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    Private Institute of Higher Education (Academy of Paris) Enrolment Form 2013 French in France Please complete this form, either by typing directly on the form or print using BLOCK LETTERS, then follow the instructions at the end. Please refer to the LSI Brochure when filling in the form as not all course and accommodation options are available for each location. Section 1 Personal Information (as it appears in your passport)

    First names(s): Family Name:

     Female Male Date of Birth (DDMMYY): Nationality: Address:

    City/Town/Province: Country: Postal Code: Home Tel: Work Tel: Fax No: Email Address: Occupation: First Language: Other Languages: How did you hear about LSI? Agency Recommendation Advertisement Other

    Section 2 Course Information (please read and sign the Terms & Conditions)

     Advanced Advanced Language Level: Beginner Elementary A1 Intermediate B1 Advanced C1 Elementary A2 Intermediate B2 Course Start Date (DDMMYY): Number of Weeks: Course End Date (DDMMYY):

    General French Courses Examination Courses Executive Courses

     Standard 20 Intensive 30 One-to-One D.E.L.F. w/ Intensive 30 Number Lessons/week: Afternoon Course 10 Club 50+ T.E.F. w/ Intensive 30 C.C.I.P. w/ Intensive 30 Academic French Courses 9 Day Compact Course: Plus Courses International School Year (ISY) 82 lessons 92 lessons 20 lessons/week 30 lessons/week Plus 5 lessons/wk Plus 10 lessons/wk

    Section 3 Accommodation Details (please read and sign the Terms & Conditions)

    HB= Half Board Arrival Date (DDMMYY): Number of Weeks: Departure Date: (DDMMYY) B&B= Bed and Breakfast Homestay Residential Accommodation Single Room, B&B (Central) Single Room, HB (Central) Single Room Hotel Accommodation Single Room, Semi HB* (Central) Single Room, HB (Suburbs) Shared Room *No evening meal on Fri or Sat

    Are you a smoker? Yes No Allergies/Dietary Requirements: Are Pets OK? Yes No Please indicate any special requests:

    Flight # Arrival Airport Arrival Date (FR) Arrival Time (FR) Airport Transfer Required? Arrival Departure Flight # Departure Airport Departure Date (FR) Departure Time (FR) Would you like to receive your course confirmation/visa/application documents by courier (express) mail for an additional fee? Yes No

    I have read, understand and accept the Terms & Conditions of Tuition and/or Homestay printed on the attached

    Terms and Conditions form

    Student’s Signature: Date:

    Signature of parent/guardian (If under the age of 18): Date:

    Emergency Contact name, address and phone number:

     Please fax this form to +33 (0)1 4261 4136, email to, or post to Language Studies International, 350, Rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris, France A non-refundable registration fee of ?85 must be submitted with the enrolment form in order for LSI to confirm your course



