StaffHDR Candidate International Travel Plan

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StaffHDR Candidate International Travel Planplan

    Staff/HDR Candidate

     International Travel Plan

A completed Travel Plan provides the University with the relevant information and contact details

    and supports the following:

    ; Comprehensive planning to utilise the trip most effectively

    ; Contact with the traveler and or nominated emergency contact in the event of any

    emergencies or unexpected occurrences

    ; Aids the traveler with recognising the need to have an agreed security/safety plan in place

    before departure

    ; Comprehensive budgeting for travel on behalf of both the traveler and the funding entity &

    the University’s commitment that all its dealings are characterised by openness and

    transparency and conform to best academic and financial standards.

A Travel Plan which addresses the areas listed above will provide most of the details required for

    the Monash University Travel Diary which must be provided to the Faculty / Directorate International Travel Officer on completion of the trip.

Staff Member / HDR Candidate Details:



    Student ID:






    Student Email:

Emergency Contact Details:




    Relationship to

    Staff Member /

    HDR Candidate:


Travel Summary:

    Australia Departure Date: __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

    Australia Return Date: __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

Travel Check and Immunisations:

    PreTravel Health Check and necessary immunisations provided by the University Health Services/Personal Doctor: Yes No

Date: __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __


Primary purpose of travel:

    Please check the appropriate option and use the space below to provide additional detail if


     Research OSP

     Conference (please specify name) Contract Negotiation

     Teaching (please specify program/subject) Graduation

     New Business Development Other (please specify)

    Provide a statement of additional details:

Proposed Work Activities:

    Please outline proposed work activities, including dates and anticipated number of hours/days of

    meetings/conferences etc and the outcomes anticipated for the University*

    Date Place Time Name/Description of Activity

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

*Note: This information may provide some of the detail required for the Travel Diary which is to be

    completed upon return from travel. Please refer to for further information regarding the

    Travel Diary.


    Please fill in the fields below and delete any additional Destinations if not required. Destination 1



    Arrival Date: __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

    Departure Date __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     Transit Days:

     Business Days:

     Personal Days:

    Destination 2



    Arrival Date: __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

    Departure Date __ __/__ __/__ __ __ __

     Transit Days:

     Business Days:

     Personal Days:


    Please provide details of extra destination on a separate sheet continuing the above format.



Travel Agent to be used for booking:

     Campus Travel

     Voyager Travel

     Other (please specify name and reason for using)

Note: A travel agent other than preferred Travel Management Company (TMC) can be used only

    under specific conditions. Refer to International Staffing and Mobility Procedure - Staff

    International Travel for Australian Campuses at

The Travel Advisory Office must be contacted to enable manual registration when a TMC other

    than the above is used. * Important: This section should provide information such as Airline name, flight/train

    numbers, name, telephone number and address of accommodation/conference, types of allowances if applicable etc.

     Details* Cost ($) Mode of








Meals /


Other: .

     TOTAL COST ($)

Additional Information:

    Passport Number


    Types of Visas Required:

    Current DFAT Warning

    Level for Destination/s:

    DFAT Smart Traveller Yes No



Staff Member/HDR candidate Declaration:

     I have applied for insurance with Monash University’s Insurance Office

     I have sought FBT advice, when private travel is included with business travel, from

     I have sought medical advice regarding travel health and necessary immunisations

     Additionally for all DFAT nominated High Risk Level 3 and 4 Destinations - A Security/Safety Plan has been completed and is attached to my Travel Plan for consideration.

Signature: Date:

     (Staff Member/HDR Candidate)

Faculty/Division Approval for International Travel:


Position Title:


     I am satisfied that the travel cannot be deferred

     I am satisfied that the travel is essential for the staff member's/candidate's work

     I am satisfied the staff member/candidate travelling has identified and /or is fully aware of

    potential risks in (country/city) and will engage in suitable risk reduction strategies

     I believe the staff member/candidate has the necessary additional expertise, local

    networks, support and language that may be required to substantially reduce or

    deal with the risks

     Travel insurance cover has been confirmed by the Monash Insurance Services Office.

Signature: Date:

     (Dean/Divisional Director)

    In the event of an emergency, it is a requirement that a copy of the Monash University Travel Plans and itineraries are lodged with the Faculty/Division.

ATTACHMENT: Security/Safety Plan

Additionally required for all DFAT nominated Level 3 and 4 Destinations- A Security/Safety

    Plan MUST be completed by the traveller and submitted along with the Travel Plan for consideration.

Important Notice: The safety and welfare of the traveller is the university’s primary concern in considering any travel

    requests involving high risk locations. Accordingly applicants must complete and ensure their Security/Safety Plan contains sufficient detail and information to enable the risk assessment/evaluation portion of the travel approval process.

As a guide to assist completion of your Security/Safety Plan please include the following information as a ‘minimum’:

    (1) An outline by the traveller of relevant prior experience with regards to the specific destination/s, including

    prior travel (to this or other similar destinations), and language, social and cultural knowledge etc.

    (2) An undertaking not to engage in potentially high risk activities, particularly those activities listed in

    Australian DFAT travel warnings specific to a location.

    (3) Include details of any local support networks directly available to the traveller at the destination/s.

    (4) Is there an Australian embassy/consular office available at/near the destination?

    (5) Are you a national of another country? If so will you register with that country’s embassy/consular office?


    (6) Does the event/activity being attended have any additional security or other supports? (7) List any resources available to the traveller i.e.: international roaming on their mobile phone, or a local

    mobile phone (provide actual number details), email services available.

    (8) Agree regular scheduled contact with a nominated university representative. (welfare checks) naming the

    contact, their phone details and agreed frequency of contact

    (9) Copy all documentation (tickets/passport/insurance/bank/card details) and will be carrying them separately

    from the originals

    (10) Complete prior to travel and carry an emergency contacts list relevant to the destinations and the university.

    (11) Also check and ensure that all sections of your Travel Plan, including the itinerary; times/dates, locations,

    accommodation addresses and phone numbers, names of local contacts and their contact phone/email

    details, etc are recorded.

    Failure to provide sufficient information in the Security/Safety Plan will lead to your application being rejected

    by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement).


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