V3V Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry System

By Ruth Payne,2014-05-08 09:30
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V3V Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry System

V3V Volumetric 3-Component Velocimetry System


    The V3V system measures the displacement of tracer particles in the flow over a known amount of time to determine the local velocity. The measurement volume is illuminated by a cone of laser light. The laser emits two very short duration pulses of laser light, separated by a known and ?t. As the flow passes through the measurement

    volume, laser light is scattered from the tracer particles during each laser pulse. The V3V Camera System captures separate images of the scattered laser light from each of the respective laser pulses within the entire measurement volume. Using a patented 3-aperture imaging technique, the 3-dimensional positions of the particles are determined at each laser pulse. The V3V System Computer features the TSI HyperStreaming image transfer system, allowing 17 minutes of continuous capture at the full camera frame rate of 15 Hz. Once the local velocities have been determined, advanced software tools allow interpolation onto a regular grid, as well as a full range of 3-dimensional graphics, plots, and movie generation. Higher order flow quantities, such as vorticity, can also be examined.

    Features and Benefits

    ; Single camera operation simplifies measurements and improves accuracy ; Automatic Calibration

    ; Rapid Processing

    ; Unique processing algorithms have been theoretically and experimentally


    ; Integrated 3D graphics and display


    ; Flow in mixing devices

    ; Propellor flows

    ; Flow through devices

    ; Flow in a model heart

    ; Internal flows

    ; Wave tanks

    ; Sedimentation

    Included Items

    ; Model V3V-8000 Camera Module

    ; Hyperstreaming Image Transfer and Computer System

    ; Insight V3V

    ; YAG200-NW Laser

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