhaps if I will eat something it will make me grow smaller... White Rabbit: Ahhhh! Oh, let go! Help!

    Alice: I’m sorry, but I must eat something!

    White Rabbit: Not me, you- you- you- you- you barbarian! Help! Monsters! Help! Ah! I’m late! Oh dear, I’m here, I should be there! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

    Dodo: Ah, say, do you have a match?

    White Rabbit: Must go. Goodbye. Hello. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

    Alice: Wait! Please wait!

    Dodo: Ah, young lady! Do you have a match?

    Alice: No, I- I’m sorry, but... mister Rabbit!

    Dodo: No cooperation, no cooperation at all? We can’t have monsters about! Jolly will have to carry on alone! Pf, pf, pf, pf...

    Alice: Wait! Please! Just a minute! Oh, dear. I’ll never catch him while I’m this small. Why curious butterflies!

    Rose: You mean bread-and-butterflies.

    Alice: Oh, yes, of course, I... hmm? Now who do you suppose... Ah, a horse fly! I mean, a- a rocking horse fly!

    Rose: Naturally!

    Alice: I beg your pardon, but uhh... did you... oh, that’s nonsense. Flowers can’t talk.

    Rose: But of course we can talk, my dear.

    Snap-dragon: If there’s anyone worth talking to.

    Marguerite: Or about! Hahahaha!

    Violets: And we sing too!

    Alice: You do?

    Tulips: Oh, yes. Would you like to hear ‘Tell it to the tulips’?

    Larkspur??: No, let’s sing about us!

    Violets: We know one about the shy little violets...

    1st Lily: Oh, no, not that old thing!

    2nd Lily: Let’s do ‘Lovely lily at the valley’!

    Daisies: How about the daisies in the...

    Lilac: Oh, she wouldn’t like that!

    Rose: Girls, girls! We shall sing: ‘Golden afternoon’. That’s about all of us! Sound your A, Lily!

    Lily: Laaaa...

    Violets: Mimimimi...

    Marguerite: Lalalala...

    Snap-dragon: Hahahahahahaha...

    Marigolds: Poem, poepoem, poem, poempoempoempoem....

    All flowers: Little bread-and-butterflies kiss the tulips, and the sun is like a toy balloon. There are get up in the morning glories, in the golden afternoon. There are dizzy daffodils on the hillside, strings of violets are all in tune, Tiger lilies love the dandy lions, in the golden

    afternoon, the golden afternoon. There are dog and caterpillars and a

    copper centipede, where the lazy daisies love the very peaceful life they

    lead... You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, for especially

    in the month of June. There’s a wealth of happiness and romance, all in

    the golden afternoon. ... All in the golden afternoon, the golden afternoon...Alice: You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, for especially in

     the month of June. There’s a wealth of happiness and romance, oh...Flowers: ...the golden afternoon!

    Alice: Oh, that was lovely.

    Rose: Thank you, my dear.

    Marguerite: What kind of garden do you come from?

    Alice: Well I don’t come from any garden...

Marguerite: Oh, do you suppose she’s a wild flower?

    Alice: Oh no, I’m not a wild flower...

    Rose: Just what specie, or shall we say, genus, are you, my dear? Alice: Well, I suppose you call me a genus, humanus, eh... Alice! Marguerite: Ever seen an Alice with a blossom like that? Snap-dragon: Come to think of it, did you ever see an Alice? Marguerite: Yes, and did you notice her petals? What a peculiar color! Snap-dragon: And no fragrance!

    Marguerite: Hahaha! Just look at those stems!

    Snap-dragon: Rather scrawny, I'd say.

    Rose bud: I think she’s pretty!

    Rose: Quiet, bud!

    Alice: But I’m not a flower!

    Snap-dragon: Aha! Just as I suspected! She’s nothing but a common mobile


    Flowers: Oh no!

    Alice: A common what?

    Snap-dragon: To put it bluntly: a weed!

    Alice: I’m not a weed!

    Tulip: Well, you wouldn’t expect her to admit it.

    Lilac: Can you imagine!

    Marguerite: Well, goodness!

    Lily: Don’t let her stay here and go to seed!

    Other flower??: Go on now!

    Rose: Please, girls...

    Violets: We don’t want weeds in our bed!

    Alice: Oh, all right, if that’s the way you feel about it. If I were my right size, I could pick every one of you if I wanted to! And I'd guess that'd teach you!

    Flowers: He he he!

    Alice: You can learn a lot of things from the flowers... Huh! Seems to me they could learn a few things about manners!

    Caterpillar: A, e i o u, a e i o u, a e i o u, o, u e i o a, u e i a, a

    . Who are you? e i o u..

    Alice: I- I- I hardly know, sir! I changed so many times since this morning, you see...

    Caterpillar: I do not see. Explain yourself.

    Alice: Why, I’m afraid I can’t explain myself, sir, because I’m not myself, you know...

    Caterpillar: I do not know.

    Alice: Well, I can’t put it anymore clearly for it isn’t clear to me!

    Caterpillar: You? Who are you?

    Alice: Well, don’t you think you ought to tell me- cough-cough,

    cough-cough, who you are first?

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