Metrohm ion chromatographic analysis

By Joseph Long,2014-05-08 09:30
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Metrohm ion chromatographic analysis

Ion Chromatographic Analysis


    An innovative step forward in the compact ion chromatography sector: Metrohm introduces the 861 Advanced Compact IC with sequential suppression. With values below 1 µS/cm after suppression, the background conductivity approaches the theoretical limit of 0.05 µS/cm. When running anions, low background conductivity directly relates to very low detection limits, which means the compact ion chromatograph now covers the single-figure ppb range. In short:

    ; No injection peak

    ; No system peak

    ; No interference from carbonate

    ; Previously unachieved precision for rapidly eluting anions

    ; Significantly improved detection limits

    ; Sequential suppression

    ; Flexibility of carbonate eluents with the baseline of a hydroxide eluent

    ; With the 861 Advanced Compact IC you are experiencing a new type of

    chromatography: larger peak areas, no injection peak, no carbonate peak, and

    baseline stability better than anything you have seen up until now.


    The 861 Advanced Compact IC can carry out all applications in the routine IC analysis sector, while its outstanding sensitivity also allows the 861 to be used in the R&D field. Completely integrated within the Metrodata IC Net software, the 861 can be automated extensively, making the instrument available for Metrohm inline sample preparation applications such as dialysis, ultrafiltration and sample preconcentration.

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