Application Procedures for Exchange Students to Soochow

By Megan Butler,2014-02-07 05:32
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Application Procedures for Exchange Students to Soochowto,for,For

    Application Procedures for Exchange Students to Soochow University

Application Periods

    Fall Semester (mid-September to mid-January)- May 1

    Spring Semester (mid-February to end of June)- November 1

Required Documentation

    Please include the following required documents in the application package:

; Application form (with a photo attached)

    ; Certification of nomination from the home university

    ; An official transcript from home university (all prior to the exchange)

    ; A photocopy of passport

    ; Proof of medical insurance

    ; Health certificate & A certificate of HIV test result within the last 3 months

    ; A study plan

    ; Two 2-inch photos for registration form and student ID card.

    Then send your application packet with all required documents to the following address by deadline:

    Office of International and Cross-Strait Academic Exchange (ICAE)

    Wai Shuang Hsi campus

    70, Lin-hsi Rd., Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan, 11102

Faculties or Programs

    The International Curriculum offers a variety of courses taught in English, including Program of Humanities, Program of Business and Program of Law and Social Sciences. All exchange students are encouraged to take courses not limited to their specific field. In order to help students enrich their exchange experience, the courses listed under Program of Humanities are highly recommended.

    Moreover, exchange students may also take professional courses offered in English, Japanese, German and Chinese by the School of Business and other departments. Curricula in every semester are available on the website of Office of International and Cross-Strait Academic Exchange (

Mandarin Language Program

    All international exchange students are strongly recommended to take the Mandarin Language Courses (available for both basic and intermediate levels)

Airport Pick-up Service

    Students who require this service must fill out the Airport Pick-up Service Form which can be downloaded on the website. The completed form must be received by the Office of International and Cross-Strait Academic Exchange at least two weeks working days prior to arrival. The airport pick-up service is free of charge.

Arrival Date

    All exchange students are required to arrive one week to 2 days prior to the start of the semester (date varies).


    Students may choose to stay either in on-campus dorms or off-campus dorms. The Housing Office will provide off-campus housing information. Campus dorms provide rooms which can accommodate up to 5 students per room for about NT 8,500 per semester. The estimated cost for off-campus housing ranges between 8,000NT to 12,000NT per month.


    Exchange students should apply for Visitors Visa in their residence country to enter

    Taiwan. Students applying for a one-year study at Soochow University can apply for Resident Visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please note that students must apply for Alien Residence Card (ARC) at the National Immigration Agency in Taipei within 15 days of receiving their Resident Visa.

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