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    (A Government of India Enterprise)

    Office of the Chief General Manager, Telecommunications,

    Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai - 600 002


    The Heads of all SSAs

    The GM (NP-I) CFA / GM (NP-II) CM / GM (EB), Chennai

    The GM (S&M)-CFA / GM (S&M)-CM / DGM (Regln), Chennai

    The PCE (C) / PCE (E) / RGM TTC / REM, Chennai

    The GM NW-O TR / CBT / MA

No.Admn&PR/110-10/2009-Rlgs dated at Chennai-2, the 18.3.2010

    SUB: Instructions for issue of ‘No Objection Certificate’ for

    obtaining private passport and/or for going abroad.

     Consequent on restructuring of Circle Office, the work relating to issue of No Objection Certificate for obtaining private passport and for going abroad hitherto handled by HRD section is now being dealt by Admn&PR Section of Circle Office.

     The following instructions are issued for guidance and necessary action of all concerned.


    Issue of NOC for applying for private passport to all SAG level Executives of Tamilnadu Circle and all Executives, including Executives of Finance & Accounts Wing & Non-Executives working in Circle Office/other Units situated in Chennai will be processed and issued by Circle office. Heads of SSAs will issue the same in respect of Executives upto the level of JAG and all Non-executives working in their SSAs, as is being done presently.

    Annexue ‘B’ Identity Certificate specified by Ministry of External Affiairs, New Delhi should be issued in duplicate on Original Stationery, ie. in the printed letter head of issuing office. Hence, all the required details may be obtained from the officials for issue of NOC as per Annexure-B specimen available in Ministry of External Affairs website Format for details

    required for issue of NOC for obtaining passport and Annexure-B Identity

    Certificate are enclosed.



    NOC to all the Executives for going abroad will be issued by BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi. Therefore applications of Executives intending to visit abroad may be forwarded to the SDE (Admn&PR), O/o CGMT, Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai-2 along with the required documents, duly

    Contd… 2/-

    :: 2 ::

    verified and countersigned by the Head of SSA. 2 sets of application and documents may be sent to this office for processing the case and forwarding it to Corporate Office. Applications of Finance & Accounts Wing Executives may be forwarded to the CAO (Finance), O/o CGMT, Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai-2 as is being done presently.

    For JTOs/JAOs or equivalent working in SSAs, NOC for going abroad may be processed at the SSA level itself as per the usual procedure and NOC may be issued after obtaining Vigilance Clearance from DE/SDE (Vig.) of the concerned SSA.


    For all non-executives working in Circle Office & other Units situated in Chennai, NOC will be issued by Circle Office for which applications and supporting documents should be forwarded to this office duly verified and countersigned by the Controlling Officer.

    For non-executives working in SSAs, NOC for going abroad may be processed at the SSA level itself as per the usual procedure and NOC may be issued after obtaining Vigilance Clearance from DE/SDE (Vig.) of the concerned SSA.

     It may also be noted that the proforma for grant of vigilance clearance for the purpose of NOC for going abroad has been revised and henceforth the enclosed revised proforma should only be used.

     While forwarding the cases for issue NOC for going abroad, the service details of the executives generated from HR package may be enclosed for confirming their designation status.

    It is also intimated that all related forms required for issue of NOC have been uploaded in Tamilnadu Circle Intranet website under the

    heading DOWNLOADS.

    Contents of this letter may be brought to the notice of all the staff under your control and they may be advised to utilize the uploaded information/forms available in the Circle Intranet while applying for NOC.



    Assistant General Manager (Admn&PR)

    For CGMT, BSNL, TN Circle, Chennai-2

Encl: Uploaded in TN Circle Intranet.

Copy to:

1. The GM’s (A&HR)/ (NWO-CFA)/ (BP/IT)/ (F)/ (TR&KUBER), for information pl.

    2. The DGM’s (HR)/ (Admn)/ (IT)/ (BP&MIS)/ (NWO-I)/ (NWO-II)/ (Estt&PF) /

     (CA)/ (TR-I)/ (TR-II)/ for information & circulation to the staff under their control. 3. Notice Board.

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