LSI Paris 350, Rue St Honoré 75001 Paris Tel:+ 33 (0)1 4260 5370 Fax:+33 (0)1 4261 4136 E-mail: 1. Enrolment and confirmation procedure 7. Liability and Insurance LSI Enrolment forms can be obtained from LSI schools and our website at Enrolment forms should be sent directly to the school where you wish All students are strongly advised to take out personal, medical and property to study. On receipt of your enrolment form, you will be sent a written confirmation insurance before travelling abroad. LSI, its representatives and staff will not be of your course booking with an invoice for the total amount of the course and, if liable for any loss, damages, illness or injuries to people or property; however these applicable, accommodation and/or any additional fees. You will be sent a visa may occur, unless such liability is legally imposed. It is the student’s responsibility to support letter if required. You are guaranteed a place once we have confirmed your take out insurance against all such risks. booking in writing. LSI can provide such insurance at reasonable rates depending on the length of the 2. Validity booking. All information and fees are valid until 31 December 2013. LSI reserves the right to 8. Holidays change details of the fees, services, including course or facilities and dates where circumstances are beyond LSI’s control. Holidays may be taken by students enrolled in a 24 week or longer course. Application for a holiday in the middle of your course must be made to the school 3. Course Registration/Material Fees before commencement of the holiday and must be Monday to Sunday. Please A Registration Fee applies to all enrolments to LSI schools except extensions of check with the individual LSI School for when the holiday application must be courses. LSI Course Registration fees are ?85 for LSI France. Course Registration received. There is no instruction on public holidays (public holiday dates are Fees are non-refundable. The cost of the material fee is ?10/week (up to maximum published in the LSI brochure). 20 weeks). 9. Accommodation Placement Fees 4. Changes to Enrolments LSI Paris charges a ?70 accommodation placement fee. Before course begins 10. Accommodation Duration and Dates Once details have been confirmed, one course or accommodation change per enrolment is permitted free of charge. LSI reserves the right to charge an Accommodation is provided on a 6-night basis: from arrival on Sunday, 1 day prior Administration fee equal to the registration fee for any additional changes. This fee to course commencement, until departure on the Saturday following the end of the will not apply to any upgrade or extension of courses. course. Students who arrive early or leave late will be charged for the extra nights, After course begins and each school will determine the extra nights’ price at the time of the booking. No changes are permitted on courses after the course starts unless LSI sees it 11. Delay in Payments necessary or an upgrade or extension is made. Accommodation changes will be made free of charge if LSI finds valid reasons to do so. Any other changes that do Any delay in any part of the payments due may result in the student losing their not result in cancellations will require a 2-week notice for all the LSI schools, guaranteed place in the school and/or an immediate expulsion from the course and otherwise a charge equal to the notice period will apply. accommodation. LSI will not be held responsible in these cases, and all fees will remain payable in full. 5. Minimum Age 12. Passports and Visas The minimum age for acceptance at LSI is 16. If you wish to stay in college accommodation, where available, you must be 18 years or over. LSI schools cannot Many countries have passport and visa regulations; please contact your nearest accept any enrolments without the student’s signature and that of their embassy for such regulations or LSI for assistance. If a student cannot get visa parent/guardian if the student is under 18 at the time of making the booking. clearance at the port of entry for not having obtained the correct visa to study at LSI or the student is deported after breaking the immigration law, LSI fees will remain 6. Cancellations payable in full. Registration fees are non-refundable, as are accommodation placement fees, 13. Expulsion from Courses airport transfer charges and/or express courier fees, where applicable, and will be deducted from any refund unless otherwise stated below. Conditions in the event of LSI reserves the right to expel any student whose conduct is unsatisfactory at the cancellation vary from school to school: discretion of the Centre Director. The Centre Directors’ decision is final. In such case, no refund will be given and any outstanding fees will be payable immediately. a. Cancellation of Courses 14. Resolution and Disputes Cancellations before your course begins Any complaint should first be made to the Director of the appropriate LSI Centre. If not resolved, the complaint should be sent to the LSI Head Office in London. If we receive your written cancellation 14 days or more before your course commencement, all tuition fees will be refunded. 15. Promotional Activity If we receive your cancellation less than 7-13 days before your course begins, you will be charged two weeks' tuition and two weeks’ accommodation fees. Students and their parents/guardians agree that the student’s photo, quotes and If we receive your cancellation less than 7 days before the course starts, you will be details of achievements may be used for LSI’s promotional purposes without written consent or notification. Objections to this should be made in writing to LSI before the charged two weeks' tuition and one week's accommodation fees. In case of visa denials, if we receive your written cancellation and proof of the denial start of the course. at least 7 days before the course starts, all tuition fees will be refunded. LSI Terms and Conditions are displayed fully and according to the governing Cancellations after your course has begun body of each location on the LSI website, and regularly updated. Please visit for the full Terms & Conditions. Once your course has started, you will generally not be entitled to a refund. The only exceptions made are in the case of an illness. You will be required to provide a medical certificate. LSI Terms and Conditions are correct at the time of printing. LSI reserves the right to change or amend these conditions where, at minimum, a 2-week advance notice b. Cancellation of Accommodation would be given. All cancellations, withdrawals or changes must be submitted in writing to LSI at least 2 weeks in advance. If withdrawal occurs at any time after the first day of homestay without providing the advance notice required, you will be subject to a 2 week accommodation cancellation penalty, OR the number of weeks equal to the remainder of your stay if it is less than 2 weeks. If you cancel other accommodation (Hotel, Residence Hall, etc.) that was arranged by LSI, you may be subject to the cancellation penalty of the Hotel, Residence Hall, etc. c. Cancellation of other services Any other services such as airport transfers, exams, courier mail, trips etc. booked with LSI are subject to full charge if LSI cannot avoid cancelling the items without any surcharge.

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